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I purchased an HD show last night through the iTunes store last night. I've been trying to play it this morning, but when I do, I get the error message above advising me that the computer isn't authorized. The only problem is that I have authorized.

I clicked through on the message and it advises me that it is waiting to authorize the computer and that a pop-up requesting my ID and password will appear. Nothing shows up but an error message saying "Could not contact iTunes" and that I should have iTunes 4.0 or higher. I've got the latest version if that helps.

I've tried deauthorizing the mac and reauthorizing it, but still no luck.

I tried to report the issue on the show, but the drop down only provides one option and that is "Choose One", so when I click to report it, I am advised to choose an option from the drop down.

Anyone else had a similar issue?


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Macbook 2.16GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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