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  • byronb Level 1 Level 1
    same here. except i know mine for sure isn't a wireless issue. even wired clients dont' get a DHCP address. it's like the routing and everything goes down. even if i give it a static IP in the correct subnet, it still can't talk. pinging the TC fails. the only way to resolve it is to reset it.

    does anyone have a link to the old 7.3.2 firmware?
  • byronb Level 1 Level 1
    FYI- I figured out how to download old firmware versions. I figured I would post it here in case someone else is having the same problem.

    From the menu bar, while holding the Option key down, select Airport Utility -> Check for Updates… You’ll see a list of all the old and new firmwares which are available. Select the version you want for your Airport (note different Airports have different firmwares.) After downloading 7.3.2 for your Time Capsule/Airport. After the download is complete, select the device you want to upgrade (or in this case, downgrade) and click Base Station, then Upload Firmware. The version(s) that you download should be in the drop down menu.
  • Michael Kozlowski Level 1 Level 1
    please, how do you roll back to 7.3.x? (Complicating my problem, I changed the external hard drive I use for Time Capsule yesterday just prior to downloading the FW update, so I have no prior software or firmware updates to revert to.) Thanks
  • Michael Kozlowski Level 1 Level 1
    Please disregard my subsequent post. Did not see this before posting. Apologies
  • Michael Kozlowski Level 1 Level 1
    OK, so I went to Airport Utilities, clicked on 7.3.2 for Extreme, and the download began. Once done, I went back to Base Station, clicked on Update Software, and got an error message that says I can't do it. What should I be doing to revert to 7.3.2? Thanks.
  • Garrett Howe Level 1 Level 1
    Yea yea yea I know the whole 5 ghz is unlicensed and therefore can't guarantee no interference. The point is that the issue wasn't there before the update and now is. So something about the update causes the issue.

    I can't select a channel because I use wide channels for more bandwidth. Although I did try turning that off and using different channels but, this didn't help either. Also tried switching channels on the phone. So no idea what about the update causes the issue. Doesn't really matter its a point update so there is nothing drastically changed here that means I need to update. I'll just stick with 7.3 till the next release.
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