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I am having trouble syncing the applications in iTunes with my G3 iPhone.
I have downloaded about 40 applications over time but only had about 20 on my iPhone
My trouble started when I downloaded a ‘free’ application and when I tried to sync my applications I got an error message saying that I wasn’t permitted to sync that application.

Not know what was wrong I selected some of my other applications from under the application tab which weren’t already on my iPhone but none of these will sync either.

When I sync the iTunes window displays Syncing Contacts, then Syncing Calendar and then Syncing Application and in a matter of 2 seconds I get the message that syncing is complete but no applications have been synced to my iPhone.

So what I did was click on Restore and in doing this I now have an iPhone that works well in every way with the exception that there are no application on it at all and no matter what I try I can not sync any applications.

I have shut down both my iMac and iPhone, but that didn’t help. I have tried a different USB cable but still nothing and I have even re installed iTunes 8.1.1 but that didn’t help.
I believe that my iTunes account is active as I have played some purchased tunes and they play fine.

I am in one **** of a mess and don’t know what to do.
Can anyone please offer some assistance?
Kind Regards

24"iMac 2.4HHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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