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  • MerlinBRT Level 1 (0 points)
    UPDATE !!! I just got a call from an Apple representitive responding to my survey response after my visit to the Genius Bar. After explaining that since I have found a work-around I can live with I won't be trying anything new until a new version of iTunes comes out I informed him of how wide spread the problem is judging from the Discussion Boards and how frustrated we all are. He asked me to forward the thread to him and he would escalate it to the Engineers and keep me posted. Cross your fingers everyone (but don't hold your breath)!
  • ra1larsen Level 1 (0 points)
    Merlin at least an Apple Rep called you back. Apple has ignored my email and now calls for three days. You are right they make you feel like you are the only one out there with this problem so it is not high on their priority list. People keep coming up with wireless and AV issues that we have already pointed out are not issues. Does any know how to remaove all traces of iTunes , Quicktime, Apple update and Apple Mobile Device on Vista? Vista cannot restore to point before iTunes update even though it provides a successful restore. Will the iPhone work on an Old Laptop with USB 1.0 only? If i Load iTunes should I go out and find 8.1.1 which did work on my Vista machine? I can recharge elsewhere. I have access to WD 500GB external drive which both computer can access there is no network for them to share. I not only worry about no backup I have medical issues that my library would allow for something to occupy my time and mind. Apple may take weeks to ackhnowledge this problem if ever.
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    I was forwarded a Tech Article by Apple(it appears to be an older rather than newer article) about steps to take if iTunes doesn't see your device. I was asked to make sure I have tried everything in it and then reply, which I am doing now. The article is at incase you want to look at it. Good luck!
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    Hi Merlin, I checked the site, it has been updated June 24 2009. This might work, "Courage", please advise of results.. Good Luck and thanks. I hope it works for you, I know how frustrating this has been ....
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    I checked the link. I didn't have much hope but I tried those suggestions anyway. It did not fix the problem for me.

    If I have bad drivers,I would have had problems with previous versions of iTunes. The only change was the upgrade to iTunes!!!
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    This problem needs to be fixed Apple, NOW.
    It's ******** how bad and widespread it is.
    This morning before I left for work I decided to quickly sync my iPhone. I had about 15 minutes before I had to leave. Well suffice it to say, but I didn't have enough time to sync. No matter what I did the same problem occurred. In the end I ripped out my iPhone in anger and had to go to work with hardly any music on it.
    Get it fixed for **** sake.
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    I checked these out too and they appear the same printed out nearly a week prior. I agree with Coach TO, if I had bad drivers or Vista errors it would not have shown up only when I updated to latest Version of 8.2.023. My Phone was identified on a PC with iTunes at the local AT&T store. He suggested I get phone into Recovery made while connected to iTunes and that resolves the problem 9 out of 10 time. Weak spot was he tried to get phone into Recovery without iTunes connection and thought I may have iPhone problem, then changed his mind when it worked while connected. He also stated it could take an hour. I have not tried to put my iPhone in Recovery lately, I think I did a while back and it failed to go into Recovery as error "iPhone detected by, not identified..."Has anyone tried forcing phone into Recovery? I understand you may lose all that is on phone. If iTunes still fails to identify would we not be in worse shape even if iTunes holds a recent backup which it does not for many of us? Will Apple take back or exchange phone if yours is not identitifed, AT&T today told me I had to go to Apple Store for this or anything to happen.
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    I get the same problem at home but at work it doesn't happen and all works fine - weird.
    So, have after fiddling about have now found a solution? at home which might help others.
    1. open itunes
    2. closedown any internet connections
    3. insert iphone usb cable - should now identify iphone as it is supposed to do
    4. connect to the internet to download
  • nalat Level 1 (0 points)
    I get the same problem at home but at work it doesn't happen and all works fine - weird.
    So, after fiddling about have now found a solution? at home which might help others.
    1. open itunes
    2. closedown any internet connections
    3. insert iphone usb cable - should now identify iphone as it is supposed to do and sync correctly
    4. connect to the internet to download
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    I've tried all the fixes in this thread, none of them work for me. It's been two weeks now and I still cant sync my's getting frustrating.
  • Praxton Level 1 (0 points)
    A fix that works. Just ignore the message. Open iTunes, plug in device and sync. The message will appear 20-25 times, but continue to close them and the sync will continue and complete. A pain, but at least you can get a sync. Work for me and a guy at work.
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    Ok I don't have a fix but I'll post my experience here to add to the clues.

    iPhone 3GS 16gb
    Dell Latitude D620 laptop, running Windows XP professional

    First of all to everybody who is busily reinstalling iTunes and/or restoring their iPod you can probably stop; From all the talk I've seen here this seems to have no direct effect, and I've been able to get around this error without doing either.

    The problem seems to be with the Dells and possibly the drive mappings. I've got a corporate laptop and have two network drives mapped at relatively low letters (G: and H:). I get the "could not be identified" error about 50% of the time when I plug in the iPhone and I can always work around it by unplugging the iPhone and then reshuffling my various USB storage devices. Sometimes just plugging in a USB memory stick (thus letting it pick up a drive letter) and then replugging the iPhone will do the trick. Sometimes I still get the error after this, but then removing the memory stick and replugging the iPhone will get around it. Occasionally I still get the error after these steps so I plug in the memory stick, turn on a USB external hard drive and then plug the iPhone in again. Eventually some combination of these allows iTunes to see the phone and properly sync.

    The one piece of the puzzle that I can't quite figure out is that I can ALWAYS make it work by simply disabling the wireless network adapter and then plugging in the iPhone. Works the first time every time when do I this (but of course this is a huge pain in the a** if I'm, you know, USING the network connection).

    This is all incredibly annoying, and I find it a bit disturbing that Apple seems to have not even admitted the problem, let alone come up with some sort of consistent fix or workaround. A few quick Google searches show this error being reported going back for a year or two and still Apple is blissfully unaware.
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    Nalat's fix worked for me. Disabled wireless access to the internet and then plugged the iPhone back in. iTunes recognised the iPhone and started syncing.
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    This is odd. Maybe related, maybe not. During one of windows updates I let Windows Search be installed. That was a mistake, it was constantly accessing the disk, used a gig of Ram, and generally slowed down my machine. Once I uninstalled it I no longer have a problem of itunes recognizing the iphone.

    Prior to this, I could get it to work by disabling wireless and restarting itunes with the iphone plugged in.
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    I can say that this is not just a Dell issue. If you look you will find more than one of us are not using Dell. I am also not using Wireless so disconnecting that is not a solution either. Remember for most it did not start until we updated to 8.2.023, I for one had my Iphone and iTunes working perfectly every time with prior versions of iTunes. I have only had the iPhone for 6 months now so that is not too far back I know but, it Worked. Apple tells me engineers are frantically working on this but, we are not hearing of any fixes. The last I got from Apple was to remove a Host file found in c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc that file had not been modified since 2006 appears to have been an original Vista file. iTunes never changed it so why would an engineer now suggest replacing it with a blank folder? iTunes has been unable to properly recognize my iPhone now for over 2 Weeks. Why did I pay hundreds to have a phone that no longer allows for a backup should it fail again or interchange files with my PC? What about all this high quality personal service and devices that work the first and everytime Apple preaches? We have tried to uninstall and either go back to what worked or reinstall and Apple software will not even allow us to do that. Vista restore does not work with Apple software either so we are stuck with an iTunes that does not work and really of no use to those who have solely for their iPod or iPhone. The iPhone is not the greatest phone it was all the rest that made it successful and now we find that what should have been a simple update has left us with just a phone which we hope does not fail as we'll lose all data until iTunes is fixed.
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