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  • yonido Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    xmarksthespotx : plz provide more details.
    - what was your exact wifi problem
    - what was your freezer test result

  • Dam2-7Tem Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Now, my Wifi is OK ... for how minutes, I don't know.
    I connect my iPhone to my computer to synchronize with iTunes (update of an app) and to charge it. After sync, I shutdown iTunes and I tried to reset it. After few minutes, Wifi works ! And it is actually connected to my computer to charge the battery but iTunes is not open.
    I can surf with Safari, update my TV prog app ...

    It's strange ...
  • Richard Belson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can second that my wifi issue has been resolved on my phone after a quick sync to update some apps via iTunes.

    I was suspicious that something had originally caused the error where by I couldn't connect to wifi networks (even open ones) as wifi had been working fine for ages under 3.0 on my 3G. I rarely sync my phone with my iTunes any more however I did do a sync last on Thursday to grab some episodes of the wire for a forthcoming trip. Then on Saturday, the phone kept saying "Couldn't connect to xxx network".

    I think the only way to solve this is for everyone to list the following:
    1 What fault they have (no wifi networks found or just not being able to connect)
    2 Their phone model and OS
    3 Whether their phone is JB'd
    4 What apps they have installed
    5 How recently they synced with their iTunes library

    Here's my info:
    1. unable to connect to any wifi network despite being able to see it
    2. iPhone 3G, OS 3.0
    3. Yep
    4. AIM, Bomberman, Book Player, Camera Zoom, Crash Kart, DataCase, Drinks & Cockatils Recipes, Easy Task Manager, Evernote, FAST, F1 2009, FaceBook, FStream, LastFM, LogMeIn, Melodis VoiceDialer, MobileMe iDisk, Music 2.0, Navigon, Pro RSS, Remote, Keynote Remote, RightMove, Server Admin, Shazam, Sky News, Skype, Television, TwitterFon, WifiTrak, wikiHow, Scramble, Worms, BigOven
    5. See above
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    I have been experiencing the same problem on a new iPhone 3G, while my 8 month old 3G iPhone is fine.

    It's been like this for 3/4 days and despite resets and changes to configuration I have had no luck.

    However after reading this forum:

    I switched off, removed the sim and restarted. On about the 6th attempt to login to the wifi network the new iPhone did join it and is now working.

    I don't believe messing with the sim had any effect, but maybe switching off for a few minutes did. That and persevering with repeated logins.

    If it is only a sign of a bigger problem I expect this fix won't last for long, but I thought I'd share my experience after monitoring this thread for so long.
  • Fredrik Malm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    @ Richard Belson

    Good idea!

    I think the only way to solve this is for everyone to list the following:
    1 What fault they have (no wifi networks found or just not being able to connect)
    2 Their phone model and OS
    3 Whether their phone is JB'd
    4 What apps they have installed
    5 How recently they synced with their iTunes library

    My info:
    1 Can't find any wifi-networks even when the phone is just centimeters from router (unprotected network!). MAC-adress for wifi shows up under General Settings > About
    2 iPhone 3G 16GB, OS 3.0.1
    3 Never has been jailbreaked
    5 Interesting! My problem actually first showed up when I had the phone connected to iTunes and I was downloading an app on the phone. The sync was finished in iTunes before I tried to download the app on the phone but I left the phone connected. Since then I haven't been able to get it on wifi!? Maybe just a coincidence?
  • turbotruk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same issue here. No wifi connectivity for almost a month. At first I thought it was just me. These are my stats.

    1. Cannot connect even though I can see networks.
    2. Iphone 3G 16GB, OS 3.0.1
    3. Never Jail broken
    4. Apps: Shazam, AccuWeather, Idisk, Pocket God, iCopter, iFighter Lite, We Print, Flick Fishing, Backgrounds, Flashlight, Speedtest, Tower Bloxx, Urbanspon, Flight Control, Sirius XM, Oil and Gas report, Google Earth and Wave Blaster.
    5. Always Sync with I tunes. Last time was earlier today. Even tried to do a factory restore and had no connectivity so I restored to last back up still no luck.

    Hopefully we get a permanent fix for this and soon.

  • fullpro evo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    people people people.

    just take it to apple, show them to problem, and they will replace it for you!
    i went around 3 days again, and i asked what had caused this, and the man said, sometimes software updates can burnout the hardware!
    so if your under warranty take it back! if your not, you simple pay $250 (AUD) for a new unit!

    don't stress - Apple is the best!
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    Hoawww ! Don't stress ??? $250 for a new unit ? A for those who buy a second hand one ?? My iPhone worked perfectly before the 3.0 update ...

    Is a genius barman who tell you "sometimes software updates can burnout the hardware" ??? Or just a seller ? I think this guy doesn't understand what he said because this only sentence can put Apple down in a class action process ...
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    ok this forum gets unprofessional again.

    instead of whining, be productive. do tests. try things. people here suggested many things including myself, that still weren't tried.

    main thing to test is downgrade to 2.2.1 + baseband, that will give us the most information.
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    I think my post got deleted

    Anyway, what i mentioned is that i had my wifi back for like 5mins. What i did is i tried connecting to my AP manually and selected all the security type using dummy UID and PWD before selecting the correct one and entering the correct UID and PWD. However, as expected it doesn't work anymore...
  • rbrt86 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Excellent idea to get a better diagnosis. In earlier posts we've also seen people with different issues and different solutions. I think your first question (what fault they have) can be further specified with the following categories:
    (you can find this info in settings->general->about)

    1. IMEI unknown , ICCID unknown , WIFI shows : NO WIFI
    2. IMEI ok , ICCID ok , WIFI shows : NO WIFI
    3. IMEI 00499xxx , NO WIFI (greyed-out)
    4. IMEI ok , WIFI OK , but wifi can't find any AP
    5. IMEI ok , WIFI OK , can login every AP , but can't use more than 30 seconds , then wifi disappear (crash) then after 30 seconds , wifi will come back

    I'll give you my two scenario's (with the 3.0 software and with the 2.2.1 downgrade + same 4.26 baseband)

    scenario 1
    1: unable to connect to any network (option 2)
    2: iPhone 3G OS 3.0 (bootloader 5.09, manufactured week 51, 2008)
    4: none after restore, before that I had 60+ apps :-$
    5: synched all my audio right after the restoration

    as said, I've performed a downgrade to 2.0.2. and then up to 2.2.1. Wifi appeared randomly again. I have the following scenario now:
    1: can connect to wifi, but disconnects after a while (option 5) and signal is weak
    2: iPhone 3G OS 2.2.1 (bootloader 5.09, baseband still at 4.26 from OS 3.0)
    4: remote, wifitrak
    5: synched the above two apps the day after I've installed 2.2.1, connects to my iTunes dayly

    hope this helps
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    Right here we go!

    16 GB white iPhone 3G

    1. First iPhone worked fine but case had started to crack and was replaced under warranty.

    2. Replacement iPhone got the so called white screen of death within 20mins of opening, sent back.

    3. Current iPhones WIFI won’t work. Will either spin and not find anything or will find my network and connect but as soon as I use safari or app store it disconnects.

    .Current Baseband: 04.26.08
    .Version: 3.0.1 (7A400)
    .Mac and Bluetooth address show up

    I really don’t want to phone and get another replacement as this will be my 4th iPhone in about 3 weeks. If apple would just say if it is software related I would gladly wait for an update. But if it turns out to be hardware I will have no option to send back.

    Starting to wish I had kept my original phone as it was just cosmetic issue.

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  • luis231 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    1. Cannot connect even though I can see networks.
    2. Iphone 3G 8GB, OS 3.0
    3. Jail broken
    4. Apps: Just the originals
    5. Always Sync with I tunes. Last time was earlier today.

    Hi im new here, but no a newbie on this problem, 1st of all an apologize for my ortography and gramatics im just learning english, saying that, this issue is bothering me but not from 3.0 since even the beggings of 2.0, in disgrace to me that buying the iphone in USA and bring it to Mexico (I could not wait until the 3G came out here) my waranty is off, but if you have this issue and a valid waranty go and have a replacement, i dont Know if the problem is hardware or software, but i know that i tried all the solutions i have found, from a simple reset, to downgrade base-band, and the problem still remain.

    on another page I saw that someone suggested to reset the BB would be corrected the error, but that only fixes the gray icon, and even the "not detect networks problem", but not this specific problem, and I think the easiest way to know whether the problem is the same as mine is cooling the iphone, if the wifi works even for a moment, we are facing the same thing and it would be good to start separating the different issues by theme in order to experiment with more accuracity with the hope to find a solution.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I got the same problem, but only with a WEP key protected network (no problem on a non-secured one)
    That means, when WEP is activated, it keeps on asking me for the password...and my iPhone stops answering to pings...

    As I said, no problem at all on a non-secure network..=> that shows it's not an hardware problem but a software issue...

    I've made a test, if I remove the auto-lock, the ping remains ok...and the wifi is working like a charm with a WEP key...
    since that, I've reenabled auto-lock..and wifi is still ok...

    my 2 cents...

    Hw : iPhone 3GS 32GB, JB, 3.0

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    obviously, this is clearly a problem caused by the 3.0 update (38 pages!!! i mean wow, this issue is really widespread)

    anyways, i have resolved the problem on my iphone and for all of those out there who have desperatly tried everything possible to repair their iPhone, here is what worked for me:

    I've restored my iphone twice, but the internet still wasnt working. so i started messing around with the ip address, dns servers, etc (in the iphone network options)
    internet still wasnt working, but when i rebooted my iphone, i went back in the options, and chose DHCP (aka everything is chosen automaticly, rebooted the iphone again, and BOOM, my internet was back up and running

    hope this helps someone
    hang in there, a new update is coming
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