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  • JoshinDallas Level 1 (0 points)
    Yep. Add me to the list: 1st gen that completely stopped connecting to any of my wifi spots after 3.0 update. So frustrating, and so tired of waiting for the update to fix something that always worked before. Was considering the 3Gs, but now I'm afraid to invest further with the iPhone until this issue is resolved.
  • Dan Clark3 Level 1 (0 points)
    16GB 3G worked great on my Airport 802.11n until 3.0/3.01. Now, it sometimes connects, but mostly not, drops randomly, and sometimes shows it is connected yet won't transfer data and says the "server stopped sending data"

    I did a restore. No luck. I reset network settings. No luck.
  • Dominar Level 1 (15 points)
    I've had similar problems since 3.o on my 3G. I can't keep a wifi connection. I've tried:

    1) resetting network setting on phone
    2) resetting all settings on phone
    3) 2 different wifi networks at home
    4) restoring the iphone

    I'll get a signal and if I try to download something from the App Store it conks out. I'm actually quite disgusted that Apple is silent on this.
  • imarinkovic Level 1 (0 points)
    For reference....freezing my iPhone (20 min) did my iphone wifi works again...for 7 minutes...

    Next test...keep it off 20 minutes (same time as freezing) to check. I will post results ASAP.
  • Caroline Garcia Level 1 (10 points)
    I recently purchased an iPhone 3gs. I initially couldn't connect to wifi secured by wep and mac filtering. I reset network settings and erase all settings and data but still couldn't connect. I changed authentication type of wifi from open to shared and it worked.
  • alansherwani Level 1 (0 points)
    add me to the list too,
    iphone 3g 16g
    searching wifi without finding any thing
    as I see the apple ignored this topic without any answer
  • rbrt86 Level 1 (5 points)
    Since I don't expect new users to read the whole 40 pages, here's an overview:
    *A summary of suggested solutions is posted at page 30 of this tread.* Although there are various problems, most of them are noticed (a couple of days) after the 3.0 update. The following problems are known (check settings->general->about for this info)

    1. IMEI unknown , ICCID unknown , WIFI shows : NO WIFI
    2. IMEI ok , ICCID ok , WIFI shows : NO WIFI
    3. IMEI 00499xxx , NO WIFI (greyed-out)
    4. IMEI ok , WIFI OK , but wifi can't find any AP
    5. IMEI ok , WIFI OK , can login every AP , but can't use more than 30 seconds , then wifi disappear (crash) then after 30 seconds , wifi will come back

    If you're facing this problem, please answer the following questions from user Richard Belson. This can help us to find a pattern. Use the above problemlist to clarify the first question:
    1 What fault they have (no wifi networks found or just not being able to connect)
    2 Their phone model and OS
    3 Whether their phone is JB'd
    4 What apps they have installed
    5 How recently they synced with their iTunes library

    *Since page 30, the following progress has been made:*
    a) Update 3.0.1 does NOT solve the problem, and in some cases causes the problem

    b) the problem MAY be caused by the baseband which was upgraded in 3.0 for 3G phones only. Downgrading this baseband is only possible for the first 3G iPhone factory release with bootloader 5.08, so this solution has not yet been confirmed. Downloading the firmware doesn't work in all cases and is difficult. A procedure can be found on page 37, halfway down there's a link

    c) the problem MAY be caused by (battery) heat. Cooling the iPhone in the freezer for a couple of minutes helps in some cases, but is only a temporary fix. Keeping it in the freezer a long time voids warrenty! (your waterindicator wil turn red)

    d) the problem MAY be linked to the battery charge. Draining the iPhone completely or keeping it at a low battery level works in some cases

    More about point C and D can be found in the following article: -heat-/0,2000070787,339295984,00.htm

    e) the problem might have something to do with connecting to iTunes. Some iPhones have working or failing wi-fi after connecting to iTunes. Wether this is caused by synchronisation (of media or apps) or by charging the battery while being connected is still unknown

    It is stil inconclusive if this is a hardware or software issue. Firmware 3.1 (including the new baseband) MIGHT fix this problem in the mayority of cases, but unfortunatelly, 3.1BETA3 has not yet given a known solution. 3.1 is expected around september

    For everyone new to this issue, I would like to ask you to fill out the questionlist above. Also, take a look at the previous suggested solutions at page 30
  • greendragoon Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok, Here's my info:

    1. IMEI ok, ICCID ok, occasionally it can see APs, but this is random and it rarely connects and then only for a couple seconds.
    2. Phone 2G running 3.0.1
    3. Yes; not being so has no effect.
    4. More than I can list here. Removing all the apps doesn't solve the problem.
    5. A couple days ago.

    A couple of additional points:

    This problem has persisted for me since 2.2.1 but it wasn't immediate. It look looks 3.0 has made the problem more widespread. It also seems that it's a cumulative problem. It took a while for any visible problem to occur. Then it would move to random disconnects. After that it wouldn't hold a connection at all. Finally it couldn't even see the APs at all. At it's worst, my iPhone told me that is was "unable to scan" for APs. Interestingly at this point, my location feature also stopped working even though I still had edge.

    A while back I did a clean restore of 3.0 and my wifi came back for one glorious hour.

    I should also note that the chilling method does help.

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  • Yekaterina Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problems:
    1. IMEI ok, ICCID ok, occasionally can see APs, but this is random and it rarely connects and then only for a couple seconds.
    2. Phone 3G running 3.0
    4. i tried to restore factory setting, without any thirdparty apps - no result
    5. about week ago..

    Very disappointed with Apple products past 3-4 years.
    Previously i had problems with my MacBook 13' ( fk'ng killer firmware update for Matshita UJ series)
    Apple management just ignored their users - no apologies, etc
    Now i bought this iPhone, and Apple killed them with their fk'ng firmware update!!
    ***, apple????
    P.S> i bought this phone for 900USD (w/o contract). Now (thanks apple engineers!!) this is just toy-brick for my child.
    Again, apple keeps silence!!
  • Malc51 Level 1 (0 points)
    IMEI ok , WIFI OK , but wifi can't find any

    1 Cannot find wifi networks at all

    2 8gb 3G v3.0

    3 Not JB'd

    4 Stacks

    5 Daily

    Cannot recall when the problem first occured, but now I get no Wifi at all. Watched a film on the plane a few days ago which made the phone warmer than usual. Have applied that tethering 'upgrade'.
  • Loki Level 1 (70 points)
    Umm, what part of Beta is eluding you??
  • alainm74 Level 1 (0 points)
    got the wifi back!

    After two weeks of Reboot, parameters reset, restore, freezer etc... I still had no wifi at all (grayed).

    What I did: switched my iPhone off, took the SIM out and restarted it with no SIM in... bingo!

    Would you please try this to know if I just got lucky?


  • cstroie Level 1 (0 points)
    @alainm74 - you lucky *******

    1. IMEI ok, ICCID ok, occasionally it can see APs, but this is random and it rarely connects and then only for a couple seconds (copy&paste from another user)
    2. Phone 3G running 3.0.1
    3. No, and I don't intend to
    4. Lots of them before loosing wireless capabilities. I also believe that the problem has nothing to do with the installed apps.
    5. Today.
    Another thing: I lost the wi-fi after 2-3 days after upgrading to 3.0.
    I would really like an official response from Apple, I;m loosing my nerves here. If they would say that whe wi-fi is fried I would gladly pay the repairs, I'm totally dependent of email, the charges I pay for 3G internet are more than the repair (the whole iPhone MB sells for around 250 dollars)
  • Smart_2008 Level 1 (0 points)
    you are lucky.
    I have just tried the same, to no avail:(
    I am getting more and more desperate about this issue, cause I had been using wifi very frequently and iphone without wifi is not such ann efficient tool as it used to be
    I am p...ed off with the fact that Apple does not give a sh.t and do nothing
    Tomorrow I am going to call Apple in Moscow to enquire if I am eligible to get a replacement. Wish me good luck

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  • imarinkovic Level 1 (0 points)
    Lucky you.... in my case didn't work.

    Freezer was my best result, but I can't take my freezer to my work!
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