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  • hadimassa Level 1 (20 points)
    well, i think that the idea that " all those little sensor cameras JPG only " should not be taken seriously is a mistake! They are used (many on RAW also) for different professional tasks these days. Aperture should support these subsequently.
  • rwboyer Level 4 (3,170 points)
    You know the funny thing is I don't take too much seriously.

  • Charles E. Flynn Level 4 (1,875 points)
  • Edmond Terakopian Level 1 (0 points)
    I've processed Leica M9 files through Aperture without problem:


  • stokkanda Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks, nice to know as I will purchase one myself when they become more available. I've seen other threads about missing support for M9, perhaps recent update?

    The fact remains... Apple does not update RAW support as often as Adobe. That is a problem. As I purchased E-P2 as a 2nd "travel"-camera I'd want to use Aperture both for my Nikon and E-P2 RAW files. Sure, converting to tiff or other format is alwasy a solution - but I don't want to spend time on it. I want a software that works - hence why I went from windows pc to MAC... And I want to use one, not multiple programs...

    I know there is debates about camera manufacturers not releasing information; ref Panasonic and perhaps Olympus. But it is difficult to know the true stories without information from Apple.

    In the market; perception is important. And Apple has not convinced me that they regard Aperture as a high profile product. I would expect more from Apple.

    And.. I really, really don't want to replace Aperture... But...
  • Oliver Gunasekara Level 1 (5 points)
    Aperture 3 looks like a great upgrade but still no support for E-P1 RAW files which is disappointing. Its a great travel camera to compliment my big SLR.

    One good thing in Aperture 3 is that if you shoot JPEG+RAW you can generate master images from the JPEG automatically. In Aperture 2 you had to do this manually, which was a pain.

    My work around is to shoot just RAW on my Nikon and JPEG+RAW on my PEN. That way if I ever need to get the PEN RAW file I can just export and convert with Olympus Master 2.

    Suggest everybody who wants Olympus PEN RAW support to provide feedback directly to apple using this form:
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    Great, Aperture 3 is out and I still cannot work with my Olympus E-P1 raw files.

    Without realizing the lack of Aperture support, I went to Italy and used the E-P1 as my secondary camera for certain sites where big flash photography was unavailable, and when the length of our touring would not allow for my other bulky Nikon D80. At the time I didn't know the lack of RAW support so I didn't shoot in JPEG. I shot some fantastic photos I've been wanting to add to my portfolio, but I still cannot edit them properly and export for my using. The Olympus software is AWFUL, really slow and the processing capabilities are limited.

    It's so frustrating that Aperture 3 came out with still no update to solve this issue. I understand that the Olympus pen does have more complex processing for RAW files, but with all the amazing capabilities of Apple software and Aperture 3, you would think that they could at least figure out something so miniscule.

    I am very frusterated and super angry. I won't stop using Aperture, because I love it for all my other files, but I sure as heck wont upgrade to Aperture 3 without the RAW file updates.

    All the alternative softwares you can use to adjust the RAW files are useless because they just add an extra time-consuming step in the process that I might as well be using the crappy Olympus software that comes with the camera.

    It's sad that the only thing I can do (because I've responded to feedback already), is rant about this. Please Apple, with all your mighty intelligence and power - fix this problem and make many Olympus camera operaters happy!
  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)
    Looks like Todays was a good day for E-P1, and other Micro Four Thirds camera users.

    iPhoto/Aperture RAW support is finally here!
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