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  • ryanfromoakland Level 1 (0 points)

    Got some news.  With the help of a friend, I was able to partition a 500gb 2.5" drive in halves: one had Leopard, and the other Snow Leopard.  Charged up my battery and did a test on each with battery power only. With Snow Leopard, service battery message was on and sudden shut off happened at 96%.  With Leopard, no check battery message, and sudden shut off at 43%.


    I connected the power source and booted up again - with SL, service battery message was there.  On Leopard, check battery message appeared.

  • banjoboy Level 1 (10 points)

    I am on my 2nd battery (first one blew up like a balloon). I have only 50 cycles in it and I am already getting the Service Battery warning and the battery capacity is 52% and charge is 98%. This is nuts!

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    I wonder how many others seeing this issue have plugged an iPad into their MacBook USB ports? I have both a PowerBook and a MacBook and I did observe that the iPad seemed to knock the PMU on the PowerBook out of whack. Resetting the PMU on the PowerBook restored the USB ports ability to charge other devices. There was apparent no ill effect on the MacBook Pro but I wonder if it does put an undue strain on the SMC. I have been running Snow Leopard for quite a while and only very recently has it started shutting down quite a bit. I am sure I upgraded to the latest version as soon as I was aware of it. I had the motherboard replaced a long while back and the system is generally plugged in all of time with no battery conditioning steps taken.


    A couple of days ago the system was shutting down quite a bit. I followed both the SMC reset and Battery Calibrating KB articles. So far, the system has not crash but I do have Service Battery alert so I plan to take the system in ASAP.


    Below are my battery stats for my 2.33 GHz MacBook Pro:

    Battery Information:


      Model Information:

      Manufacturer: SMP

      Device name:   ASMB014

      Pack Lot Code: 0001

      PCB Lot Code: 0000

      Firmware Version: 0102

      Hardware Revision:    0202

      Cell Revision:    0100

      Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):  3649

      Fully charged:    Yes

      Charging:  No

      Full charge capacity (mAh): 3666

      Health Information:

      Cycle count: 21

      Condition:  Check Battery

      Battery Installed:   Yes

      Amperage (mA): 0

      Voltage (mV):    12491


    As far as I know, this is the only battery I have had in this system.


    I think I lost my ethernet port. I just rebooted and was able to get it back.

  • ryanfromoakland Level 1 (0 points)

    Roosevelt - I can tell you that I haven't plugged in an iPad or iPad 2 into my machine, and I started experiencing problems with the battery only when I updated so Snow Leopard.  My machine is 2-3 years old, so maybe my battery really was aged.


    I ordered a battery from OWC, installed it, and let it fully charge.  I was able to run Snow Leopard and Leopard without seeing a "service battery" or "check battery" (warnings are respective to OS), nor did I experience sudden shut downs.  Then again, I've only had the battery for about a week, so I will update as time goes by.


    However, in your case, a battery with a cycle count of 21 seems very low to be experiencing battery problems.


    Banjoboy - If you're still within warranty, I'd suggest taking that battery into your closest apple store right away for a replacement.

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    In preparing to go to the Apple Store, I have noticed that MacBook Pro Software Update 1.4 was released May 4, 20011 and also OS X 10.6.8 is also available. I will apply these and see if there is a change.

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    The 1.4 software update does not apply to my system.

  • banjoboy Level 1 (10 points)

    I purchased the new battery mid-January, so I am still within the 1-year warranty. I have tried all the mentioned solutions numerous times. SMC reset worked once, but the Service warning came back after a restart. My battery issue cam about beginning of Jan. 2011. Its like 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 killed it for me.

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    And I still have the Service Battery after the OS update.

  • dacohen Level 1 (0 points)

    Interesting. Which did you install first?


    Considering that people with only Leopard don't really have this problem, this has got an issue that's caused by Snow Leopard but not actually in the OS, i.e. firmware. When I took it to my university's computer repair thing (an AASP), they booted into a utility (on a USB key), which showed that the health (i.e. based on mAh) was indeed the same that the OS reported. IIRC, it basically shows a plot (x-axis is time, y-axis is battery health). There's a red background for part of the graph meaning REPLACE (maybe ≤80% health at a certain number of cycles or years?), and the rest is green, meaning that it's not covered.


    The real problem with this is that it's an intermittent problem--sometimes, the health is 92% and it doesn't show "Service Battery," and sometimes it goes down to 52%--or worse--0%. Due to Murphy's Law, it only occurs when I'm not able to get it fixed. Go figure.

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    I tried the firmware update first since the download page had OS X 10.6.7 as a requirement. I wish it had listed the MacBook products it was designed for on that page as well. I was not too surprised though.


    I did go to the Genius Bar. They ran a diagnostic that reported there was only a battery issue and I ended up buying a new battery. The battery charge I think was under 50% based on the hardware button test. I waited for the battery to charge completely. The message is now gone. My current battery info:


    Battery Information:


      Model Information:

      Manufacturer: SMP

      Device name:   ASMB014

      Pack Lot Code: 0002

      PCB Lot Code: 0000

      Firmware Version: 0110

      Hardware Revision:    0500

      Cell Revision:    0102

      Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):  6702

      Fully charged:    Yes

      Charging:  No

      Full charge capacity (mAh): 6702

      Health Information:

      Cycle count: 1

      Condition:   Normal

      Battery Installed:  Yes

      Amperage (mA): 0

      Voltage (mV):    12575


    At least in my case, it seems like whatever issue the OS was designed to detect occurred in my battery. The OS is just the messenger. Hopefully there is not a hardware fault that will shorten the life of my battery.

  • arquisto Level 1 (0 points)

    Anybody out there who has installed other operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows, etc.) with the same problem?


    My MacBook Pro (5,1) suddenly shut off while running Linux.  It might be a problem with the hardware problem after all.  It'd be nice if others who run multiple systems could shed some light on this issue.

  • BatteryLifeSL-Fix Level 1 (0 points)

    Great news guys. I found the fix!!


    Ok so here is just a little background. Like many of you, since upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard I got terrible battery life. My battery was at 157 cycles or so and without the adapter I was getting 1:30 - almost 2 hours life. Absolutely terrible.


    Well, I brought it in to the Apple Store and they replaced the battery. This didn't seem to do much, other than give me about 30-40 mins extra time. (still terrible).


    So I looked into what programs I was running. Didn't seem like any, until I noticed (top right hand corner) that Spotlight (a snow Leopard search function) kept trying to index itself. So i googled what I had to do to disable this function.


    Seems what you have to do is open up terminal and type:


    sudo mdutil -a -i off


    then enter your admin password. This is what I did, and almost the first thing I noticed was my mbp got a lot quieter. Before, even with an SSD in the drive, my laptop made a lot of noise and it was very loud.


    Knowing this, I made a test. I unplugged the power adapter. Saw a MAJOR increase in expected battery life. Before, with the new battery I was getting readings of 2:40 battery life. Now I'm getting readings of over 7 hours!!


    Anyways, I suggest everyone try this and post their results. I've never used spotlight personally, but if you are a regular user of it, there has to be better options out there without affecting battery life..

  • NJDH Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried the fix of cutting off the Spotlight indexing but it didn't help on my MacBook Pro.

    What I have found is that if I deplete the battery part way or most of the way and then shut the computer down and plug it in and let it charge until the light changes from orange to green before I restart, it will charge much more fully. Yesterday it showed Full charge capacity  as about (mAh): 3310 and health or condition as check battery. Today after charging with the laptop off, it shows Full charge capacity (mAh):    4818  and condition normal and health is blank. It also does not show "check battery" on the menu bar.



    Manufacturer:    Sony

      Device name:    ASMB012

      Pack Lot Code:    0003

      PCB Lot Code:    0000

      Firmware Version:    102a

      Hardware Revision:    0500

      Cell Revision:    0303

      Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):    4818

      Fully charged:    Yes

      Charging:    No

      Full charge capacity (mAh):    4818

      Health Information:

      Cycle count:    78

      Condition:    Normal

      Battery Installed:    Yes

      Amperage (mA):    -1

      Voltage (mV):    12435


    So my suggestion is try charging your battery with the computer turned off and don't turn it back on until the light on the power cord changes from orange to green.

  • Ianbolton Level 1 (0 points)

    Turning off Spotlight is not a fix. I use Spotlight all the time. I want a battery that charges properly, a laptop that I don't have to worry it's going to switch off half way through doing something important unless it's plugged in and I want to feel reassured that if I go out and buy a new battery this same thing isn't going to happen again.


    Apple, can somebody please advise on this. There are over a hundred pages of people with battery issues. I am disgusted that I currently have a laptop that is less that 2 years old and it is effectively just a desktop computer now.

  • Grinottawa Level 1 (0 points)

    I had hoped the Lion would have a fix for this but aparently not. I get less than an hour of battery life from my previous 4+ hours!

    Maybe its time for a class action law suit if they continue to not take this issue seriously!!