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Mr Pandamonium Level 1 (15 points)
NEVER had this happen in Logic 8 (or any other software for that matter) on same hardware.. Not only can you not OPEN Logic 9 by clicking on a logic 9 file, SAVE in Logic 9 without it putting audio out of sync, now I discover you cannot RECORD for more than a few minutes without getting a blast of white noise. Seriously, my ears are still ringing 8 hours later from this noise. If they are still ringing Monday I am going to the hearing specialist and Apple WILL be paying the bill. I pray no serious damage has been done and that I will still be able to do mastering work. If I monitor through Logic, even at 128 the monitored audio will occasionally slip out of sync and there will be like a 2 second delay in the monitored audio, then eventually a deafening blast of white noise. To release software in this untested state is totally negligent, irresponsible and downright dangerous. Disgraceful.

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  • bill borez Level 4 (1,205 points)
    Well it's a good job you didn't have it loud in a pair of cans is all I have to say about that.
  • chucknkd Level 1 (35 points)
    had this happen yesterday. at least we could SEE it in the waveform and turned down to check it. no reason at all to get it, but it just decided to do it.
    BTW, i used to have this happen to me in L7 and L8 sporadically after a few mins of recording on the same track, never did understand the reason behind it.
  • chucknkd Level 1 (35 points)
    let me add, we did get a disk too slow error while the pass that got the noise was recording.
  • Pancenter Level 6 (9,425 points)
    chucknkd00 wrote:
    had this happen yesterday. at least we could SEE it in the waveform and turned down to check it. no reason at all to get it, but it just decided to do it.
    BTW, i used to have this happen to me in L7 and L8 sporadically after a few mins of recording on the same track, never did understand the reason behind it.

    Right, it's not new to Logic 9.

    I always thought this may happen when either... (pick one or any combination thereof)

    1. A drive was asleep (not necessarily the recording drive) and wakes up.
    2. The OS starts writing a swap file to the system drive.
    3. Journaling kicks in to record changes in the disk structure.

    I turn Journaling off on any audio drives.

  • Mr Pandamonium Level 1 (15 points)
    Iv'e never had it happen in Logic 8, and have never switched journaling off, but will give it a try, kinda nervous about using logic now if it is going to destroy my hearing. Having a "pro" recording app where you afraid to use headphones with is a very unfortunate situation.
  • cigame2 Level 3 (540 points)
    What about trying to use the internal audio, deinstall third party plugins and cards and run software update, and check if you still have these blasts, before sending Apple any bills.

    Apple might not be responsible if you don't keep your drivers and system up to date.
  • Mr Pandamonium Level 1 (15 points)
    cigame2 :- I have all the latest updates for my software and hardware. Unfortunately, using the onboard 2 channel input on my Mac pro isn't an option for a Recording Studio . As I stated, it has only happened since installing logic 9. Contrary to your advice, installing Apples latest software has caused the problem, they are responsible. Was not using any 3rd party plugins when the blasts occurred, it was a new project using only apple software. If Logic Pro is only now compatible with their craptastic onboard soundcards, they need to say this, so no professional users waste their money on it thinking it is suitable for professional use.
  • esaruoho Level 1 (55 points)
    all i can say is that im having blasts of white noise every once in a while. i think i've had logic9 give me it 3 times now.

    i think at least two of those instances have been: playback on, instrument or audio input playing sound, adding some volume to a new bus to have it play too, and adding an audiounit effect to that bus. especially AU fusion field by quikquak is one such one. i'd be well keen to not having any of these kinds of things, but i'll just have to wait innit until im either deaf or apple do something about this. very saddened (a logic5.5.1 -> logic9 pc->osx mover)
  • esaruoho Level 1 (55 points)
    its a very "buzz tracker" situation, which is exactly why i moved out of using it. for me to now, 8 years later, come across LOGIC PRO 9 doing this.. is.. unbelievable.
  • Heiko_Britz Level 1 (30 points)
    Hi, you are not alone.
    Have the same problem but with 8.02 and apogee hardware. I have to wait for Logic9.

    In the middle of a recording session, that was a "noise" ! Wow !

    I want to know is it a logic problem (8 and 9) or a problem of the apogee ?
    Hope the new ensemble driver will help.
  • John Alcock Level 5 (5,025 points)
    Yes, I've had blasts of noise too, in testing L9. Nothing triggering it that I can identify or repeat, although once it seemed to happen as I was bypassing a plug-in on playback. Never happened in 8.0.2, and I'm using the same machine, with the same Apogee converters - my LP9 is on a separate bootable drive with 10.6
  • esaruoho Level 1 (55 points)
    yeah its defo got something to do with muting and unmuting plug-ins, and also moving plug-ins by hand, on a playing audiotrack, bus or aux or whatever.
    its really annoying! it shouldnt be there! logic is better than this.
  • johnsct Level 1 (15 points)
    This has nothing to do with moving or muting plugins. It's happened to me over the years in Logic 8 (only when overdubing and only hearable on playback, not while recording) and now 9 with a clean install (while recording), no third party plugs, and one or more audio tracks in record. I had this happen in a session with logic 9. The band ripped their headphones off, it was that loud. I went back to 8 to complete the session. This is a serious problem.
  • heilei Level 1 (10 points)
    I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but Soundtrack Pro had a very similar issue in the previous version. See this thread for details:

    I don't know if the problem described above is the same, but I experienced the noise blast with Soundtrack Pro a few times (once with headphones) and nearly lost my hearing because of it. This is a deadly serious issue, if we're talking about the same volume levels here...
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