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  • Sigurosa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, i had the same problem with the ipod video, on my mac.
    I found this on a forum, and it actually worked for me.

    Put your iPod into disk mode.

    1) Before placing the iPod into disk mode, make sure that it is charged.

    2) Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Set it to Hold, then turn it off again.)

    3) Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for at least 6 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    4) When the Apple logo appears, release the Menu and Select buttons and immediately press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears.

    Putting your iPod into disk mode forces it to mount on your computer.
    Once you have done that, you need to restore your iPod back to "factory state" using the iPod Updater software.

    * i didn't have to restore my ipod to factory state, ipod just appeared on itunes.

    Hope this works.
  • gbelford Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I fixed the same problem on a 2nd gen iPod Nano - it was seen in the Finder (& Disk Utility), but not recognized in iTunes 9.0.1 or 9.0.2 on several different MacBook Pros, each using using 10.5.8 (I'm guessing the only important point is iTunes 9).
    Here's what worked for me:
    1 - quit iTunes (iPod NOT attached).
    2 - restart iTunes holding down the option key, choose create new library (put it someplace you can easily delete - e.g. Desktop)
    3 - attach iPod
    4 - after I got into iTunes, the program asked me if I wanted to update the firmware (to 1.1.3).
    5 - say yes. After update, iPod appeared in iTunes as well as desktop, with all its music intact
    6 - safely detach iPod & quit iTunes
    7 - delete the new Library.
    8 - restart iTunes & choose back to your old library
    9 - my iPod showed up just fine
    10 - hope it works for you also - good luck!
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    My iPod Classic 120GB has been syncing just fine with the new iTunes.

    This morning, however, I plugged in my sister's iPod to load a song on it, removed it, plugged in mine, and now it's not working! It's on the desktop and finder, but not iTunes. I checked my sis's iPod again, and it had the same issue (It's an older model, too). I was worried it was an iPod issue, since I've had to get a new one twice within the past year (yay warranty), but it's apparent my iTunes 9 decided to crap on me.

    I'm sure it'll be fixed. Apple fixed the bluetooth issues that everyone was having, so it's only a matter of time.

    *Edit: Ah ha ha ha. I just closed iTunes, opened it, and it worked. Nice.*
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    Where did you find "enable disk use"? I've looked on both itunes and my ipod, and don't see it anywhere. I upgraded to 9.0.2 and now my ipod doesn't show up. thanks!!
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    This is ridiculous!!! My ipod was working just fine! As soon as I updated trouble began! I have been searching for ways to fix this problem that Apple has created for me! It has gotten so bad, that after doing the 5r's and other 'great' ideas apple techs have given me on the phone, my ipod classic 80gb is now frozen on 0.00 and will not play at all!!! Then i was told by an apple tech to buy a new ipod touch!! Is this some cruel joke. I will never buy another product from them again!! Why?? So they can tell me in another 2 years to replace that product with a newer one!!!!
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    Again, same problem as everyone else . 5th generation ipod. worked well until I did the itunes update to 9 in OS X 4.11. The icon appears on desktop . not in itunes. will not sync. temporary (I hope) fix is to plug ipod in my windows machine . This has an older version of itunes. This worked but does not have my library. only a few songs I loaded some time ago to test it. They are now on the ipod. Apple should get on the ball and fix this. I don't want to reload my whole OS X 3.9 just to get an older compatible version of itunes. To commiserate, I too panicked thinking my ipod which gets moderate use had taken a real dump.
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    I don't want to attack you but, you're kidding right??
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    In response to Jason on page 2 ...

    Please excuse my frustration, but installing V9 of itunes is what has caused all of our problems in the first place isn't it?
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    I'm with you.

    Updated to iTunes 9.02. 80GB Classic with 17K+ songs is recognised by the computer but not by iTunes 9 at all - have tried all the usual proceedures (restart, reset, restore, set to Disk mode) - I've now got a little black 14 month-old brick of nothingness. Can't upload, can't sync - nudda. Tried to roll back to iTunes 8 - no use. Methinks my Apple fanboys days might be over.
  • edwardsd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I-tunes V9 is destroying Apples good reputation in the marketplace. The update has destroyed my previoiusly perfect 80Gb classic. Because my warranty is over, I can't even get help from the support hotline and nobody at Apple seems to care about what it's doing to customers products.Instead of paying $300 for a replacement I'll spend it letting everyone know what has happened.
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    Yup, I'm another...

    After years of using iPods (this is my 3rd) and never having a problem, updating to the latest iTunes has meant that I can not sync my music because my (perfectly fine) black 30gb iPod is not recognised.

    What an enormous screw-up by Apple to release a version of iTunes that has this effect on such a wide range of it's players, on both platforms too. Unbelievable!

    I'll try the 'new library' fix about to see if that sorts it out, but ffs I shouldn't have to be doing this.

    What happened to the standalone iPod software updater that let you reset the iPod?... no, ya gotta do that through iTunes now, which aint working!

    Message was edited by: gregmac666

    Tried the new library fix above & unfortunately it failed for me. Looks like I'll call Apple tomorrow.
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    I finally got my iPod nano 1st gen. recognized by iTunes 9 again:
    It turned out that the ipod nano software was not up to date.
    However, the trick suggested by gbelford (start iTunes 9 under a new library) did not work for me. I had to find another Mac with iTunes 8 on it. My nano was recognized and iTunes asked me if I wanted to update the nano software. I had to wipe the nano by connecting it to the new library and I installed the software update. Then I went back to my Mac with iTunes 9 and it was recognized immediately! Then I reconnected the nano to my library and restored everything.
  • gregmac666 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Connecting my iPod 5th Gen to another Mac that was running iTunes 8 led to a fix.

    In line with PDipp's post above, iTunes 8 will recognise any iPod & so let you perform an iPod software upgrade (which I required), or let you restore your iPod to factory settings for those with more serious problems. Once either of these are done you sould be able to re-connect to your usual machine & have iTunes 9 recognise your iPod.


    Having said all of the above, Apple should issue an iTunes update to fix this issue PRONTO! Not everyone will have access to a machine that is still running iTunes 8 - I was just lucky that one of my neighbour's is a fellow Mac user who had not got around to updaing his iTunes. Phew!
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    maybe be apple should confirm Somthing !!! only one of my 3 ipods is reconized since itunes v9
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    I think I'm having the same problem, but I'm not sure. I've been using iTunes 9 since it was realeased (just updated when prompted) and until now I've not had a problem. I have a 30GB 5th gen iPod Video and until last week I had an iPhone 3G and both synced fine with it, however I've just acquired an 80GB iPod Classic and whatever I try iTunes just wil not recognise it.

    I've tried every solution listed in this topic, uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, formatted the iPod and nothing works. Windows sees it as an external drive but iTunes just doesn't see it.

    There's nothing wrong with the iPod, I can sync it fine with Songbird on my Linux netbook but iTunes is just not having it. It's driving me nuts!