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    Thanks enostrum and others. I'm happy that the addition of the Playlist is Music rule makes the playlist 'smart' again. It's a much nicer solution than checking and unchecking Live Updating every time I add new music or make changes to my library.

    That said, it is pathetic that this is still an issue. I've been following this bug for months. It shouldn't be necessary to add arcane rules to my Smart Playlists and waste my time looking at discussion boards (even friendly and helpful boards like this one).
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    Hey guys,


    What has worked for me is,

    Firstly: unchecking the live updating box, syncing the iphone and then checking it again

    Secondly: Limiting playlist to x (I did 100 songs) amount of songs and then, changing 'selected by' to 'most recently added'


    Hopefully it works

  • Syncopator Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)

    finally -- here's a fix that works:


    at the bottom of the playlist, select "Limit to [however many] items selected by [choose the order you prefer].


    • by "limiting" to a high number of items or GB, you won't be limiting the playlist at all.

    • to sort alphabetically, choose "selected by name." (or whatever other option you want).


    after doing this, you shouldn't see any change to the items displayed in the smart playlist in itunes. however, the playlist will now sync properly to your idevices.  :-)

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    Hi All,


    I just upgraded iTunes to and am running iOS 5.1 on an iPhone4.


    The first time I sync'ed my phone with iTunes after upgrading iTunes the "My Top Rated" playlist was removed from the playlists on my phone.  It is still present in iTunes on my PC but I cannot find a way of sync'ing it back to my phone.


    Does anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it?



  • Syncopator Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)

    your question is different from the one in this thread. so, you should either find an existing thread on your issue, or start a new one.

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