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    *also like others, the battery will drain in sleep/suspend mode. Before 3.1 it didn't lose much charge at all throughout the night, now it drops 50-80% every night.
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    So is there a answer? I have had 1G iPhone for over 2 years and just upgraded to 3Gs this week. My old phone had a better battery life than this new one. And I do not play games or do much video at all. Mostly calls and check e-mail.

    What gives?

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    Same boat as everyone else ... the other night, took phone (3gs) off charge at 100% at midnight, put into flightmode and woke up 7 hours later to a 35% battery

    Hope we get update soon ... especially not being able to downgrade a 3GS back to 3.0.1
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    Sorry to say, I'm having the same issues as well. However, I noticed that the shortened battery life started when the 3.1 OS came out, but I HADN'T UPGRADED yet. I thought upgrading would help so I upgraded two days ago and have had dismal battery performance since then.

    This morning on a full charge to the phone shutting down in 3.5 hrs. with these settings:

    BT off
    3G off
    Push off
    Notifications off
    wifi off

    I made one 5 minute phone call. Did one google search. and did 3 quick email responses ( 3 sentences or less).

    Interestingly, when I plugged the phone in, it charged to indicate fully charged in about 20 mins. I'm wondering if the OS is just reporting the battery level incorrectly.

    I need this resolved quickly.
  • Nas_Esco Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Hi Everyone,

    I've been having the same problem! I have followed all the suggested steps to disable features and noticed since I upgraded to 3.1 - the battery life is much worse - from charging every 2-3 days its been everyday!

    I hope apple fixes this.
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    i'm having the same problem on my Iphone 3gs.
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    Add my name to the growing list of people with 3.1 battery concerns. I posted this earlier at another rumors-related Mac site, but it is also appropriate for this thread.

    My wife has the 3GS, and I have the regular 3G phone. We both upgraded to 3.1. She had no problems with her phone, but my battery problems began immediately after upgrade. It didn't occur to me until seeing others' concerns that 3.1 was responsible.

    Here is what happens: with full juice, the battery drains quickly and my phone shuts down randomly. Then I have to do the two-button start thing to get it running. Then the black screen with the apple symbol comes on. Then it takes about 3 or 4 minutes to boot. Then the battery is dead. Then I plug it in to recharge it. Then within a few moments, it shows, like, half the battery power is restored.

    This is happening 4 or 5 times a day, and it's absurd.

    For the record, my wife and I haven't jailbroken or enabled our phones for tethering. We don't use Bluetooth. She uses push -- I don't.
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    Same here. Along with terrible battery life mine also seems to get very warm, never had this condition with 3.01SW I have tried several times to restore to new condition, still same results. Very frustrated. Is there a way to downgrade back to 3.01 until Apple can fix this issue.
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    I've had the same issue. My battery went from lasting an entire day (playing a few games on the train to and from work and 3G push mail on all day at work) to burning out during the morning commute (getting down to %50 before I walk in the door).

    I love the device, but the battery life is making me think twice about using it, which kind of changes the value overall.
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    after upgrade my battery went south, and I mean waaaay south like south Texas.
    What is going on? I hear that Apple is at least looking into the issue... I hope they will have a 3.1.1 soon.
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    I am experiencing that as well, battery life is just around 60% when compare to firmware 3.0, with all the bluetooth, wifi and setting are the same as it was with 3.0, also seems the battery indicator got some problem as well. it indicated battery capacity becomes 0% and switch off my phone. but after i put it into charge for 15 mins, my iphone battery becomes more than 85% full.
    why is that happening?
    I thought firware 3.1 can provide longer and stablier battery life. but it ends up with the other way round.
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    I have the same issue. I've turned of the 3G network, lowered by screen brightness to 20%, and resist texting or game playing. But I run out of juice by 3pm after an overnight charge. With all the "disables" I might as well have kept my 18-hour first generation iPhone instead of upgrading. To circumvent the problem and to keep the full functionality of the phone, I now have a charger next to my bed, one in my car and one at the office. Ridiculous.
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    my iphone battery ***** since I updated it to the 3.0 I restored my phone plenty of times as well as drain my battery and recharge it. I dont know what to do. I heard apple is giving out battery logs so that they can fixe the issue. I would love to get one so that they can monitor my battery situation
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    I have had similar problem when upgrading to 3.1 Battery Life diminished rapidly. Restored iPhone and several times and this did not help. Eventually I left the iPhone to fully discharge and power itself off. I then recharged iPhone and all is now OK. Cannot explain why this has resolved the problem but it definitely has for me
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