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  • OrganicBooks Level 1 (0 points)
    That did it! Thanks for your very detailed help!
  • Route66er Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks a million for your help...if i can help you out with anything to do with ireland let me know.....Ur solution worked a treat!
  • Bereanone Level 1 (0 points)
    Yup that did it. Funny thing is, the only thing in my toolbar folder was an uninstall file and I was not sure what it was uninstalling, it did not seem to link to anything, but when I ran it, it asked why I was uninstalling some kind of YouTube app. I uninstalled it, and restarted Safari, problem solved. So it seems to be connected with some kind of YouTube device. I may have installed it when trying to find a way to easily download YouTube Videos... So far the best way for that is Firefox. If Apple will ever add that feature, Safari is much quicker, but Firefox is so much easier to StumbleUpon and YouTube with I am forced to keep it on. Wish Safari was a bit better....
  • whitdare4 Level 1 (0 points)
    I started getting the "Community Toolbar" error a few weeks ago after doing a routine software update. I would get it every time I opened Safari. I had never even heard of the Community Toolbar let alone installed it. So I googled it and installed it and I didn't get the error anymore. I didn't really want it, so I went to the "Toolbars" folder in Applications and uninstalled it. No more errors. Weird, huh?
  • dahank23 Level 1 (0 points)
    I got rid of my community toolbar. I once downloaded Peter Greenberg's toolbar for travel information...his blog. I found the uninstall in Applications and then no more warning!
  • O_oNoobpawnageo_O Level 1 (0 points)
    Seriously thanx for posting that. it was driving me literally insane
  • barnettart Level 1 (5 points)
    THANK YOU! THIS WAS drving me NUTZ!!!
  • Michael 1261 Level 1 (0 points)
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO...just followed the instructions listed and no more message....this is great!! Again, thanks for the help!!
  • smdvmx Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks! Finally a solution!
  • myfz6 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had downloaded a Free Tv Bar for my Safari Toolbar and since I did that install I had the exact same message pop up every time i opened my browser. So I did what someone else suggested and I went to the Applications folder then to TOOLBARS and there was a sub menu to uninstall the FREE TV BAR. When I deleted this, I reopened Safari and the message is GONE. So try that. Not sure if this will help everyone but it helped me.

    I really don't think in my opion that installing or upgrading to SNOW LEAPORD is the Problem, I really believe that its when we install these FREE BARS.
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,770 points)
    You are quite correct.

    There are no third-party toolbars that are Safari compatible.
  • Hughes 000 Level 1 (0 points)

    click the desktop.
    (top tool bar) go>computer>search"toolbar"
    click it/them (the results... one at a time of course)
    if you know you use it than let it be, otherwise they are likely to be automatically installed with other applications u installed at one point soooo.. delete them (drag to recycle bin) or uninstall if the option appears.
    keep uninstalling or deleting the toolbars until the message stops appearing when you open safari or other internet apps.
  • alejomasis Level 1 (25 points)
    Thanks!!! Worked like a charm without restarting.
  • ideonte Level 1 (0 points)
    thank you! thank you! thank you! this was the only problem i have ever had with my macbook and you helped me solve it! you rock!
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    "We're sorry, but the Safari browser version you are currently using does not support the community toolbar".

    Just in case, make sure you don't also have the CTLoader/Conduit "community toolbar" installed. Just follow the paths.

    /Library/Application Support/Conduit
    /Library/Receipts/<Toolbar name>.pkg
    /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/CT2285220.bundle
    /Users/<User name>/Library/Application Support/Conduit

    Once you have moved all the Conduit/CTloader/.pkg/SIMBL/Plugins/Ct2285220.bundle/Conduit files to the Trash, relaunch Safari.

    I have the impression that MacBook Pro is less compatible with Internet download that MacBook, because since I bought it I have had many problems...??

    Your hardware (MacBook) isn't the issue, it's third party software.

    When downloading and installing third party Safari add-ons check with the developer site to make sure they meet your current system requirements such as your Mac OS X and which version of Safari you have installed. It's up to the third party developer to update their software, not Apple.

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