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    Thank you ill def check that out

  • ngrawlings Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the mini display port black out constantly, it is pritty much unsuable on my macbook air.


    Funny how my acer that cost a quarter of the price and is two years older, works perfect with all the same monitors the mac book seems to struggle with.


    Really struggling to see what part of this extereince makes mac better...

  • DJXXXL Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is how i solved my problem.


    1 connect MDP cable to tv and mac

    2 Select a HDMI ınput on TV (not MAC)

    3 Start your Mac

    4 From display properties adjust your desktop size to  1024x768

    5 Select MAC's HDMI input from TV

    and u will have 2nd screen on TV


    its kinda silly but when u got ur second display workin Macbooks screen resolution goes back to its notmal



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    More data for the next guy. It doesn't help me, and probably won't help most, but I may as well document what I've learnt.


    I use two Macbooks. The newer, Thunderbolt one will not output to HDMI; it does not detect the second screen regardless of what order I plug in and restart the various cables and devices. The older, mini-display (but non-Thunderbolt) works perfectly with the same adapter and cable -- but only if plugged directly into the TV.


    To be specific:

    15 inch, late 2011 model ID MacBookPro8,2 on 10.8.1 : can't get HDMI out

    13 inch, mid 2009 model ID MacbookPro5,5, on 10.7.4 : works perfectly, first time, when connected to TV


    There is one  complication with the 2009 model. Connecting it to my AV receiver causes a loop of screen detection, where the laptop screen goes blue, flickers back on, and goes blue again. In between the display is mirrored on the TV, but the image is not maintained. Looks like it doesn't like something in that handshake loop.


    TV: 32 inch Samsung UA32EH4000 (720p, not 1080)

    AV receiver: Pioneer VSX-521

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    I am having a similar problem & could definately use some help. I have an Imac & I was running it to my magnavox tv thorugh mini displayport to hdmi adapter. It worked fine for the last 3 months, i wasnt at my house for a few days, when i came back, my tv didnt work anymore. I just got a new JVC tv & tried to run it through to same set up & literally nothing happens. I have tried plugging it in in different ways, restarting my computer, & a lot of other strange things that didnt work. My computer doesnt even flash blue anymore like it wants to display on my tv. I feel like my computer doesnt even acknowledge my tv. I could really use some help, I am extremely frustrated. thanks

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    I have experienced much the same inconsistancy connections from MAB OSX1081 mini display port to HDMI adapter to my LG L227WTG monitor. My first good connection was with a RocketFish adapter and it worked fine until I shut my MBA down but not in sleep mode. Then after shutdown it quit working. After many of the same attempts everyone had tried I took it back to BB and went to the Apple store and purchased the Belkin brand. This worked fine in all aspects of use for about 2 weeks then I started getting intermittance funtionality and I went through the same process. Now it is working but who knows for how long. Here is my solution for now.


    1. Unplug cable at the MBA mini port

    2. Unplug cable at the L227WTG monitor HDMI port

    3. Power on the L227WTG monitor

    4. Plug in the HDMI cable into the adapter cable

    5. Plug the mini port adapter into the MBA mini port


    The screen awoke and now displays the default screen and accepts transfers of application screens from the MBA to the LG monitor. At least for now.

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    Can't believe this. This is such a scandal, the most valued campany in the world is not able to fix this problem. I payed twice the price for a product not having issues. But any old windows laptop makes it better. I connected second displays to laptops already in 2004 without any problem. This product (Macbook Pro 2011 with the most sophisticated OS ever) does not. Is it simplicity? Do I have to think different? The apple seems to start rotting after Jobs left us. 39 pages of hdmi stories, why does Apple not drop the coin?

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    I can't stop getting an email every time somebody posts on this thread and it is driving me crazy. There is no unsubscribe and I logged into my preferences and switched my preference so that I am not supposed to get a email notifications for threads I have replied to, but the emails keep coming. This is insane!


    Edit: I just figured it out. There is a link to stop receiving email notifications that is on the thread page. Finally after over a year I'm done with this thread!

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    What the heck is going on with this?  As has been noted numerous times prior to my post this is an ongoing issue for a brand that sells itself as above all others in computer related hardware.  I will never purchase another Mac as long as I live and thank god I' only made the mistake of buying one game for my MBP.  All my old windows machines (despite their other failings) are able to carry out the simple exercise of recognizing and allowing me to switch between laptop and external displays.  I'm expecting my presentation to go ahead tomorrow in spite of the fact I've had to dust off a dodgy old Acer laptop in order to be able to present on an external display on a faithful and tried and tested HDMI to HDMI cable.  The thunderbolt/mini DVI cable can go back to Apple.


    Maybe this is to be expected when boffins try to reinvent the wheel, but boy do I feel like a massive sucker for buying a name.  Lesson learned.

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    Press stop receiving email notifications up top on the right of ths page.

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    Hey there,


    I used to connect my MacBook Pro (mid 2010) (OS Snow Leopard) to my Panasonic TV (full HD) and it worked with the highest resolution (1080p).


    After updating to Mountain Lion I only can use a resolution of 480p or 720x576. If I try 1080i it works for about a second and then the tv screen flickers grey.


    I tried to reset SMC and PRAM, but it doesn´t help.


    Anybody with the same problem or anybody with a solution?

  • lilonders Level 1 (0 points)

    Just returned from a genius bar visit - which is by far the most impressive thing about my apple experience. 


    This post mainly concerns operating a dual display under Bootcamp with Windows 7 (most of my software is windows based still) but I also had success with connecting to a TV with OSX.


    The cable I'd been using to connect to a Sony Kdl40EX720 led lcd tv was manufatured by iWire and seems to have been the cause of my issues - it was basically useless. 


    I've returned home with a Kanex cable (mini display port to HDMI) having tried it out in store to make sure it works in both Windows 7 and OSX.  My Macbook pro is only about 8 months old (early 2012) - if you're wondering. 


    At home there was a bit more messing about in windows 7 to get rid of some weird looking 'northern lights' happening in the background (that hadn't appeared on the Samsung TV in store).  To make the display appear correctly I had to adjust the output through the AMD control centre to match the TV resolution (1080p 30khz or something ).


    I'll note that there is no catalyst control centre available from AMD for a macbook pro, only some ridiculous autodetect software that asks about my hardware and OS but then won't provide me with any driver updates. I had to download the AMD catalyst control centre (which also came with a driver I think) from elsewhere after a bunch of searching (Sorry I can't remember where I found it - think it was in the support communities somewhere).  The name of the file I downloaded to obtain the CCC is "12-2_mobility_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc", maybe you could google it.  I'm not sure whether having the CCC made things easier, in that I could adjust output to match the TV, but I'm guessing it did as there were no options I could find anywhere else in wondows.


    Lastly, the mini DVI cable WILL connect and function through the thunderbolt port.  Thunderbolt is backwards compatible meaning it can take the Thunderbolt or Mini DVI.  Mini DVI port WILL NOT operate a Thunderbolt cable.


    That's about it from me, hope this is helpful, and excuse any spelling and grammatical errors (I'm too lazy to check back through the above).

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    OK I am going to try and help a lot of you out in 1 reply.


    I have 2 MacBook Pro computers, a 13" early 2011, and a 17" late 2011 Thunderbolt on both, I also have an iMac from Dec 2010 Mini Display only.

    I purchased a mini disply port to HDMI for my self and a friend from fo $7 each. My friend tried his and was only geting blue screen on his TV. I tried mine on a 24" Monitor and it worked fine, because his was not working I tried mine on my Sony 46" LCD TV, the computers recognised the TV and reported all the specs in System Information but no picture just black screen. I did a search and found numorus articals non of them had an answer that worked. As it happens my TV only has 2 HDMI ports so I had purchased a Rocketfish RF-HDMI4, HDMI Switch. As a last dich effort I plugged my iMac into the switch (using the same connection I usualy use for my Apple TV) and sure enough everything worked Picture Sound the whole thing, I did the same test with my MacBook Pros both worked. Then to be sure I used the HDMI cable that was conecting from my Macs to the Switch to go direct to the TV no Picture or sound again. This is a pain and may just be that the switch is giving the signal a boost, or is correcting some other anomoly but it works.

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    I have been reading alot of the posts and I am exeriencing the same problem with the mini display port to DVI cable (I know wrong forum, but same issue). I have a Macbook Pro (summer 2012). It will work great for a few days then all of a sudden my screen will flicker and go to black. Sometimes I just get a screen of snow. Most of the time it's when the Macbook Pro is coming out of stand by. I have to then power down the Macbook, disconnect the mini diplay port, boot the Macbook back up and then plug the mini diplay port back into the laptop.


    I called Apple and they recommend I take it into an Apple store. Problem is an Apple store is 2 hours away and I am not sure they will be able to replicate the problem. I know it's not a monitor issue, since I have switched out the monitors and the issue still occurs. I have reformated the HDD many times. Still not sure what is causing the issue.

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    Dear All Macbook Pro experts and users.


    I have my Macbook pro 2.4, i7.

    I used to connect my MBP through thunderbolt with my Sony LCD as well as Samsung 3D tv.

    but since I updated to 10.7.5 on 10/3/2012, I am unable to connect any of my tv. it says no signal.

    when I plug out the cable it says no cable, but when i plug the cable into the tv, it says "No Signal".


    Pls pls pls pls help me, I tried to call the apple support too. but no solution from them too.

    any one who can help me, pls.





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