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    THIS VIDEO HELPED SO MUCH! it tells you how to magange the computer settings your desktop is mirrored on the tv screen and it tells you how to set the sound to come out of the tv. awesome. hope i help at least someone else!

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    Hey All,


    I seem to have the same problem but i believe it's me who got it all messed up.


    So i was watching a movie on my Sony External Monitor and it was raining! A sudden Power surge popped in aand my display went off, and to surprise my Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2012 went off too, so i turned it back on and it boted up, tried connecting to the monitor again to continue the movie, it did not work. I turn my monitor on and off and it displays the sony logo without any pixels in screen, i'm assuming the surge didn't fry it. I thought it could be the MDP to hdmi connector issue and bought a new one, the blue screen doesn't even show up now. So now, i have to be some freak explorer and try new possibilities like buy a new hdmi cable and check, connect this MDP to someone else's mac, Take this Junk to the apple retail store to get this checked and gradually, hear them give an outrageous figure of numbers to fix it.!


    Where Do i start from? What do you think?

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    Update to my comment from March 3, 2013


    After buying the cheap $7 adapter from Suntekstore, I emailed Moshi about my broken adapter.  They asked me to mail it in and they'd send me a new one.  I just received it (took about 6 weeks).  Note that I purchased the original adapter 2 years ago and they still replaced it for free.  This new adapter works fine now.

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    I was having the same problem, no detection of connected HDMI display on a Macbook Pro Late 2011 17".


    It was the adapter. I then got the iWires MiniDP to HDMI adapter, and it worked plug 'n play with no configuration or messing around needed. Rather buy the adapters specifically supported by Apple, otherwise it really is hit and miss.


    Here are the supported adapters:


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    I am having a smiliar problem. I just bought a new tv and have had my macbook pro for about 6 months. I updated all my software and bought a Belkin Mini Display Port to HDMI. My macbook isn't even recognizing the Thunderbolt is there. I was on the phone with apple support and they told me to buy a new cable. This was brand new out of the box. I reset my computer when it was starting and still no luck. Can anyone help?

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    I have a 2010 Macbook pro 13" Im running the lates IOS and i have a mini display port adapter to hdmi. the Cable worked fine for several weeks and then one day last week stopped working. TV says no signal and the macbook turns blue for a sec and mirroring display icon doesn't appear on the screen. i checked preferences and mirroring display is checked. So the set up worked fine for awile how would getting another adapter help?

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    i think getting a new cable should definitely work, as it seems to a cable burn out issue. and this time instead of adaptor get a cheap mdp male to hdmi male cable. links to buy are there in my earlier posts

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    If you read this entire thread you will see that this "malfunction" happens with new cables, old cables, borrowed and blue cables... cables that ceased to work on my iMac worked just fine on other computers.. it AIN'T ABOUT THE CABLE.

    By all means, get another one.. cheap or expensive it won't make any difference... it will/might/won't work for a while and then, without any explanation or change in circumstances, the blue screen/no input signal and sudden lack of mirroring will appear, like a He11s's demon to upset the applecart.


    I'm beginning to feel like several posters in this thread are getting a commission on these darn cables.

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    Try to "push up" the cable head at the point of the port of your Mac by proping it up with some object. I had the exact same problem and in this thread someone suggested it; it worked for me.

    It is not a very elegant solution, (I am proping it up by placing the remote under the head of the cable just where it is attached) but it has been working at least.

    I will go back to the local Apple Store here in Amsterdam with the cable I bought there to complain when I have the time, but in the meantime, I can use the big screen.

    I hope this helps.

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    hold up there, i havent seen any one having problems with the mini display to hdmi cables. am i wrong?

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    yeah - sorry to disappoint but I had that same problem with the mini/HDMI adaptor cables. They ALL work for a while.. sometimes an hour, sometimes a month or two - no rhyme, no reason...

    I CAN, however, shed a small glint of light which may or may not be fitting in this thread.


    After a number of years, with removing and replacing about the same number of times as the mini display jack, my headphone socket is now "loose" and consequently - if I only move it a minute amount, the sound goes in and out until I get it "settled" again.

    And both of these systems depend on the same circuit boards.. If I had to bet actual money, I'd bet that we are dealing with simple "planned obsolescence" - a marketting and sales process learned from 50s/60s auto manufacturers.

    I have a friend who is gonna take my iMac apart and solder in an external jack for the headphone, direct to the board and that should at least fix THAT problem.

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    I had all the problems before i got the cable, its been fine now since september. So im sorry to hear that it didnt work for you. I am using the NEET cable.


    As for your headphone socket, get a bluetooth speaker mate!


    As you are basically saying, Apple are doing dodgy stuff here. It is completely uncessary.

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    a bluetooth speaker leaves me relying on the mac amplification system - the jack lets me run it through my own amp into my own speakers.. why should I have to jump through hoops to get the thing to work properly?

    Anyway - I'm GONNA get it fixed.

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    Hey All! This could be a possible fix to some of your problems.


    I have a 13in MBP running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. 40" Sony Bravia connected with HDMI through the rocketfish minidisplay port adapter. Everything has been working fine up until a few nights ago and it suddenly stopped working. When I connected the adapter, the laptop screen would flash blue like it should but return to the normal desktop and not display anything. Last time this happened it was the adapter. Naturally when the issue happened days ago I got a new adapter. Still nothing, just a flash of blue. I tried a different cable to no avail. Funny thing is no matter what hdmi cable I used I could plug into another tv and it would work. So I knew it wasn't the adapter or the cable or the Macbook. I tried all the resets (PRAM and SMC) but still no response from my tv. Obviously I couldn't do anything with the arrangements tab or whatever cause it wasn't being recognized.


    Here's what I did:


    Kept all cables connected and TV already set to HDMI 2 (which is what I use).

    Turn the TV off then UNPLUG IT.

    Let it sit UNplugged for 15 or so seconds (basically power cycling the tv)

    Plug the TV back in and turn it on. The laptop screen flashes blue a couple times until the TV comes all the way on then both will flash blue and it works again!


    Not sure if keeping the cables connected during the process helped but it worked.

    So if you know your cables, etc are fine and you've tried all the other stuff. Try this very simple process. It might work for you too.

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