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I use the iphone 3GS and have the Pioneer DEH-P7000BT car stereo. I have loved them both. BUT - since the 3.0 firmware update on my iphone, i am having garble interference when using my iphone with bluetooth through the DEH-P7000BT. Never had the problem before 3.0 and the 3.1.2 update has not helped.

Anyone have any advice?

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    Thank God I'm not crazy! I have the identical problem same stereo in car, same garbled speech on bothends of the conversation. You didn't mention it, but mine is cyclical - comes in about every 45 seconds or so, lasts from 10-25 seconds, then clear again. The connection with my first gen iPhone was crystal clear - a joy to use.

    I spent an hour at my local Genius bar this weekend and am no closer to a solution, even after they swapped me for a refurbished phone. If anything it's worst. My best? Apple will have to first acknowledge there's a problem (no go on that yet) then fix it with a software update and who knows how long that will take. I

    FYI I alsoemailed Pioneer to see if there is any firmware updates for the deck. I' e certainly not seen any on their site, but other than a confirmation email I haven't heard back.
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    Hopefully I can add some information to this for troubleshooting. I am having the same problem with my iphone (3gs 3.1.2) and a pioneer deck (deh-p7000bt) I originally connected my iphone (3g 2.1.1) and it worked great all the way through all the firmware updates to 3.1.2, but i purchased a new 3gs last week and have been struggling with this. I called apple support and they swapped out my phone for another, but no joy. I just today reconnected my old iphone, after having already deleted it from the deck in the car, and noticed the exact same problem. It seems to be a echo cancellation glitch, so I tried setting echo cancellation to low on the deck, but can't find any controls for bluetooth echo cancellation on the phone itself. My next troubleshooting step will be to load 2.1.1 firmware onto the new 3gs iphone and see if the connection is clear again. If that doesn't work, I will try the same thing on my phone, and see if I can get back to good.
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    I have issues as well with my pioneer and bluetooth. when I am playing the iphone 3gs 3.1.2 with the ipod connected as soon as the bluetooth engages the two units, my sound goes mute. The only way around it is to unplug and re-plug in the phone to my pioneer stereo. Frustrating because my iphone worked flawlessly with the 3.0 and my pioneer system and bluetooth. Note I tired the same with a friedns's alpine car sys and bluetooth and the same symptoms developed. So it's definately something that is interfering within Iphone's bluetooth/ipod. Any fixes for this from Apple would be greatly appreciated!
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    we are experiencing the exact same symptoms. from my searches, it sounds as if Pioneer will not help because they claim that the deck is not iphone compatible (even though it worked great before the last firmware update). I'm afraid that the problem is not big enough to get apple's attention. I don't know what else to try? Let me know if you come up with any other leads.
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    I heard back from Pioneer: no updates and they can't say why it's occurng, other than they're sure it's the phone. Makee sense when you think about theold firmware working. Glad to see the Alpine comment too. Maybe if we keep after this Apple WILL do something about it.
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    I am glad I found this thread. I just got my iPhone 3GS about a month ago and was having the exact same trouble in my car as everyone else in the thread. When using the bluetooth on my Pioneer deck I get about a minute of clear talk and then 15-30 secs of garbled voices, repeating over and over again. Anyway I will contact Apple and add my voice to those complaining so that whatever the conflict is will hopefully be corrected in the next OS version.
  • Bulkington Level 1 (10 points)
    Can anyone tell me how to contact Apple and "add my voice" to the complaints? I seem to be missing any practical way to do that on the website. The Genius Bar told me to post messages to them but they didn't say how.
  • Bulkington Level 1 (10 points)
    Just an FYI: I didn't get the "not compatible" claim from Pioneer. They seemed to really want to help but were convinced that it's a firmware issue, and not a problem with the deck. Based on my previous great connection (older iPhone), I'm inclined to agree.
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    I am having a similar problem and have been posting ALL over the internet. I have a 2003 cl55 AMG Mercedes with bluetooth. With my iPhone on the Fido network when the car is off I can have a normal conversation, as soon as I turn the car on, for the person on the other end, there is a constant loud buzzing in the background. I ruled out the car as the problem, because i tried with my cousins CDMA Samsung phone and it sounded crystal clear. I have tried this with my 3Gs and my wifes 3g, they both sound terrible. APPLE PLEASE ADDRESS THIS!!!
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    Talked to apple technical support today on the phone, it is a "known" issue, and the engineers are looking into it. They dont know if it is hardware or firmware related yet. The lady i spoke to also said that she has heard this with MANY electronic devices interfering with the iphone. It has something to do with the frequency that the iphone is using... THIS ***** APPLE!
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    Send feedback to Apple about the iPhone via this link:

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    Wow am I glad to see that someone other then me has been struggling with this issue! I have a Pioneer DEH-P7000BT and an Iphone 3GS running 3.1.2. I have also been experiencing this garbled bluetooth issue ever since the Iphone 3.1.2 OS update. It was working brilliantly in 3.0. I should mention this problem only happens when I attempt to use the bluetooth feature when dialing/receiving calls. This issue DOES NOT happen when I stream music from the Iphone via bluetooh!

    Here's the troubleshooting steps I've done, if anyone is interested:
    -Resetting the Pioneer head unit.
    -Resetting the iphone "back to factory" settings
    -Bluetooth works perfectly fine over my jabra headset (oddly no garbling!)
    -I also tried pairing my iphone w/my girlfriends clarion head unit and attempted to make a call in this configuration. It works perfectly fine!
    -Additionally I paired a blackberry storm with my pioneer head unit and it makes crystal clear calls all day long.

    So there is obviously a bluetooth conflict with the pioneer head unit and the iphone!

    Right now I am looking into ditching the Pioneer head unit. Hopefully Apple and/or Pioneer will release some type of update to fix this issue!
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    I've just finiahed an install of the Pioneer Premier FH-P800BT CD/radio head unit in my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser and right off the bat on my first 4 calls this garbled/break up of the bluetooth is happening to me also. This unit has parrot bluetooth built-in. So I called Parrot they said its a Pioneer issue and they dont support the unit due to their Pioneer agreement, * ? Then I called Pioneer support and they said unpair and repair the iPhone and the HU see if that helps. NOPE, so i googled the issue and found these blog comments confirming that its an Apple & Pioneer/Parrot issue happening since the 3.0-3.1.2 firmware updates. This *** cause I bought this dang unit cause my Alpine EX-10 started having issues and I returned it ;-( Seems like it was'nt that units prob either but an iPhone bluetooth software issue ;-(
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    I will add to this and say I think it is the phone. I use a Jabra BT3030 and have interference with the iPhone but not with other Bluetooth devices when using the BT3030. Although, I will say it tends to happen mostly when using the telephone and not the iPod feature. (Mine's a 3G)
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