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    Ok, here's what you can do to try and fix a Magic Mouse that doesn't work properly with Snow Leopard. These instructions are a compilation of information from several sources, including this forum and Apple's customer care.

    If these tricks don't do the trick for you, there's currently no other solution left but to re-install OS X. This is what you'll hear from Apple's phone service too. But don't take those disks out just yet: these instructions may help you.

    If your Magic Mouse isn't working with Snow Leopard, here's what you can try to fix the problem:

    : First un-pair your MM and your Mac, turn the mouse off, and work with some other mouse during these steps.

    : If you've got USB Overdrive, Microsoft Keyboard or Logitech Control Center installed, remove them. Also check there's nothing related to these programs left at Login Items (see System Preferences => Accounts). If you know how to, make sure there is nothing left of these programs anywhere in global and/or personal Libraries, and that no processes related to them is running. Finally reboot.

    : Install the OS X 10.6.2 update -- even if you've already installed it, either through Software Update or manually. After installing, reboot. You can download the update here: l

    : Install the Wireless Mouse Software Update for Snow Leopard, and reboot. (I know, it's all too windowish...) The update is available here:

    : Turn your Magic Mouse on, and go to System Preferences => Mouse. (You did reboot after installing the software update, didn't you?) If Bluetooth isn't turned on, do that. If your mouse isn't detected, turn it off and back on. When your mouse is found, click Continue.

    If you were lucky, your Magic Mouse is now detected and working in all of it's glory. If so, good for you! For me, this didn't help: I've had both USB Overdrive and Logitech Control Center installed on my MacBook, and even though there seems to be no trace left of them and I've taken the above steps several times, my fancy new MM is still as good (if not worse) than a dull 2-button rat. I think I'll end up re-installing OS X, since I already waited several weeks for my mouse to arrive, and don't think I have the patience to wait for who knows how long for Apple to fix this.

    Just have to think of it as a fresh start I guess. =I


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    Hey guys, sorry but this is a basic beginner question, by reading most of the other posts here. I just can't seem to figure something out...

    I've got the new Magic Mouse, it's just the downloading part thats got me. I download the Mouse Software, but then tells me I need to have Os X 10.6.1 to work, then I read here that I actually need the 10.6.2, so I download that(6 hours), then it tells me that I need OS X 10.6 in order to work, and I can't seem to find it on this site?, or is it something I need to purchase?(I currently have 10.5.8)

    Any help much appreciated
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    10.5.8 is Leopard. 10.6.X is Snow Leopard, so the answer would be yes, you need to purchase Snow Leopard.
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    Thankyou so much:)
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    I had to create an account just to express my relief that this is now working, i had usb overdrive installed, i removed it from the preferences pane, still didn't work. i reinstalled usb o/d and uninstalled it with the uninstaller and hallelujah it works. i can understand your grief though if it still isn't working, persistence though.
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    Hi to everyone!
    I'm a new man in Mac world =) But i'm really enjoy!

    Unfortunately i have a problem. Just bought a magic mouse, tried to connect it with my Mac Book (classic white mac 15' something like an year old) and finder stop working! I can see a scroll with mouse or touch pad, i can zoom but can't close any window and push any button... What should i do?

    Current system is Mac OS 10 6 3
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    Alot of people have had this problem for a very long time, so heres my fix:

    1) Go into you system drive and then head into the system folder. From there you should see 'extensions'. Click into that and you need to find 'AppleBluetoothMultitouch.kext' and 'AppleMultitouchDriver.kext'. Delete these two (you may have to change folder permissons) and then restart your computer.
    then head over to apple ( areupdate10forsnowleopard.html) and install the magic mouse update. your computer should restart and everything should work
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