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  • dehlers Level 1 Level 1
    Bought the only 27" that was available at Best Buy, it was an open box return, paid $1480. Got it home everything was wrapped as new, no signs of use, until I booted it, where the guy who owned it for a day set his password. I reloaded the machine. Mine is a week 40 build, no flickering yet, NO dead pixels. Loaded the gray bar test page, had my wife look, she could not tell the difference between the upper and lower gray bars. I thought that I could see a very little difference in the lower bar, but NOW I WAS LOOKING FOR IT. It does not look like someone pee'd on my screen or anything. There is a very faint shadow line that I can see about 1 inch from the bottom of the screen that goes all the way horozontaly, but only on all white or all turquise blue screens, as I say - EVER SO SLIGHT, not noticeable in applications. Not enough bugging me here to return it. I am leaving PC life by the way...
  • dehlers Level 1 Level 1
    BTW, I have not seen any other week 40 people in here with reports.
  • CTSxViper Level 1 Level 1
    Very nice dehlers, and you got a good deal to boot! Enjoy!! I am..
  • sirjoseph Level 1 Level 1
    First let me say that the Genius Bar and Apple store were awesome to work with. They swapped out my iMac even though I bought it from Best Buy. That being said, I fired up my new iMac and the yellow is still there. This time it is predominantly on the left side and seems to be concentrated in the lower left corner. I'm trying to live with it because the Apple store is an hour away and I'm getting tired of migrating over and over. But yellowish is like water dripping on your head, the more you try to ignore it the more pronounced it becomes. Man, this is disappointing.
  • Mattias_N Level 1 Level 1
    I received my iMac 21.5" (week 46) last Thursday and there are a difference in the shade of light colors between the upper and the lower part of the screen.

    when I look at a white or light colored background (like this web page for example), the top part of the screen is clear bright white, but from about half the screen and the further down you look the white color gets less bright and slightly yellow/dirty. Not like it's completely yellow at the bottom, but it's like a quite new sweat stain under the armpit of an old white t-shirt (that someone has described it).

    Further, I can't see any difference between the left and the right part of the screen. Also, it's possible to make the yellow shade at the bottom a little bit more "neutral" by changing the angle you look at it, but just to some extent.

    The issue did not bother me at first since I thought it should be more visible and since it's not visible at all when looking at colorful backgrounds like photos. But... The last days I have begin to notice that I mostly look at white background web pages and Finder windows, the issue is getting more and more ittitating. So now I have started thinking about if I should return it or not.

    I guess that it sounds a little strange, but I think that I should have accepted the yellow shade more if Apple would officially say that color variations is a thing that iMac LED users have to accept, that it's a downside of this new LED technology and that it is almost impossible to make 100% color consistency LED monitors.

    But at the moment the worst thing is that we don't nothing about it, I.E. if the issue is temporary and/or how much effort Apple or LG (or who's making the screens) puts into solving it in the current new iMac 21.5"/27" family. Who knows, maybe they have already found the root of the problem and fixed it. If this is the case, it would be great for the iMac buyers next year, but I guess that it won't help us who has already bought the first batches. This is my first Mac computer, so I don't know how this kind of first-batch-problems has been handled by Apple in the past?

    // Mattias
  • Tom Alexander Level 1 Level 1
    This is not an LED LCD panel issue. I also own the 24" LED LCD for the powerbook, no problems at all.
    It's a screen manufacturing problem. There are perfect working displays out there but they are the first models.
  • Mattias_N Level 1 Level 1
    You're right that it does not seem like a general LED LCD panel issue, but it's certainly an issue with a large amount of iMac Q4/09 LED LCD panels.

    The core thing of my long post was that I would like Apple to acknowledge that the issue exist and if they have found or will work on finding a fix. As a new Mac user I am also curious how Apple has treated similar issues in the past, i.e. is it likely that they repair the screen for us existing first-batch-Q4/09-iMac users if:

    [1] They admit the screen issue
    [2] They don't admit the issue, but fix it (in silence) in the production of new iMac 21.5" and 27" units?

    I'm unsure if I should return the iMac and get a refund or keep it. And it would certainly feel safer to decide to keep it (and save Apple some return shipping and admin costs) if I get an idea that Apple may fix this issue also for existing buyers like me.

    // Mattias
  • ECCM Level 1 Level 1
    OK Folks, it looks like we all share the same basic dilemmas - so have summarised my position if it helps.

    I have spoken with Apple Tech and Customer Support (level 1 and 2) at length. They were extremely courteous and patient, but have clearly stated that there is not a recognised manufacturing issue and their feeling is that it is dust behind the screen. As we all know, it is not dust.

    It is my personal experience that the yellow tinge is getting worse and I suspect would justify a fix or exchange under warranty further down the line - but it is certainly not a given and you are into a subjectivity scenario.

    So sadly, if one is inside the 14 day return period, then an exchange is the only 100% guaranteed route to resolution. I have opted for this and if the next machine has the same or any other issue I will cancel my order until this and other forums generally report that quality is up to standard. Shame and a hassle, but for a £2k plus investment - common sense.
  • wesleyh84 Level 1 Level 1
    I don't understand how this could not be a known issue for them. If it really isn't, we should make it one.. by tweeting, blogging and bringing attention to this issue.
  • Oso Grande Level 1 Level 1
    I think I read somewhere that all LCDs have this (something to do with white LEDs vs. RGB), and it's more profound as the screens get larger.

    For instance... I have a 20" iMac (Aug. '08) and at times I think there is a yellow-ish tinge to it but it's not noticeable enough for me to worry about it.

    Also, has anyone tried calibrating their screen? Maybe that would help.
  • Schwa72 Level 1 Level 1
    An overall yellow tint would easily be fixable by calibrating the monitor. What we're talking about is a yellow gradient -- the display is noticeably more yellow in one area of the screen than another. It's very distracting and calibrating the monitor certainly won't fix it. Plus, since I've personally seen monitors without a noticeable yellow gradient, I think isn't necessarily an inherent characteristic of this technology.

    And bluebermuda's insistence that this issue is somehow related to white versus RGB backlighting is a bunch of hooey. The only type of backlight problem that would cause what we're seeing is if some of the LEDs in the backlight were actually a different color than others. I think that's very, very unlikely. This is almost certainly a panel-related issue.
  • ECCM Level 1 Level 1
    Some broad issue data and useful test apps reported here:

    Also seems to be some potential indication that Apple are getting onto the problems:

    Fingers crossed all round.
  • zburkett Level 1 Level 1
    An update from my end since I've been following this from the beginning (and have been experiencing the yellowing issue myself):

    I finally got around to speaking with an Apple rep (after scheduling a call online through Apple Expert) this afternoon and was transferred to a senior level customer service rep that was very friendly and helpful. He nearly immediately offered to swap my machine out for a new one, even though the computer is well past the magical 14 day exchange date. I'm supposed to be hearing from Apple again tomorrow to make shipping arrangements.

    Now for the speculation part: I was really surprised that they offered to exchange the computer for a new one without even seeing the problem with their very own eyes. It seems to me that Apple has (privately) acknowledged that this issue is pretty widespread and is offering replacements immediately in something of a pseudo-recall.

    Anyway, I was quite pleased with the service received today. I suppose if you're resigned to going through the shipping back-and-forth hassle and manage to be polite when on the phone with support reps, they'll be good to you in return. I'll post an update when I get my next machine (that, hopefully, doesn't have the same problem). Has anybody with these issues that has already sent a computer back received a replacement that is lacking the yellowing issue?
  • TB-he-he-he Level 1 Level 1
    Here is what I have seen:

    I got my i7 on 11/23/09. No flickering or such.

    I noticed the yellow tinge almost right away but also noticed that when you tilt the monitor up, the yellow tinge goes away. It seems to be an issue with the angle at which you view the screen. This is a "viewable angle" issue, probably made worse by the gloss/glass panel.

    I am keeping my computer as of now-it's the best one I've ever had.
  • Randy Pozzi Level 2 Level 2
    My i7 is a week 46 unit. It was delivered on Friday the 13th. It has one wayward stuck blue/green pixel in the center. No cracked screen, flashes, warps, hums nada.

    Up until yesterday after reading this forum post, I saw no yellow near the bottom of my screen. If you look hard and really believe you see yellowing, then I guess you'll believe it's there. If enough people say there is yellow, you'll believe there is yellow. The only tinge I see on my screen is because I have the brightness set on half. If you turn the brightness up to full and wear sunglasses, there is no yellow. Maybe these screens came from Area 51.

    I'm not selling out my i7 because if I do, the next one will be someone else's reject worse than mine. My iMac is no different than the 24" one I sold. It's performance is superb. I'm keeping it because, repeating as one previous poster said, it's the best iMac I ever had.

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