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  • pug1334 Level 1 (20 points)
    Bad idea. I would never expose the computer to that kind of moisture/humidity.
  • Switch900 Level 2 (215 points)
    listen just go to the apple store why not pack it up and take it there see if it is ia finger print, if not then have them replace the entire machine, but I rather take it to the store not for nothing.
  • renzopanta Level 1 (0 points)
    i did not buy it at the Apple store.

    Bought it on www.FNACit, a french online store.

    I have already talked to their customer support, and I can either have it replaced or have my money back within the first 10 days.

    However, if i get a new one, and that one is flawed too, then I do not get extra 10 days. That would be the machine i have to keep.

    In that case I would say goodbye to the iMac. Or at least this model.

    Is the man mini so bad considering my needs (browsing the web and writing emails, downloading and managing music, plus some occasional photo editing)?
  • andraki Level 1 (0 points)
    The mac mini will be perfect for all the things you want to do!

    Be warned though, If you want the better spec mini + magic mouse + keyboard + nice monitor, it's cheaper to get an imac, and better value....
  • Switch900 Level 2 (215 points)
    **** really then you could go to paris or call apple care, call apple support in France they could help you with this, I know in Spain they would look for an apple certified tech, and since you live in France they have apple stores in France.

    It all depends if you want to go that far to get the monitor fix, I know for sure you have 15 days with apple care and they could find you a good apple certified technicians.
  • iTech23 Level 1 (30 points)
    Hi There,
    I got my second iMac 27 I7 four days ago from California and it's in perfect condition, zero issues.
    No Yellow tinge.
    Now I can finally say that is the best machine I have.
  • pug1334 Level 1 (20 points)
    Hey, Congrats!!! My replacement iMac is being built in China and shipping in a few days so I am remaining optimistic.

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  • renzopanta Level 1 (0 points)
    I actually live in Rome.

    Just talked to a guy from Apple Care, as I would like to decide whether I should have the screen replaced or if I should simply ask for a refund.

    he said that "normally" the screen replacement solves the situation.
    He gave me a 90% probability of success...
    And said that Apple would still grant me as many replacements as they are necessary..

    Not sure how convinced i am to keep this one.
    The only reason why I would is that everything else is perfect (silent, working isight...) and most importantly that I got a 10% discount on it...
  • enlitenment Level 1 (0 points)
    I recently received my week 10 27" iMac and had been reading this and other threads regarding quality for months. It seemed that most issues had now been solved so I ordered mine online. It arrived quickly and in good shape. It is in all respects working beautifully - fast, silent, isight perfect, everything I could want. However, there is a distinct yellow tint to the screen in the lower third slightly stronger on the right hand lower corner.

    Having read all of the comments above it really looks like getting a replacement is less than 90% likely to deliver an improvement and possibly it will make things worse. I'm keeping a very close eye on the tint problem to see if it gets any worse but at the moment I'm tempted to do what so many others seem to be advocating - waiting until a definite fix is apparent and hoping it falls within the three years of my applecare cover.

    I've used Macs since 1993 it is really disappointing to hear about their recent quality issues and responses to them. They should be taking a long hard look at their suppliers as the sorts of responses seen on these discussion boards are doing their brand a lot of harm. These iMacs are not cheap and the quality should really reflect that price tag. I'd like to upgrade to the Mac Pro but as the problem seems to be with the displays I can't see that it would help.

    Overall it just seems weird that I should be kind of relieved that 'all' that is wrong with my iMac is the display...
  • Futon Level 1 (0 points)
    Yep I've got a week 12 here, seriously it was assmebled only a few day before I got i last weekt. Also has a tinge to the screen still so no dice yet, but not as bad as the earlier one i got refunded on (built mid feb)

    Rang applecare and i said I'm not bothering with a refund becuse I could get a worse screen by all reports. They said fine, and I've got 12 month warranty, so if the screen issue is fixed across the board I can get a repair later on - not an exchange though.

    I wasnt sure about this so confirmed it with friendly applecare guy twice, and he said for sure if I have issues in 12 months even though I know of it now, later on I can get a repair if its found to be defective. (which is might not even be - because its still a slight difference nowhere near what other people have shown)

    Maybe this mean they are getting better, but I doubt it until I see more proof. Myself I'm not risking getting a worse screen, even though I clearly see the problem. Heres hoping there is a fix I'm eligible for under warranty soon.
  • sgrecco Level 1 (0 points)
    --> Overall it just seems weird that I should be kind of relieved that 'all' that is wrong with my iMac is the display... <--

    I understand you completely! My 27" iMac (week 10) arrived last wednesday and I must say that I was very emotional while unpacking it. It is my first Mac and I've been "dating" it since november. I bought from Apple Store (Brazil) Online.

    I must say it is (almost) perfect. It looks VERY VERY pretty. It is a masterpiece. Really dead-quiet (it means I can sleep with it in the room, which for me is a miracle).

    Everything is working fine: silent HD; no DVD drive that scratches discs; perfect wi-fi connection, perfect IR port; perfect bluetooth access.

    HOWEVER, my screen is a bit yellow too, in the same region as everyone else's. But no one can notice it, and I can only notice it with the gray bar and taking the picture of it. It doesn't distort movies or pictures. Ohhh and there is one dead pixel.

    I think I am keeping it, if it doesn't get worse, because these two problems are not bugging me and I really love that machine. I will wait a little bit more (I have a year to call for assistance)... Apple will probably make a big announcement about it; or even a recall. At this point there is NO solution - just this irrational race for swapping machines and getting another one with same or worse problems.

    I just hope that the dead pixel doesn't reproduce itself.

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  • sgrecco Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, Futon.

    I am a newbie, so I am not sure of that (and someone can correct me if I am wrong): but it seems that when Apple makes a recall (Repair Extension Program), there is a period of time of 3 years in which the computer presenting that specific problem can be fixed (even if the warranty was outdated).

    So is there hope for us?
  • Futon Level 1 (0 points)
    Yeah that 3 year period is more for something that is a catostrophic failure. I doubt that they would do a full recall for this screen issue. It doesnt stop you from using the machine, where as that mac book problem you linked would.

    Even so, if this doesnt get fixed in 3 years time I would be surpirsed, dissapointed and would have moved on by then for sure. We would be living on mars with holographic displays by then :P

    As long as they come up with a solution within the warranty period of your mac, applecare said we are ok to get a repair. Thats what I'm hoping for. That, or if I drink enough scotch the tinge just seems to fade awwwwaaayyyy....

  • iwan negro Level 1 (100 points)
    i also telephoned apple support after my first week 10 imac had a very strong yellow screen. eventhough they couldn't guarantee a neutral screen color i ordered a replacement. unfortunately the week 12 replacement also had a yellow screen but it is far better than the first one. it still wasn't acceptable to me so they will now refund my order.

    apple support was quite nice and very quick at helping out. at least their support is good even if the imac isn't.
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    This thread is being locked as it is getting very long and causing some browsers to time out. The thread is continued in [Yellow tinge from bottom to top of the screen, 27" iMac (continued)|]

    Thank you,

    Jeff D.
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