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  • autigers1970 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My batteries last a couple of weeks in each now.  I bought an 8-pack of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables and just switch them out as needed.  Yeah, I'd love for them to last longer, but it's not that big a deal anymore.  I normally switch off the mouse at night or during the day while I'm at work and I hit Control-Option-(Eject) key to put the Mac to sleep at the same time.

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    Mine last less than a day now! I have literally just put a brand new set of batteries into my magic mouse, as I put them in they said 50% life remaining! I then did a software update, checked again (about 20 minutes later) and they say 36% remaining!


    My keyboard batteries are now at 11% after new batteries went in yesterday... this is really nuts. Only noticed after upgrading to snow leopard. Not even remotely amused. Sort it out Apple

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    I have now stopped using the magic mouse and only use a plug in mouse.  I have done this now for several weeks and the battery life of my keyboard is still 100%.  As soon as you switch on the magic mouse it awakes the keyboard and then the batteries start to run down immediately.  Try using just an ordinary plug in mouse and you will find that the keyboard batteries last forever.  Sounds ridiculous, but it works.  Using the magic mouse is not worth the hassle.  I agree that Apple should sort this out, but apparently not interested.

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    One Possible EXPLANATION For Apple Wireless Keyboards Or Mice GOING THROUGH BATTERIES In A Matter Of Weeks is as follows:


    When you shut down or sleep your Mac, if there is a second Mac running at some distance away (up to 100 meters distance), and this distant Mac has bluetooth switched on, and was, for some reason, previously been paired with your wireless keyboard or mouse, then I believe the keyboard or mouse will try to link to the distant Mac after you have shut down the local Mac, using all its available transmission power to overcome the distance, and thereby wearing down the batteries.


    This happened to me. I have two Macs in the house, and paired my new wireless keyboard with both computers, just so that I could use this keyboard with either Mac.


    But when I shut down the Mac I was using, without me realizing, my wireless keyboard that I had in front of me would then link up to my other distant Mac (which was usually always running), located at the other side of my house, and in doing so, my wireless keyboard would wear out its batteries in weeks from the power drain due to long distance transmission and reception.


    Whether this battery draining from long distance transmission and reception can also occur when the wireless keyboard or mouse has not been paired with the distant Mac, I am not sure. It's conceivable that in the bluetooth polling mode, where the distant computer is trying to link up to the wireless keyboard or mouse, there could also be substantial power draining from long distance transmission and reception (especially if bluetooth is set to discoverable).


    Someone may want to test this: seeing if bluetooth polling over distance can drain power. Who knows, it may be that your neighbor has a Mac, and so when you switch off your computer, your wireless keyboard or mouse spends all night trying to link to your neighbor's Mac.

  • assembler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, that is highly probable. And since there is an obvious bug in apple's firmware for bluetooth devices, not only they will try to connect to "already paired" devices, but to any device with bluetooth on (e.g. iPhone). I've turned off bluetooth on my iPhone and batterries are now running a bit longer (was up to 2 days before, now its up to 1 week for both mouse and keyboard).


    Since many reported that this only happened when they have upgraded to Snow Leopard, I've just upgraded yesterday to Lion with hope that this issue will go away. I'm not too optimistic though..

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    Yes, that's a good point, Assembler: as well as trying to link to other Macs, it might be iPhones (or other cell phones) with bluetooth turned on that the Apple wireless keyboards/mice try to link to, thus constantly draining the keyboard/mouse's power.

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    Does anyone know if there is a gadget available that will turn my wireless keyboard into wired one? Some kind of power adapter or something like that. I dont mind seeing additional cable on my desk if im not going to recharge batteries on daily basis no more..

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    I have the same problem. Schmucks!



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    Same problem - I noticed there are ten correct answers, but this is the first time I have used this forum and for some illogical reason there is no link to those answers.


    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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    Don't bother browsing, because there is apparently NO solution to this problem. Apple just continues its user policy: "when something goes really bad, just shut your eyes and pray it will vanish". Its really a shame!

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    I've seen the same issue in two 2011 iMacs with aluminium keyboard and magic mouse. Has someone experienced similar issues while using aluminium keyboard + magic trackpad instead? If it's an Apple bluetooth problem, trackpad batteries should be draining too, I suppose.

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    Just bought a new iMac 2 months ago, with lion on it. The wireless aluminum keyboard drains off its battery life 3 times in less than 1 month, and I was using the machine only once or twice every week. I checked with Apple. They replaced my keyboard with another one, same model. Same thing happened! I didn't use the Mac for 1 week. When I turn it on again, the keyboard battery is already dead. The wireless mouse is fine. It started at 82% when I bought the iMac. It is still 81% after over 1 month. Look like the problem is with bluetooth, which causes the keyboard to keep working even when the iMac is off. 

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    Welcome to the club

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    Have my first iMac too after a sequence of ipods and an iPad. Have had it 3 weeks now. It too came with Lion installed. Turned to the mouse threads as suddenly started having connectivity problems this evening. That aside I thought I'd just add to this discussion. The keyboard is still showing 100% battery and I had to change the mouse batteries once (last Sunday). The Mac is getting mega heavy usage from my two gamer sons. Between them and me it's on for hours a day, everyday! Bluetooth has always been switched off. I love the wireless mouse (esp liked by my lefthanded son) but not sure it's worth the aggravation when the connectivity is unreliable.

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    Same problem here.

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