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    Thanks for yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    Sorry I just switched to a prehistoric B&W Mac keyboard USB mk1 if I recall ,

    I cant even type anymore on the BT KB .


    Apples BT drivers have always been laggy and U/S  Esp for 3rd party mouses such as logitech -

    that mostly work fine on windows xp smooth and with no lag. Are totally flakes on Mac OSX since year 1.


    The apple gear has always had bad range - but this is new or old for some with the bat issues .


    Im arranging a support call back , I want both my devices repalced and im not going to a store to do so..


    But you think it still wont fix the issue?

    I blame the drivers, but its never been this bad - I cant live with this it is totally broke to do any work at all.



    I cant see it being the BT card in the Macpro , as so many other macs are affected as I read.

    I have a Mac mini with same issues .




    Is your system up and running now? , did you get your data / user back?

    I have been working apple support "non apple company" for 5 years and using macs for 20 years, be careful before doing anything with that HD if your still stuck.

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    Oh, yes, I do understand the keyboard issue evident in "dreaded stuck return key" comment.  Must say again, though, I started with Apple in the late 80's and cannot begin to understand any pc.  Dedicated Apple user--even when SOSAPPLE told me it was time to put the old, first computer on the curb with the trash and buy a new one.


    Unknown.jpeg  Miss that old computer.  Kids learned to type by age 6 because of this Apple and Mavis Beacon.  There was no internet, but there was Oregon Trail.


    If still under warranty, I would never screw around with anything.  I would backup on external HD AND burn cds of everything asap.  Then, call Apple.    Yes--beginning to doubt my faith in the replacement keyboard and mouse.  Working wonderfully now, but if it gets wonky again, I'd schedule a call with Apple rep and be fully prepared when the rep calls.    and patience.  Good luck.


    As for the "battery low" warning, I, ignore it until the mouse will not work, also.  Backup batteries at the ready, and good to go.  Don't give up.  You might be surprised how willing Apple will be to help resolve the problem.

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    07/12/2013 20:31:18.080 System Preferences[599]: [BluetoothHIDDevice][initWithHIDDevice] Unable to get Object ID from IORegistry



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    surprised - agreed,


    Total base handling  , goto be above plists script ,

    within timing for those routines - Lag , Timing methods.


    Pick any version of OSX , same BT issues - the bat monitor issue just another on top.


    Broke out the box,

    Low range with connection issues ,

    Laggy slow ,unexpected latching keys,

    Incorrect monitoring 


    Im hiring Teijo Kinnunen to fix this @.@.                         

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    Spent a bit of time on this :



    KB 87% 2.05 AM 8 Dec


    Safeboot , repair permissions twice , Check HD .



















    Turn on Firewall ,





    defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false



    Log out ,


    Login in .



    KB 87% 2.50 AM 8 Dec

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    as soon as the first connection drop came the bat level jumped down to 65%

    Bat lid off , bat lid on , the level is back twas before the first connection drop.


    So the monitor fault is directly related to range / the first connection drop , and subsequent.

    needs to delay the reporting / updating of the bat monitor to say every 60 seconds or to extend the last connected reference despite a connection drop in this set time.

    Some logic needs to be applied in the drivers or osx itself , beyond me from here.



    Still holding at 87%

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    Thanks guys for all your input! I was having the same issue with my iMac. Each time I would put the computer to sleep, followed by powering off my magic mouse, the machine would wake up again momentarily. This was not an issue if I kept the mouse on, which of course drains the battery. So I called Apple Care and here is what they recommend you do. Once you are done with your work, first put your mouse switch to the off position, then hold and release the power button on your machine to put it to sleep. You will significantly extend the mouse battery life. To get the computer out of sleep mode, simply switch the mouse back on or tap any key on your keyboard. Don't try this energy saving strategy with your keyboard though!!!!! Good luck and happy energy saving!

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    Len, I'm curious as to if your comments from Dec. 7 2013 were all just general instructions, or specifically terminal commands.


    It seems like:


    defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false


    is directly in the terminal, but does one need to do a sudo or will normal admin login do?


    thanks for your help and the hope you're giving me with this INSANELY frustrating problem.


    My keyboard batteries are low warning pops up every 5-20 seconds while I am typing on the apple wireless keyboard - even when I've just inserted fresh batteries, though it seemed to get better for a day when I switched to a higher, 2500 mAh rechargables. The batteries are still charged, according to meausurements with a battery tester.


    The keyboard has no problems when paired with my other devices (ipad/iphone), so it must be a software issue with ios X (I'm still running 10.6.6 on a 2010 macmini).


    I pray someone can help me with this issue, as the pop-up warning and susequent "here's how to change your keyboard's batteries help page" have to be the most useless and annoying "help" in the history of user design. I'm worried that even if I buy a new wireless keyboard the problem could come back, so I'll likely get a wired keyboard if need be.




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    Apple replaced my keyboard , took a bit .


    Issue resolved,


    I think software issue too , but perhaps even in the KB .

    I found Mavericks ESP at fault with it.


    Dono is the final awnser , grab a new Kb.


    Good luck. 

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    Have never had a problem for 3+ years - kb batteries used to last months. Now they last a day, two at the most. Nothing done to the iMac prior to the time the kb started eating batteries. Sounds like I need to see if Apple will fork over a new kb.

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    Quick update: I had a spare BT KB laying around so I paired it to the iMac and inserted the batteries that were being reported as low and requiring a change (iMac said they were at 3%). After inserting the same batteries and pairing the spare KB, the KB battery level is now reported as 100%.


    So the lesson is, it's the KB that's the issue - or at least in my case...

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    You can put them back in the same keyboard and get a similar result. they are not flat..


    Its something to do with the software monitor , possibly inside the keyboard itself.

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    Dear Bryan,


    I bought Apple wireless keyboard about three months ago. Original batteries lasted for more than a month in spite of my heavy use. I am an author. After original batteries exhausted, I replaced them with rechargeable compatible batteries. ****! those discharged in a day. I had charged them fully and batteries suppose to last at least a month. Then I checked with another pair of rechargeable batteries that gave about same result. After that, I again recharged batteries, this time, overnight. About 14 hours I kept those batteries for charging and it worked. Those batteries lasted for a month. I am not claiming that this shall work for all the keyboards but still it is worth a try I believe. I have an auto cutoff charger that stops charging batteries after they are fully charged.

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    My apple wireless keyboard and wireless mouse both eat up batteries!   I tried using rechargeable batteries, but they didn't last very long either.  Batteries only last about 2 weeks.  I've tried turning off my mouse and keyboard, but that doesn't help. In fact, the power button on the keyboard doesn't seem to have any function at all. I just replaced my keyboard a couple of months ago, and I still have the problem.  This is so infuriating! When I asked at the Apple store, they told me to buy a new keyboard.  Obviously that's not the problem since the new one was as bad as the old one.  I don't see any solutions to this in this discussion.  Is there a solution other than going back to a wired keyboard and mouse?

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    That ***** :/