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justgotamac Level 1 (0 points)
Hey apple. Just want to says thanks. I've spent endless dollars on your products over the years. I order a iMac i7 and wait like everybody else for "ships:november". I was scared I might have screen flickering like others but thanks to you, upon unboxing, I actually see nothing because this $2k paperweight doesn't even turn on.

Thanks for the great product. It's the last one I'll ever buy from you. Customer lost.

MacBook Pro 2.33GHZ, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,822 points)
    First, you're not addressing Apple here. We're all pretty much your fellow users here.

    Second, sorry this happened to you, but any electronic device can fail, and an electronic device is most likely to fail when it's new. It's especially irritating when your brand-new toy doesn't work, but that's the nature of the physics of solid-state electronics. In addition, shipping from China (where almost all electronic devices are built these days) can result in problems when something gets jarred loose, something which can happen even with the most careful packaging (some carriers are really rough with shipments; I've gotten packages from Dell that have had forklift blades driven through the box). If you plan to refuse to buy from every vendor from which receive, or might receive, a defective product, you might as well just plan on not buying anything every again. No matter how much any manufacturer tries, some portion of products will fail. If they didn't, we wouldn't need warranties.

    Call Apple. They may be able to help you sort out the problem, and if they can't will arrange a replacement or repair.
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    Yes, I realize this happens but it doesn't make it less frustrating. Anyways, I called and once they see I have shipped it back, they will ship a replacement. So I can wait...again.
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    Similar thing happened to me. The imac would chime, and appeared to boot, but the screen was completly dead.

    Its back a fedex, and now I wait again, until Dec 2nd it looks like.

    I wonder if DOA imacs is a big problem with these 27s. Given the weight and fragile nature, I bet they don't ship well.
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    ...Unfortunately, they don't "ship" once they have your FedEx return information. The only difference between your replacement and a new order is that your to-be-built iMac will have been prepaid.
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    Has anyone actually check the Memory slot at the bottom of the iMac. I seen in other posts that they might be loose during shipment. That could make the iMac not booting correctly at all.

    Three screws and just check might do the trick.
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    So I when I called Apple, they gave me a return label and I shipped it from FedEx the same day. The rep told me the replacement would ship as soon as they saw the returned imac initial scan from FedEx. Well that was Thursday and my replacement isn't even prepared for shipment and says it won't ship for 5-7 business days.

    I had asked the rep if I would need to wait more than a few days for the replacement to ship and was told Apple was putting a priority on replacement imacs. Guess she lied because I am now waiting in line for mine to ship just like I did with the original order. Estimated delivery is 2 weeks from now. Great.
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    No - you are just in line like everyone else. Got my IMac with the cracked screen issue. Apple has had the computer now for a week and a half and I am still waiting to go to "pending." It still lists Dec. 1 as the ship date for the I7.
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    Hi justgotmac:

    I was given the same information about replacements on Friday ... "It's already built ... will ship as soon as the FedEx return information is confirmed."

    Since then, have spent hours begging Apple to live up to the promise.

    All are "sorry" but tell me I was "misinformed"; indicate it has never been in the cards to move the replacements to front of the build line much less have them ready to ship. --MBM

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    I have to admit I am a little disappointed with the return process. Why tell us they will ship the replacement as soon as fedex scans it, if that clearly will not be what happens.

    Right now I can't even get Apple to confirm that my return is in their system after giving it to fedex a few days ago. (I think it is in Memphis now) It still just says the return is pending and I have until the 5th to return it. I can't get their phone system to let me talk to a person. Although the phone system says my imac is prepared for shipment, I can't tell if they mean the original imac or the new one. Plus the phone info doesn't match the web site.

    At least I got my new remote
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    Hi peon138,

    Definately sharing your frustration.

    I dropped my unit off at FedEx 3:30 p.m. (Arizona) on 20 Nov 2007; within hours of having rec'd that machine. Since then, I've been checking my "order status" Internet page systematically--still reports "not yet shipped."

    Highest levels of Apple's sales, support and customer relations staffs have said the "miscommunication" (replacement would ship upon FedEx return confirmation) is an isolated case. Based on comments posted to the discussions (some of which now seem to have been deleted), appear there have been many "isocated" cases, huh.

    My "case" has been taken over by a sales manager. I left message for him this date requesting the charge on my credit card be reversed. Seems to me that if Apple shouldn't profit from our "isolated" misfortunes. --MBM
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    Now if only that press would result in my order shipping out. Still not even "prepared for shipment."
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    I'm in a similar boat. Got in Monday the 16th. Would start up with no display. You could hear the start up program trying to run, but the display only brightened up a little. First call to Apple told me to take it to the Apple store the next day (even though it was a custom telephone order). They confirmed the DOA but said they couldn't help me return it. Back to the phone, took an hour to get connected to someone from corporate telephone orders ( I used a corporate discount). He promised RMA info within 24 hours. 48 hours later, no RMA information. Called back, went through a bit of a run around until I got back to the guy who said 24 hours, and he got the RMA sent. Also, told me my replacement would ship as soon as FedEx picked up my busted machine on Friday. Didn't happen. Just checked and the 2nd day RMA should deliver to Apple today in PA, but no indication that my replacement machine will ship anytime soon.

    I've been buying Mac's since the mid 80's and tons of other Apple equipment. Really disappointed in the slow response.
  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,822 points)
    It's possible that they're delaying shipments until they figure out what's causing the rash of DOAs and damaged screens. If you were to get another system that was dead or broken, I would imagine you'd be even more upset, and rightly so.

    Have you called Apple to ask about status?
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