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  • PhoffiFozz Level 1 (0 points)
    You can add me to this on 3 differen iPods, one is mine, one is my wife's and one is now my dad's... It's absolutely frustrating, somehow my Dad has since got past it and mine is working, but my wife's (which has been working fine for 3 years and suddenly isn't) is still screwed up.
  • PhoffiFozz Level 1 (0 points)
    My problem with your answer that all of our hard-drives are "failing" is that I got 3 brand new ones out of the box with the same issue and took them to the apple store and talked to their "geniuses" about it... They don't seem to think that is the issue (although they don't really seem to know what the issue is). And if there are so many BRAND NEW iPods with that bad of a problem, that really makes me wonder what kind of quality control does this company have?

    I'll accept that the old iPod has a failing hard-drive, but I can't accept that issue for the new ones. I'll be back at the apple store tomorrow again.
  • no_Legend Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Guy i got the same problem.
    The Ipod is only syncing about 11,5 GB everything else is no transfered.
    I got all the time the error message 50 or 69.
    My ipod i not used very often. Also the harddrive status is okay, which can be shown in the diagnostic modus is okay.
    Now i'm very confused.
    I like the stuff from apple but that is not acceptable.
    For me that will be my last apple device.
    An device which is only 3 Years old used not often is not working any more.

    Is there no body from apple how can give us a feedback what here is happening.
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    I have the 80gb classic, and it stops at around 1,900 songs every time. Of course just like the rest of you I have tried different USB ports, restored it, and everything else. I called Apple and what do you know? They said it was the hard drive. I can accept the fact that my hard drive is bad on the ipod, but what I cant accept is that THEY WONT FIX IT! I did not cause this problem, and neither did any of you. There only solution to the problem is, go to the nearest Apple store and get a hard drive... WHY? Why should I replace something that is their fault? Everyone seems to be having this problem, not just me.

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    Past 24hrs I've been like an anti-christ!
    I got this iPod Classic in Apr or May of 2008 and never had problem with it till yesterday.
    Its started when I wanted to listen to music, select genre and play all and nothing, it started to skip tracks.
    I connected the iPod to MacBook Pro and decided to restore, that worked fine till I did the normal procedures. It wouldn't synch past 1000th track, kept syncing but no luck. It freezes.
    Did research on the web for most of the day, went through the disk utilities verify the disk on iPod and repair.
    Repaired and it still isn't syncing all the way as I had 1656 tracks on iPod as few months back I got rid of 12000 tracks. So its not the amount on the iPod, its not the software, but the hard-drive/iPod.
    It's pointless to bring it to Apple store, charge me silly amount to have ti repaired.
    I have an old iPod Photo (30GB) which works perfectly and I bought in Sept 2005.
  • Nybras Level 1 (0 points)
    When I do a disc repair I sometimes get the following:

    Verify and Repair volume “********** iPod”
    Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.
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    Add me to the list. 80 GB classic. Clicking noises, won't sync past a few songs, same error messages, multiple restores. Thanks for nothing. Isn't even 2 years old.
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    Mine is the first 160GB iPod model but i'm having the same problem since the latest iTunes update. I can't sync to my PC when iTunes is opened and either acess the iPod's storage drive ! All the time my PC freezes. But when i tried to connect the iPod to my PS3, all my files are there ! So the problem probably is not my iPod classic -_-
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    same problem. 120gb ipod freezes whenever i try to sync it, freezes itunes and computer system. also erased all of my songs from my ipod! pain in the arse.
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    Did anybody try to use an other programm to put music on the ipod?
    Like SharePod?
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    I have an iPod Classic 160GB (first generation, bought after summer 2007) and it's been having this problem the last year and a half, aprox. I tried many things (restore in Windows format, Macinstosh format, sync songs manually, etc.).
    The only thing that has turned the iPod more stable (it doesn't fix it but it needs to be restored less often) has been downgrade to 1.1.1 instead of 1.1.2.

    It was impossible with 1.1.2 to sync 100GB to the iPod (it froze at 10 or 20GB). With 1.1.1 at least syncs perfectly fine and fast. Then, after a few weeks or months, the freezing starts again so I restore again.

    It's a pain to have a device with a failure like this.
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    me too !
  • njacksonkc Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same problem here. 80gb classic and Itunes Support would be very appreciated.
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    Same issue here. My cousin thought her iPod was messed up (it is kind of raggedy) and she bought a nano. I have the iPod with me now and it seems to work fine except it's exhibiting the same weird behavior you guys are experiencing.
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    likewise. these aren't hard drive failures. multiple tests show mine to be in perfect shape. this is some apple buggery. period.
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