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  • MJ Britt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you. I'm still plugging away at this thing... I just wish I could figure it out and fix it!

    Lawrence, thank you for all your help. You just can't understand what I am going through as your phone is working the way it is supposed to work... I know they aren't reading the forums.... It feels good to vent every once in a while...

    I will not shut up until I can find something that works.... Hopefully, I will report back before OS 4.0

  • cosmik Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Battery life is noticeably less than it used to be under previous firmware. My friend's claim the same on his 3Gs.

    Apple please release something to fix this.
  • MJ Britt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Dizzy D and others,

    After about a week, deleting my Yahoo account has seemed to fixed my issue. Very strange as my wife and coworker have yahoo enabled on their 3.1.2 iPhones and they have no issues...

    Thanks to all for the help and information that has been provided...

  • Dizzy D Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Excellent to hear that has helped you. It helped my extreme battery drain, but my battery performance is still far from acceptable. It was much, much better with OS 3.0, 3.0.1 and 3.1. Starting with 3.1.2 things started getting worse.

    In the past ~6 hours, I've used my phone at most 10 minutes and my battery percentage is down from 100% to 77%. My usage stats show 59 minutes of usage and 4 hr, 51 min of standby. I'm not sure why I have 59 minutes of "usage" since I've only used the phone about 10 min.

    Before I deleted my Yahoo! e-mail account, it would have said 4 hr, 51 min of usage and 59 min of standby and my battery would be in the red by now. I'm glad that is fixed. There is still a problem, I just can't figure out the last item causing moderate drainage.
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    My iphone recently started draining its battery after I had used one of those handheld battery charger. Could be a coincidence perhaps.

    Anyhows, I previously could survive 2 days on a charge but right now, I am down by 25% after an hour from 100%. Stats tell me I used the phone for 45 mins when I only sent out 1 SMS. Something could be running in the background but I switched off Wifi, location services, notifications. Only one email, set at manual fetch, as always, so cant be that. Checked that iPod wasnt playing music too.

    Called up Apple Support and did the usual hold home and power button procedure and reset network settings. I will do a Restore tonite when I get home. Apple guys tells me that if that doesnt work, would be a hardware issue and to do an exchange. Let's see.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (30,165 points)
    PLEASE read the thread you just posted to. You will find tips to fix the problem that have worked for most people.
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    I had this issue for a few weeks and it kept bugging me really bad, so I tried all method described, I spent countless hours researching, resetting, rebooting, reconfiguring, but nothing.

    Apple replaced my phone twice (with a refurbished one) but I still had an issues with battery drain.

    So, after spending that much time with my "lovely" iPhone I was able to triangulate the problem. It was Exchange and PUSH. If I turned off PUSH and just used FETCH the battery was fine.

    Here is what I had to ultimately do to resolve my problem:
    -- DELETE MY EXCHANGE MAILBOX! -- from the exchange server, not from the phone...Of course I had to backup all my emails, contacts, calendar events, rules etc...

    If you are not familiar with how Exchange server works, you may have to find some online help on deleting and purging your mailbox (Fairly simple process).

    Delete -> Purge -> Recreate Mailbox -> Dont forget to adjust the mailbox size on the server end -> Delete "old" email from iPhone -> Restart phone -> Reset Network Settings -> Add "new" mailbox to iPhone -> Restart phone

    That did it for me. For some reason my exchange server was keeping the PUSH connection open at all times and that caused the battery drain. All other employees with iPhones were fine...go figure...

    Good luck!
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    Same thing here. I deleted my exchange account e-mail on my iphone and then hard rebooted my 3gs phone, then re-added my email exchange account on my iphone. No more battery drain for me.

    I think somehow my e-mail data just kept trying to update or sync draining my phone.
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    I've upgraded my 3GS and my wife 3G to 3.1.3 and we both are now having battery issues.

    Hopefuly we will get a 3.1.4 update before 4.0 in late June

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  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (30,165 points)
    3.1.4 is unlikely to solve it, as 3.1.3 was expected to solve it. But if you actually read this thread you will find tips that will solve it.

    3.1.4 also will not solve it because there is no 3.1.4. The next release is rumored to be 3.2.
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    Yes, Mr Finch, I did what you had recommended before resorting to doing a Restore.

    Anyway, I did a Restore last night (without creating a new user) and battery seems better today. After 4 hours (couple of SMS and voicecalls), I still have 62% left, which is not so bad I suppose. The usage indicator also seems to be more accurate now. Will see how things go. Looking forward to OS4!
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    Just got back from the Apple Genius Bar on 5th Ave in NYC they are completely useless

    They took the phone to the back and apparently did not do anything
    they even failed to check to see if the problem was resolved then "here you go sir its fine now" when I checked the problem was the same. Then they told me that was the way it was supposed to work with version 3.1.3 which I think it is bull$hit

    Here is what I went thru before I went to the store
    I deleted all my email accounts on the phone
    Reset the network setting
    Drained the battery all the way down until the phone was dead
    Reset the network setting again
    Restored 3.1.3 software via iTunes
    Nothing worked
    Also network connectivity to 3G or Wi-Fi goes from great to terrible from one minute to the other and I am not even moving around.

    What should I do to get this problem resolved?
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (30,165 points)
    Settings/General/Reset, Erase all content and settings. Delete the .ipsw file that contains the 3.1.3 upgrade so iTunes will have to download a new copy. Restore the phone in iTunes as a new phone. Do not install any apps or create any email accounts. Test it. If battery life is still bad you have a defective phone and they should replace it.

    If battery life is OK, meaning that you should see no drain beyond actual usage (keeping in mind that phone calls and Internet will drain the battery at 20% per hour - the phone's specs) then add back your email account(s) and test again. If battery life is still good begin adding apps back. Either everything will be OK, or you will find some point where the battery drain increases when the phone is not in use. At that point you should be able to identify the bad email account or app.
  • user54321 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you very much Lawrence for your time on this matter

    I followed the instructions
    went to Settings/General/Reset, Erase all content and settings
    Tested same issue (no apps or email on the phone)
    Deleted the 3.1.3 .ipsw file from my computer
    Search the computer for the file to make sur it was not anywhere on my hard disk then I verified that iTunes had to download the file again, checked the date stamp on the file.
    Restored the phone and when it came up I set up the profile as a new phone with a different name than before
    Tested same issue (no apps or email on the phone)
    Restored the phone again, when it came up I set up the profile with a newer name than the times before. I have restored the phone 5 times already with 3.1.3 in the last two days.
    Tested same issue (no apps or email on the phone)
    I guess I have to go back to the apple store and hope I do not get the same person.
    This time I am bringing my friends iphone with me so they can see that it works fine on other iphones with 3.1.3
  • Dizzy D Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    Well, my battery drain problem started getting worse again. (Previously, I identified a problematic e-mail account, Yahoo!, that I deleted which fixed the most massive battery drain problem) So, today, I tried the following:

    In Mail, Contacts, Calendars:
    Left my MobileMe Account active
    Left my 2 Gmail Email accounts active
    Inactivated My Google Calendar
    Turned off e-mail Push
    Set Fetch to 15 minutes
    Considered turning off 3G but left it on

    Turned Off Wi-Fi (since I'm at work with no WiFi signal)
    Turned Off Bluetooth (left my bluetooth headset at home)
    Turned Off Notifications
    Turned Off Location Services

    No hard reset and no power-off/power-on cycle

    Time since last full charge:
    Usage: 52 minutes
    Standby: 7 hours 24 minutes

    Battery went from 100% to 82%

    So, that's not terrible.

    My next steps will be to turn Location Services back on (can't live without knowing the "find my iPhone" feature is active). Then, after that, I'll try to turn the Google Calendar back on. If all of this works without unacceptable battery drain, I'll have to live without Notifications and Push Email (at least when my phone is undocked). I will also then manage my WiFi and Bluetooth radios as needed. That's about it. I'll report back if Location Services or the Google Calendar become a big problem.

    Anyone else find a "gotchya" feature to turn off that fixes your battery drain issues?

    (and, yes, I've gone through all of the other steps in this thread except for restoring as a new user, which I'm too nervous about losing data, notes, etc. to perform)