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OK so this is a problem that has been dogging me for a few weeks now. Due to lack of space on both my laptop and external drive my music files have been in 2 separate places. I finally bought myself a TB drive and have moved all of my files to the new drive. However, the iTunes library now cannot find around 2000 files. Every time I click to play the exclamation mark pops up and i have to manually find the new location, and there is no function to make the library realise that it could find all the missing files there. Is there any way round this problem?

Second problem is that now I have pointed iTunes in the right direction to the new drive (Lacie/iTunes) there seems to be a new folder created by iTunes called Music to which new imports are added. This folder sits in amongst all my other artist folders. How can I get iTunes to not do this? If I moved all of my existing folders into this new Music folder I would have the same problem with iTunes not being able to find files but for th whole of my collection.

I really dont want to have to create a new library as it is imperitive that I keep my library ordered in Date Added order.

Any help on this greatly appreciated.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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