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    I think there's a mix of opinions on whether is HW or SW. Personally, I tried restoring it, removing the app and redownloading it, getting a new router and the problem still persisted. I wrestled with the choice of waiting for a possible update that could fix it or going in and swapping it after doing all the troubleshooting. I decided on swapping it only bcz there was no way of knowing for sure that an update would fix it. I didn't want to find myself regretting not swapping it out after finding that an update couldn't fix it. Also there are a good number of others who've posted on here that they had theirs swapped out with positive results so I decided going that route. At the same time I've read a couple of posts indicating that even after swapping it out the issue persisted with the new unit. So its really hard to say, unfortunately.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  • cmjensen Level 1 Level 1
    NancyChiri wrote:
    Does it mean I need a new router? How do I speed things up? Sorry to ask in this thread...but I can't seem the find the answer elsewhere, and since you seem to know what you are talking about, maybe you can point me in the right direction? Thank you!

    I can't say for certain. It may be a problem / defect with your router though it is likely a problem with your Internet provider.

    First, if you have other computers in your house then turn those off (especially if your children have computers -- turn them off). Reboot your router / modem (unplug it, plug it back in). Wait a bit and then run your speed test again. Try some video. Still choppy? Probably time to contact your Internet service provider and tell them about your problem. They will take it from there.
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    I had this problem last week. I was watching a stored movie under my video app. The movie crashed after about 30 mins or so. Hard rest. Again in 30 minutes or so. I began to wonder about the timing. I am connected to a wifi network at work that requires a login screen. I also had my mail fetch set to 30 mins. I was not logged in during my movie watching. I began to wonder if the fetch was somehow locking up my iPad, because i did not have a connection via wifi. I turned my mail to manual and push notifications off. Has not locked up since.
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    Yeah, I did the exact same thing. Disabled all fetching / pushing. I also thought that fixed it. Watched about 6 hours of video over a couple days before... it crashed.

    Of course, the kicker was do a fresh reload and just installing the ABC app. So no mail account set up or anything else. It would still crash.

    With the new iPad I've got everything set up the way it ought to be. Fetching is turned on for email. I've got my 3G and WiFi both enabled. Been almost a week and a half now, lots of video watching, zero problems.
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    I've had mine freeze with the built in movie app during a cross country flight with airplane mode on.

    Rebooting and replaying the video and it plays past the lockup point with no issues. So in my case it is not networking and not a corrupt video file. It also locks up in the ABC application and youtube while networking is on.

    My lockups are about 1 to 2 hours apart.
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    my replacement "brown-box" ipad has been now in use for 4 days and I played at least 4-6 hours of wifi streaming videos. no issues whatsoever. so it's probably definitely a H/W issue given the fact that I set it up exactly the same way as my first "freezing" unit... same settings, same apps....
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    I was having daily freezes on my iPad causing me to have to do hard resets all the time. Went to Apple store, they told me to restore as new device and I still experienced problems. I was getting frustrated because I anticipated videos to freeze and would be happy the rare times that they didn't freeze. For what I paid, this was unacceptable and I had never encountered these problem with my other Apple devices. I took it knack, they played around with it trying to get it to freeze up, it didn't do it when they tried but they still gave me a replacement this time.

    I think Apple knows about this issue because it's on their computer as an option for the genius to select when a customer brings an iPad back. 2 week ago when I went in, they seemed clueless now they seem to be aware. On their computer it's listed as "video lock ups/hang ups".

    With all that said, I've been on YouTube and Netflix the past 3 days and not one lockup. The difference truly is amazing. This is the device I paid money for, I'm glad I can finally use it in all it's glory.

    This is not a common thing for ipads, if it were there would be tons of angry people. Take it in for a replacement if you're experiencing this frustrating problem.
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    I have an iPad imported to the uk and out of the box am having freezing video problems with online streaming. YouTube more so now than most.

    Bit worried about warranty and such, hope it's a firmware fix and soon!

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    Unfortunately this thread has been kind of hijacked by one person having an unrelated router problem. The main issue being discussed with the video freezing involves the entire iPad becoming unresponsive, requiring a hard reset. I had this problem repeatedly with video streamed from YouTube as well as from the ABC app. Like others with this issue, I returned my iPad and got a new one, which seems to be fine.
    I think it's important to identify whether your issue is similar to this issue (in which case it seems to be a hardware issue) or whether it is a problem with poor video quality, which hopefully can be addressed by an update. If you need to do a hard reset, you probably need a new iPad...unfortunately...
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    hey guys,

    I have the same issue with the video freezing with youtube apps, cnn website, and even the video apps. Had to do Hard reset. There is nothing you can do about it. It is not going to be fix by any firmware update, that for sure. The only way to do it, is to bring it into an Apple Store, and swap it.

    I live in Toronto, and drove 4 - 5 hours to Detroit to switch it. The people were nice there, took the time and tested it for me. It was not difficult to do it.

    For people that does not live overseas or are not able to go back to the United states in the near future. I ask the apple staff, if this would be cover in the worldwide warranty. They told me is likely, unless there is a different in the "Parts" number. I guess that meant the parts they use for the ipad. I think any wifi model ipad would be ok, but I am not sure about the wifi+3g model because he said that the Canadian version of Iphone 3g warranty, as an example, would not be cover in the states, because they have different part numbers.

    I don't know if what he said is accurate, so have to wait and see.

    But for the freezing issue, bring it into to your nearby apple store and swap it. That the only way to fix it, the apple guys even did a test with his computer, and it doesn't show any software related issues. It is for sure is a hardware problem. So firmware update will not fix a thing.

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  • FreddieZ Level 1 Level 1
    Would be nice to have clear apple statement on this.
  • Mezigli Level 1 Level 1
    When I took my 3G iPad back to the apple store, they also ran the test on it, and it didn't show any problem on mine either. I just loaded up the ABC app right in front of them, and Voila! frozen screen! They took it back without a problem...
  • Robert Worne Level 2 Level 2
    I went in for an appointment at the Apple Store today for this problem. Before going in, I played a video from the movie player which politely locked up on the drive over.

    They have a diagnostics program they run on the iPad which surprisingly shows nothing wrong - well, my crash logs synced on my Mac also show nothing aside from a "forced reset".

    They did a full restore and all seemed well for the 20 minutes I messed with it at the store. I get home and sync and that's when trouble started.

    A video file I had played fine for an hour then the iPad spontaneously rebooted. I resumed and it went another 10 minutes and rebooted. I fired up and it froze within 5 minutes.

    What is interesting is that these problems were getting worse, which prompted my bringing the unit in. After the restore, the problems behave differently - I never had it reboot playing videos, but now it does. They promised a swap if the restore didn't fix it, so in it goes tomorrow.
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    I've been told that Apple is investigating reports of this issue.
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    Since I received it, I was unable to watch any streaming video from start to finish. They would just freeze and my iPad would lock. The only way to restart it: hard reset.
    After reading this thread, about a week ago, after restoring my iPad to factory settings, I went to the Apple store. Needless to say, we could not reproduce the problem I had with it. No matter what I said, the genius would only play YouTube video that was around 3 minutes in length, even though I told him my problems started at around 5 minutes into play back. What he suggested was another restore. He went ahead and restored my iPad (not even 12 hours after I did that at home). They had me sign a paper and I did not realize that meant that I was dismissed. When it was done, I synced my iPad with my MacBook Pro and tried to play something on both Netflix and ABC player. They both locked the iPad within one minute. I was told those were third party apps and did not count. I, then, tried a YouTube HD video. That froze as well. At that point, the genius told me to look around and see how many people were in the store at that point, using the network and , in a rather rude manner, to go home and check out my iPad.
    Needless to say, I still could not watch a video without the picture freezing randomly.
    A week later, I end up at a different Apple store and, trying to watch a movie preview in iTunes, my iPad locks half a minute into the video. Luckily, there were appointments available, so I got one in 40 minutes. Just to be on the safe side, I showed one of the geniuses what happened to my iPad. Amazingly, it stayed locked until My appointment came up. This time, they just swapped it for me.
    I got a new 3G 64GB iPad, with an AK serial number. This one even has a brighter display. I had to turn it down from medium.
    Ever since I got the new one, no more problems!
    So, sorry to say, but, if you have video issues, the only way to solve your problem is by gettig your iPad exchanged!
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