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WGrose Level 1 Level 1
I really love how low you can turn the brightness down in the iBooks app. However, you can't maintain this brightness level after you exit the app. I guess this is a request to let us turn the system brightness down some more, since at night even the lowest brightness level is too bright for me. Clearly the ipad is capable of using a lower brightness since ibooks supports it! Come on, Apple!

MacBook Pro 2.53Ghz unibody, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 Level 4
    There's nobody here from Apple and we are all just users like you so if you want to get your views to Apple, use the Feedback link
  • WGrose Level 1 Level 1
    I'm pretty sure Apple does scour the forums. It's part of their feedback process, no doubt. In any case, I really do find the brightness intolerable in a dark room, so I hope we can get this fixed, since clearly the iPad is capable of going lower, as iBooks shows us..
  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    I agree 100 percent. The global brightnes slider does not have enough range on the low end. It's way to bright in a dark room. We know the hardware can go darker from the iBooks app. And we know the iPhone can go much darker. And chances are good it would aid battery life.

    But the real need is for surfing etc in the dark. The ipad is unhealthily bright even at its lowest setti g in a dark room.
  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6
    I just change my brightness down in the setting window and my screen is dim...real dim. Don't understand your bightness issue.
  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    In a dark room does it still light up the room? I have turned auto brightness off and turned thenbrightness slider all the wayndown -- and while checking email it is bright enough to illuminate the ceiling and walls. This is lots brighter than my iPhone which is great in a dark room.
  • DavidBarker Level 1 Level 1
    I found the same problem the other night when I was the passenger in a car. I wanted to use my iPad & turned the brightness down so it wouldn't affect the driver, but it was still far too bright. It would be nice to be able to turn it down even further.
  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    Right. It makes navigation apps very dangerous in the car at night.
  • Furi0us.Bee Level 2 Level 2
    I very rarely put the brightness any higher than the lowest setting. It is kind of bright when it's the only light in the room, but I usually put on a dim light nearby. It would be nice to have many more levels of brightness. It's usually totally OFF, then one setting higher it's too bright for what you want.

  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah if I can put a light on then the lowest setting is perfect, but in a dark room like a bedroom st night when wife is sleeping or in the car at night then the lowest brightness is far too bright. The iPhone is much better in that regard. It appears to have a much wider range than the Ipad. Certainly in the real world that is the case.

    We already know the unit is capable of it. iBooks is perfect in that way, and having that added range makes it ideal in low light situations. Now we just need that added range as apart ofmthe global settings options.
  • Furi0us.Bee Level 2 Level 2
    Seems to me this would be an easy setting for Apple to incorporate in the brightness section. Just add a checkbox for "Low Light Viewing", which would make the highest setting of the slider as bright as the current lowest setting. I think that would work and would offer more levels of dimness.

  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    That would great. Either a second whole range or just a wider range for the existing slider. My fear is that they will either do nothing in this regard in which case the jbreak people have a field day or they enable it as an API that is optional for each app developer and the developers neglect to use it....
  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry tried to edit my post but was unable. What I meant was "that would BE great".
  • nathan_h Level 1 Level 1
    Update: There is a new web browser called NIGHT OWL which is the solution to browsing in a pitch black room. Freakin PERFECT!

    It's the best 99 cent app purchase I have made (and I've bought LOTS of apps).

    Now the only thing that's awkward in a dark room is email. I have to do it via the web, instead of the dedicated app.

    It's too bad Appled doesn't allow third party email apps, like they do with browser apps. There would eventually be a solution for email then, too, in a dedicated app. That third party solution might also accommodate features missing from the current default email app like the ability to send from many of my other yahoo email addresses. (I have more than 10 email addresses, all on one account, and need to send from different "from" addresses for different purposes. But I can't do that with the default mail app. I have to go to the web for that, too.)

    I cannot express how happy I am that someone built this very cool application for browsing in the dark. It's way cool.

    Hopefully this kind of toggle will be added to the OS itself eventually, because it would be useful for many more things (like maps in a car at night) but having a browser that works this way is more than 50% of the solution. Kudos!!!
  • evitavonni Level 1 Level 1
    I agree that the lowest brightness setting is too bright for a dark room. The alternate browsers for the most part suck when compared to Safari. I've however come up with a workaround that kind of helps, till Apple allows us to reduce the brightness all the way down to iBooks lowest level. I've basically setup triple click of the home button to turn on accessibility. Setting it up this way allows me to quickly shift from a bright screen at night to white text overlaid over a black background. Even though this is not the best solution, it does allow me to read without straining my eyes.
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