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I though people would like to hear the problem that some of the 15" and 17" powerbooks have been having.

I tried recording the sound from iTunes using Audio Hijack, but when the weird audio issue happened and I played back the recording, you couldn't hear it in the recording (i.e. it played normally), so it seems to me that it's related to some basic audio issue (because Audio Hijack couldn't hear it when it was recording iTunes) rather than a specific application.

I was able to record the sound using a cable from my powerbook to another computer (which then recorded the line-in using Audio Hijack).

Here's a short quicktime capture of the sound:

Has anyone heard anything about a fix? It doesn't seem to be related to Airport use for me since I don't often use Airport at home.

Powerbook 1.67 15", Mac OS X (10.4.3), 1.5 gig ram
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