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macnovice1 Level 1 Level 1
My iphone is making repeated calls to people in my address book. This is not pocket dialing. Today I left the phone on a window sill and it made multiple calls (10 or more to some contacts) to multiple contacts in a 20 minute period. Also does this while in the lock mode.

Has anyone else seen this and found a solution?


3gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • paulcb Level 6 Level 6
    This has happened to me twice and been reported by others a few times. I've never seen a solution. You can try a Reset or Restore and/or maybe a new SIM. As I said, mine did it twice but never again and I didn't do anything other than a Reset.
  • Frash Level 1 Level 1
    I just recently purchased an iPhone and this started happening to me today. The phone was sitting on my desk, I glanced down and it was calling someone. It has since called that same person almost 10 times.

    I did some checking on the Net and have found other reports of this as well and then I found this article. This article is a wake up call! No pun intended. Bottom line is the iPhone (as well as other smart phones) is like a mini computer but without the anti-virus software and this may be a virus on our phones.

    The scary part is this could be used to dial a pay service such as a sex line and guess who will get stuck with the bill?!! So the people making the virus could also be the owners of the sex lines thus that is how they are making money off of each one of us.

    In another forum one user mentioned she was on a call with a friend, unknown to her, the phone called someone else and the voice mail picked up. She knew the person and found out the voice mail was recording her conversation with the original caller and they did not even know this was happening.

    Scary stuff. So now we need to find and purchase anti-virus software for our phones - another $100.

    I don't like it. ellphones-a-new-wave-of-attacks-to-come-1481784.html
  • Jisatsu6189 Level 1 Level 1
    It happens to me but only to the last person called (incoming or outgoing). It normally happens when I lay it flat on my desk (which is metal). It also happens when I just finished a call and I just leave the phone on it randomly calls but it calls as a blocked number
  • jdubba Level 1 Level 1
    Same thing has been occurring on my 3GS, usu. after I finish a call. I'll put the phone down, or in my pocket, then I pick it up a few minutes later and it has called some number on my recent calls list, sometimes 4 or 5 times, figured it was me accidentally forgetting to lock the screen, but just happened a few minutes ago and all I had done, was set the phone down. The post above about the virus is really quite disturbing, I'm glad I checked this thread out. Thanks
  • redstepcrazy Level 1 Level 1
    Just to report the same problem, in my case, the phone seems to call when I hang up from a previous conversation. The iPhone calls random numbers in my address book, some of whom I don't even call but maybe text once in a while, it cannot be a user error. It has happened 3 times in a few months (that I noticed anyway), I wasn't happy when it decided to called my cousin's mobile in a foreign country, of course it went to her voicemail and lasted forever.
    It happened again today, just after I called my boyfriend, I still had the phone in my hand when I saw the call being made on the screen to another friend I hadn't spoken to for 2 weeks. At first I thought it was an incoming call but realised it was the iPhone calling out by itself, and the call history confirmed this. Very annoying.
  • Roger Faust Level 1 Level 1
    No answer. Just having the same random calls for the very first time with the iPhone (I have just installed 4.1).
  • BigFatBill Level 1 Level 1
    My wife's iPhone 4 with the latest iOS (4.1) just started doing this yesterday. It was on a stereo dock and was paired with a bluetooth headset, but she didn't press anything. It just made a call on its own. This is very disturbing since it was very late at night. I hope Apple can address this issue and offer a solution.
  • ZenDax Level 1 Level 1
    The issue that I'm having is similar to this one also. I had had no issues to my phone before 4.1 update. After the 4.1 update, my phone started to call the last number in the recent call list. If I left my phone in my pocket, it will do this 8-10 times a minute, most of the calls showed up as canceled, but some of them actually connected. I had one case, where in the matter of 10 minutes, called the same number 75 times...This is so completely annoying and no way to go back to 4.02...My only work around right now is to always clear my recent call list after every call I make...Hope this gets fixed soon, as I seems completely software related...
  • MP&HMS Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue with iphone G3 running system 4.0. The last call was made to a number that has never been in my address book - I received a call from it just once, several weeks ago, that call wasn't even listed in the "recents". Not a chance that I could press any button by accident - the phone was locked.

    Apple Support suggested "restoring as new" through iTunes and call again if the calls keep happen.
  • lidna Level 1 Level 1
    my phone seems to call the last person on my "recent" list.

    could be embarrassing. yesterday a friend told me he had a voicemail from me and it was me putting talking to my son while we put the baby in the car. my friend said he wasn't paying attention to the message (couldn't tell who it was from) until his name came up and he heard me apologize to my son for being late b/c my phone had called my friend on its own and i didn't want to be rude and hang up on him. luckily, i think that is all i said.

    but geez!

    this is AWFUL!
  • bluecal Level 1 Level 1
    My iPhone 3g with the latest 4.1 iOS began dialing out all by itself out of the blue last night - it was sitting on the desk in standby mode and had not been touched in a couple of hours, and the last sync / software update was 1-2 days earlier. It repeatedly called the last number in my recents (who happened to be a sensitive business contact), minutes or seconds apart. I did the 2-button reset, and called my own land line. It then started repeatedly calling that number all by itself, much more quickly seconds apart.

    This was a very disturbing and serious problem. I called AT&T 611, spent 20 fruitless minutes with a rep who said he was new and connected me to a tech support line that answered it was off hours. I then drove 10 miles to the nearest AT&T store, where the rep was not sympathetic or concerned at all, and just demanded repeatedly if I had Applecare, and if not then it was my problem to replace the phone, and claimed I would get the same message from Apple. I then drove to the Apple store where it was nearly closing time and of course you had to have a Genius bar appointment, which couldn't be had until the following afternoon. Neither AT&T or Apple had heard of the problem before. The Apple Store greeter suggested restoring the phone. Both Apple & AT&T said it was unlikely to be due to the SIM card in any way. Both Apple and AT&T reps did the 2-button reset again, and the Apple rep tried turning off the TTY on a hunch - all to no avail.

    The phone continued repeatedly & randomly call both the last 2 dialed numbers, anywhere from seconds to more than 1/2 hour apart. This finally stopped after I did the iOS restore. Total elapsed problem window, about 5 hours. It has been 20 hours now since the restore with no recurrence.

    I dearly hope it never happens again. I've had the phone since it released in 2006, and NEVER had any problem like this - it's not only embarrassing but really very scary - this is my primary communications device.

    There was no timely support available with either Apple or AT&T. The Apple rep was at least more polite, and admitted that even if I had bought Applecare as the AT&T asserted I should have, it would (a) not have gotten me official support help any sooner in this situation, and (b) since the phone is over 3 years old Applecare would have been expired anyway!

    I wish there was official Apple recognition & guidance somewhere on the web for this kind of thing (is there?). The only suggestion/solution I know of - to restore the iOS on the phone & hope!
  • bluecal Level 1 Level 1
    CORRECTION to earlier post - I got my 3g iPhone in 2008 (not 2006).
  • truimagz Level 1 Level 1
    Wow, this is scary.

    I hope no one works for themself or doesn't like someone / something at work.

    I'd be very careful about the conversations I have near my phone.
  • khjohnson Level 1 Level 1
    Has there been no reply to this issue? My phone has started dialing random number. The numbers are numbers I don't think I have ever called from my phone but they are in my 'contact list'. I would like to know what to do or how to fix it. It is rather annoying. I have had people call me and say why did you call me and not say anything. HELP ANYONE!

    ps. I don't know what OS I have but I have a 3G phone that I have had for 11 months now.
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