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    I think I found the problem. First off, I rarely use bluetooth headset with this particular AT&T phone. But though none active, I have several paired up with it. Last night while the random calls were happening, I deleted all recent calls from the phone except my home phone number. I turned off the phone went to bed. I turned on the phone in the morning, sure enough within 5 minutes it started calling my home phone. I look at the iPhone, it showed no bluetooth connection icon, while I was looking at it, it made another call to my home phone while the previous call is still active. While I was fussing with the iPhone to figure out what's wrong, I received a call, while I was on the call, the iPhone put that call on hold and started calling my home phone again. While it was doing all that, it revealed that there is a Bluetooth connection with a VOX headset. I gathered all my Bluetooth headsets both from the house and from the car, all of them were either dead (no battery juice) or completely off. So, for some strange reason iPhone thought that I was connected to a Bluetooth headset that is not even on, and not only that it thought I was actually pressing the dial button on that ghost Bluetooth headset. In order to be 100% sure that the issues are not caused by an actual headset, I looked at my other iPhone to see if I ever paired this VOX headset with it. As it turns out that I had, so I tried to connect to the VOX headset with no avail. So, I am sure that the iPhone was connecting to a ghost headset.


    How I solved it: I removed all paired Bluetooth devices from the affected iPhone. That’s it. Hope this would help someone.

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    My phone showed 3 incoming calls last night, one right after another (after answering and hanging up each one)


    To the caller, they all showed me as calling THEM!


    Verified with 2 of them this morning, that this was the case.


    I didn't have bluetooth on, and I'm running iOS 7.0.3 on an iPhone 5s.

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    My phone has been making and receiving unexpected FaceTime calls for the past several weeks. My phone will be sitting on a table, or wherever, when I receive a call from one of my contacts. "So-and-so would like to FaceTime." If I decline the call, the person calls me back asking why I called. I swear I didn't call, but phone records on both devices show otherwise. I haven't found many answers to this issue. iPhone 5 running iOS7.

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    This has been happening to me as well. Calling random numbers not in my contacts and they don't show up in my outgoing call logs. I have an iphone 5, OS 7.0.4....only reason I know it happening is because these people I have no idea who are call me back! So has anyone really figured out a solution?

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    I have an iphone 4 with latest IOS.  Never had a problem with it.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I heard a radio on very low.  Then I realized it was the recording on a voicemail, and the sound was coming from my phone.  I picked it up and it had spontaneously dialed the last number I had dialed 8 hours previously.  The phone was plugged into the charger and was in the sleep mode.  I don't use a bluetooth headset.  I don't use voice dial.  Very strange, but I'm glad I found out this is happening to others.  Verizon.

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    I am experiencing similar issues...iphone 5, AT&T, IOS 7.0.4. It just randomly called my son's school and my mother-in-law while I was asleep. Phone was face down, locked, charging, next to me. I've turned off voice calling and bluetooth for now. We'll see if it happens again, but given that there are so many complaints and no real resolution, I'm betting it does. I hate to power it completely off at night; it's my alarm clock! Any other suggestions?

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    I'm having the same problem. I think it's related to my use of a knock-off charging cable or charger. Are you using an Apple charger and cable?

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    I discovered that my phone number had been spoofed! The calls have stopped but I did report it to my state attorney general and to the FTC.


    Problem with this is finding the place that did it. They change their caller ID often...but my has at least stopped.

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    The calls stopped as soon as I got rid of the knock off charger!

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    I am using the charger that came with the phone.

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    Since a couple of weeks my iPhone 4 (iOS 7) is also calling on its own. This is only happening when someone calls me and I answer the call. After hanging up, it calls my last dialed number (I don't unlock the phone). For me it helps to unlock the phone immediately after the call and shut down the phone app. My brother got this same problem since today, also iPhone 4, iOS 7. It doesn't seem to be a provider related problem, his provider is KPN and I got T-Mobile Netherlands.

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    iPhone 4S 7.0.3 Sprint and having some problem.  My phone recently received and made randoms calls when it was just sitting there locked on the counter (plugged in or not).  I recevied a "prank text" from a local phone number.  I answered and a recording started - leaving pauses in the recording for me to answer.  At the end of the call it said "you've just been pranked".  Knowing about some scams out there, I did not call the number back... just set the phone down and went about my day.  Later that day and the remainder of the day I received calls from my family members but when I answered, no one was there.  I spoke with them and they didn't call.  Then it started happenning to my husband's phone and mom's phone (both on my "family plan").  They were receiving and making random calls to family... none of the calls were initiated by anyone.  The phones were calling on their own.  Oddest thing.  I think it has to be related to the "prank".  I think someone did something funny to my phone or to our plan.  The issue has stopped but was the strangest thing.

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    I am also facing a similar issue from past couple of weeks with my iPhone 4 (iOS 7). This is happens right after I finish answering an incoming call. The phone chooses a number from the recent call list and dials back. I don't think this had anything to do with the service provider.

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    Just to give you all a heads up and possibly save you some money from buying new chargers and new phones...Theres a website out there right now that allows someone to take 2 numbers and have them call each other. If they both dont pick up then the one who does pick up hears nothing. If you both pick up then its just like you guys called each other,while the person who actually made you guys call each other is recording the conversation through the app. It shows up on both of your phones that the person called you but doesnt show that you have called them. I recently had this done to me and I was lucky enough to be told by the pranker who did it,otherwise I would be going crazy just like the rest of you. As far as i know there is no way to block this,but at least you now know this is most likely the cause. Hope this helps!



    The reason why im not saying what website/app it is, is because I dont want more people becoming a victim of this annoying prank.

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    I believe it's definitely a bluetooth issue as I had this same issue happen this morning. After restarting the phone, it looked like my phone still had the device connected, and still attempting to make this phone call 51 times in a row.


    The only way I was able to stop it from happening was to put my phone into Airplane mode.


    This allowed me to reset all of my phone's connections including Bluetooth. From here, I was able to reconnect my devices and move forward without issue.


    I hope this helps someone else is freaking out that their phone might be posessed.