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  • Rod Hagen Level 7 (31,985 points)
    dvasa, as I understand it from your earlier post you don't actually have one of these computers, and as the thread here involves a veritable cornucopia of different issues, most of which probably actually have nothing to do with the video drivers, it is hard indeed to see what the relevance of the NVidia update you mention could possibly be or why the fact that the driver you link to is for a Mac pro is a "pity"!
  • dvasa Level 1 (60 points)
    i edited the post immediately after i made it, i found that out by further research it was unfortunately not applicable!
    it's a pity there's been no response or fix for the multitude of issues!

    i do have one of these machines (got it a few days ago) and i have read every single post in this thread and hoping it doesn't happen to mine.
    i should update my Model in my sig sometime
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 (31,985 points)
    The "multitude of issues' for the most part appear to be simply the regular "run of the mill" things that cause slow downs / crashes etc on any computers, dvasa. I can't really see any reason from the posts here why you should be any more worried about the new MBPs than about the other Macs which you list in your profile.

    I assumed you didn't own one because in one of your earlier posts you indicated there was "no way i'm getting one" because of this thread! I guess you changed your mind!

    Just by the way, don't try installing an earlier version of the OS on your new computer, in the manner you suggested earlier in the thread to another user. The new models actually require at least a special build of 10.6.3 for hardware compatibility. It is not simply a matter of earlier discs not installing.


  • dvasa Level 1 (60 points)
    yea, i got put in an awkward position where i traded my 2009 MBP for Video Equipment and this person needed it urgently - i tried to hold off until at least 10.6.4 because didn't want to get a new one till the issue was now i'm at the mercy of the universe and he has an awesome stable 2009 MBP.
    These machines are nice though; really cool
    i've owned macs for years and this issue is not too dissimimlar to the way Apple delat with the MB Randon shutdown issue due to heat and took them a while to resolve it...ah, we'll see!
  • Artitron Level 1 (0 points)
    I have been on vacation and am finally getting around to updating to 10.6.4. I haven't felt the need to jump on it because I have not had a single freeze since exchanging for a new MBP.

    This really makes me believe it was not a software issue at all and hardware all along.

    Anyhow, after installing 10.6.4 and running it for a week or so, I will report back to the thread if I am seeing the same freeze issue.
  • Kevin MacLeod Level 1 (0 points)
    Rod, the thing is is that the 2010 MBPs have WAY more hard crashing than any other Apple product of late.

    Something is wrong WRONG.

    I'll probably be sending my MBP 15" i5 back in for a replacement in case it's hardware. It would have been nice if Apple could have at least posted here or on their site a note if this is in fact a software issue. That would save them a lot of $$ on replacements and us users a lot of TIME (which is $$$$$$). And if it's hardware, well...they'll have an awful lot of replacing to do I'm guessing.

    Also about someone mentioning the timing of the freezes: sometimes they happen multiple times in one day, sometimes only once every week or two. Also I have observed no pattern with crashes regarding what is being run.

    It's clearly either a driver or hardware. Because it happens in Windows in Boot Camp as I have posted here.

    Hard crashing is just about the worst defect next to perhaps absolute data loss/corruption. Apple get this thing fixed.
  • Jolly Blackburn1 Level 4 (1,510 points)
    just passed the six week mark since getting my macbook pro 15".

    Been reading this thread and following the comments even though I've yet to experience the problem.

    I did have TWO incidents I thought were freezes as described here.

    In both cases I was watching a youtube video at full screen when I closed the lid to the laptop to take a call. When I later opened the laptop again I found the computer was frozen. I could move the mouse but could not click on anything. The youtube video went from full screen to a normal Safari page. I could still hear the video playing but could not stop it.

    However the 'freezes' only lasted about 30 seconds. In both cases just as I was about to force a restart everything returned to normal.

    So I'm just assuming in my case it has something to do with Safari and closing the screen. Not a big deal.
  • califfo1975 Level 1 (0 points)

    there is something weird though as I had only one freeze (in the first 10 days and during a stupid operation as importing AVCHD movies from my camera into imovie) and never reoccurred again (touching wood and balls as we say / do in Italy...;-)) during normal and heavy use of the mbp (final cut, imovie, you tube, etc....). I do not really know what happens out there (and I am indeed happy not to have changed my current mbp with a new one as I could have received a really faulty unit, if a HW issue really existed...). I hope that Apple will communicate one day just to let people (having spent thousands of $ or €) know about their products.
  • Oleg Shiryayev Level 1 (110 points)

    Indeed, I had the same peripherals attached every time. I had Safari open and browsing with several tabs. Also, I had open and iTunes were playing some music.

    I have not taken the machine to the genius bar yet, but I reported all panics to Apple. Unfortunately, I can't get on this issue right now as i'm in the process of relocating.

    Thanks for the information Rod!
  • MacBookIowa Level 1 (0 points)
    When 10.6.4 came out I did a complete disk restore/erase and I used the MacBookPro Disc's and the Combo update of 10.6.4. I was reading a book and looked up to see my MacBook Pro frozen again. I was hoping 10.6.4 fixed the Issue it did not unfortunately
    What info can I post to help any of you more technical people?
    Please Help
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 (31,985 points)
    Hi MacBookIowa,

    Your best bet would be to start a new thread of your own (the questions and answers get lost in this humungous one).

    I listed the sort of information which it is useful to provide if possible, together with the basic details of the model of computer you are using, in an earlier post somewhere in this thread. I'll repeat it here to save having to search for it! :

    *What software was running at the time of the "freeze"? What version?*

    What, if any, third party "background" software do you use? Virus checkers, menubar add ons, hardware or temperature monitoring software, etc, etc.?

    How much RAM do you have?

    Have you added any third party RAM?

    Have you installed a third party HD?

    What peripherals, if any, did you have attached at the time? (Hubs, printers, keyboard, mice, bluetooth devices, external drives, etc etc etc - people need to list everything connected to the computer)

    *What were you actually doing with the computer at the time the freeze or freezes occured?*

    *How was it manifested? Mouse cursor still moving, but nothing else happening? Complete "hang" of all software? A single Application stalling? "Spinning beachball? Kernel panic telling you to "restart your computer"?*

    Have you undertaken the basic directory and permissions repair processes using Disk Utility or a Safe Boot ? (you should do this after ANY freeze - see for instructions)

    Have you checked to make sure that you don't have any duplicate or corrupt fonts installed? (you can do this using Font Book from your Utilities" folder, but it shouldn't be relevant in your case if you had just done a complete erase and install, unless you had added any third party software or brought across things from an older Mac).

    *Is this a computer to which older software etc has been transferred from an older Mac using migration assistant or other methods?*

    Was any network activity occurring at the time?

    Are there any other problems apparent?

    It is a lengthy list , I know, but "freeze" is such a general description of the problem that it can be the result of a wide variety of different types of things. I've "bolded" the absolutely critical stuff. Finding an answer requires quite specific information. Starting your own thread , with the above information provided, will make it much easier to keep the focus on your own specific issue.


  • Kevin MacLeod Level 1 (0 points)
    Rod unfortunately I must say my usage has been "variable". Sometimes I have a USB 2 drive or mouse plugged in, usually not. I have a MBP i5 8 gig RAM, was 4 gig on first unit. Usually using Safari or Firefox with Google StreetView or some other page with some Flash. Happens in both XP SP3 in Boot Camp, and in OS X 10.6.3 and 10.6.4. Sometimes light use, sometimes heavy. I am leaning towards sending in this unit again in a week or two if I see another crash and there has been no response or update from Apple. perhaps it's hardware. Hard to know since they won't say.

    My crashes are hard. Usually I can move the mouse but sometimes not even that. In Windows and OS X they require a hard reset. Sometimes the sound in iTunes will keep playing but start looping like a broken record, if a song had been going in the background.
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 (31,985 points)
    In your case, Jolly Blackburn, the issue may have actually simply involved the re-establishment of your network connection after putting the computer to sleep by closing the lid.


  • Rod Hagen Level 7 (31,985 points)
    Hi Kevin, again I think you would be better off starting a separate thread so that the focus can be on your own particular problems rather than getting swamped with the many quite different issues being dealt with in this thread.

    A couple of things that it would be good to know in your own case:

    1) Is the drive in the computer the one originally fitted , or have you updated it?

    2) Ditto WRT RAM

    3) Did you boot from your MacOS DVD and use Disk Utility from it to "repair drive" after the first crash? If not, what happens if you do so now? Any indication of errors or corruption? (Some forms of disk error can affect both the OSX and bootcamp partitions). You might as well also repair permissions while you are about it.

    4) Was anything "migrated" to this computer (or to the one you returned) from an earlier Mac?

    5) Is anything appearing in the console log or the system log at the time of the "hangs" that may be relevant when the crashes occur when running under OSX? How about in the Crash Reporter or Diagnostic Reports logs? Might also be worth checking the kernel.log within the /private/var/log folder.

    You might also want to consider using Activity Monitor to keep an eye on memory and cpu usage for a while when running under OSX, to see if any particular processes are causing problems.


  • Kevin MacLeod Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple installed memory. I installed larger internal SATA drive. I'm an experience Mac user and very careful with the machine. I always migrate things by hand. By that I mean I move the Apple Mail folders by hand, and re-install everything else. So it's a virgin installation. On top of that the installation of 10.6 is one I did, not the one that came on the drive, since it's my drive, so it's fresh as possible.

    I run Disk Utility and repair permissions occasionally. There are no runaway processes consuming too much CPU in Activity Monitor. Of course Flash likes to mulch CPU but that's another story.

    There seem to be 3 main types of MacBook Pro crashes. The first I'm not sure affects newer machines.

    1. Sudden Motion Sensor on both the MacBook Pro and the hard drive (like a SeaGate). They conflict, causing temporary pauses of a couple seconds.

    2. Some people are seeing graphics lock up for half an hour, but the machine is running normal underneath it all (they know via SSH) and after 30 mins it unlocks. I've never seen that.

    3. hard crashes. The whole system is crashed, as songs in iTunes lockup. Never recovers. I've let it sit for an hour once. Requires hard restart.

    Yes, I've tried all the usual suspects, resetting PRAM, resetting SMC, running Disk Utility, Apple Hardware Test.

    I'll probably be returning another MBP. It is sad for me and for Apple, if a software update could have fixed it. However some people report that after a replacement, weeks after even, they have not seen the crash again. That could be luck, as sometimes it goes awhile without crashing, or it could point to a hardware cause. Again, as I have said though, I have seen Windows state that an NVIDIA driver crashed, when in BootCamp. Others have posted Console logs mentioning graphics as well. I'll post my Console log next time it happens to me in OS X.
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