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    Yes, it did work before several days ago.  Unfortunately, those apps purchased before change country cannot update since 12/16 for me.


    Please refer to the other discussion below:

    Applications problem: "You cannot update this software since you have not owned the major version of this software."

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    No, it worked today 22nd Dec.


    Sounds like you have a different problem though.


    Will keep updated if anything pops up, but so far so good and NO charge to credit card for paid apps in the new country's Store.

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    Subs_255 wrote:


    Well guys, I called Apple iTunes' support. I asked them if the use of an american iTunes account in France was authorized without getting it terminated. And the person answered me that I could use any account of any country on any country like I want, it is not a reason to get it banned.


    So if there are people there who saw their ID terminated, I only see two reasons : the first one is an error from Apple, which really is strange. The second one is that your iPhone were jailbroken and you was using cracked applications with Installous, which justifies (to my eyes) the termination of your accounts.


    Have a nice day.

    This seems like an odd answer from Apple Support, the Ts and Cs clearly state that you can only use the iTunes store within the geographic boundary.

    "The iTunes Service is available to you only in the United States, its territories, and possessions. You agree not to use or attempt to use the iTunes Service from outside these locations. Apple may use technologies to verify your compliance."



    If you fail, or Apple suspects that you have failed, to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, Apple, at its sole discretion, without notice to you may: terminate this Agreement and/or your Account, and you will remain liable for all amounts due under your Account up to and including the date of termination; and/or (ii) terminate the license to the software; and/or (iii) preclude access to the iTunes Service (or any part thereof).

    Apple reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the iTunes Service (or any part or content thereof) at any time with or without notice to you, and Apple will not be liable to you or to any third party should it exercise such rights."


    Pretty clear, if you violate the Ts and Cs, Apple can terminate at their disgression.

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    I have the same Issue, now neither I can Purchase anything with my US Store Gift Certificate (a common walk arround to currrency exchange controls), so now I must decide to change of platform or Jailbreak and "Illegally" install the Apps I purchased on the US Store.


    And about CopyRigths, most countries signed tens years ago, the URUGUAY ROUND, which means that copyrigths are recognized Universally, Also US Funds are common Universal Currency.


    But this issue is crazy, If I own an App purchased at US Store and I'm aboard (on vacation or US Army assignation a.e.) and I need to Add Credits to an App to use some feature (as for skype or whatsaap), I Cant, no mather the same App is available on the current country store (where I cant sign because I dont have a local Credit Card)...



    They are nuts, never traveled or served aboard, they allegations are pity, seems not much interest on the cross border Issue (also some may understand some xenophobia at all).



    Also as DEVELOPER the Country isn't a common restrictions, 99% agree to universally distribute its content, so this policy must be enforced ONLY AGAINST THOSE CONTENT BANNED TO BE EXPORTED BY LAW OR COPYRIGTH, THE ORIGIN OF PAYMENT FUNDS MUST BE ALLOWED TO BE UNIVERSAL (AS PREVIOUS YEARS) IF NOT AFFECTED BY Credit Cards TOS, but GC funts must be universal.



    Those policies (previously enforced too by Google's GooglePlay) where followed at eBay when Paypal customers / merchant where blocked on her countries, only aceptable block is to tangible goods delivered to different countries than the redident (or than the fund origin), but this is not an restriction to Goods paid with EFT or Check.







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    I'm having the same problems as many of the users here... I've already made my case to iTunes support to have a better system for travellers/expats, but until now no change.  It seems weird that I can use my home country credit card for any purchase (online or otherwise) with other companies, with the only exception being on Apple iTunes and AppStore (re: expat).  As of now I can't have any new app or renew my magazine subsription just because I don't have a local credit card (not intending to get one anyway), so now I'm moving to Amazon for my subscriptions.


    Apple is a global company, please think of a global solution too for your customers.

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    actually you can just delete the old apps and redownload again in your new app store, it will say "this update will be free becos you own a previous version of the app".

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    Dear murilogh and other folks



    My status : regular india store user now traveling / in United Arab



    Using an iPhone 5 and an ipad 2


    All along I was on the India store


    All was well till two three days ago


    Since two three days I seem to have been thrown to the emirate store and all my updates are NOT happening


    When I see an update notification on the iPhone apps app and I Click in that update red arrow notification the screen says this update is NOT valid for the emirate store !


    I've logged into iTunes from safari browser and checked my country in the account home page and it says USA store !!


    Yes I've double checked and taken a screen shot even


    What should I do


    I get notifications but can't update so my problem seems to be slightly different from many who have posted here


    I get a message that's account is NOT valid for the United Arab Emirates ( called emirate ) store


    Any help / pointers would be great fully appreciated




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    Just delete the old apps u downloaded from other stores and download them again in the App Store u currently have access to. All apps purchased with ur account would be downloadable free of charge. Don't worry, just click the buy button, you will get this message"since u own a previous version of the app, this update will be free of charge" trust me, it won't charge u again(I had the same prob when I moved )

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    Thanks for the reply and taking time and effort


    But NO I am not following that route and it is VERY dangerous because the app you bought in one store MAY not be available in another


    App stores are NOT universal / common


    Many apps are NOT available all over the world !!


    It's one thing living without an update or two


    It's a train wreck loosing half / quarter .... your apps


    In fact one or two updates that I could NOT update already threaten me that the apps are NOT in my new ( forced into new ) store


    App stores are NOT universal / common


    Advance apologies if I sounded rash or critical


    This is an open board so I'm just wanting others to know 







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    No problem. Im just trying to help. Yes I understand that some apps might not be available in specific regions, but most of them are and you can delete and redownload those popular apps. According to apple support, you will not be charged.


    If you are worried or unsure, you can look it up in the store first before deleting or I suggest you can simply sync ur apps to iTunes, that way you can reinstall from iTunes again later. No fear of losing any of ur apps then.


    BTW app store account region can be changed by simply providing a credit card with billing address of that specific country.



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    Thanks for understanding


    I've written to apple support


    My complaint is that I didn't change a thing ,,,, not my Emil , not my car, not my account and now my App Store is changed ??


    Lets see what apple's got  to say



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    Yes, you can redownload the app in new app store, but it is still under the previous apps store after you redownloaded them from new app store even if they are available in new app store. Meaning that you need to do manual download again and again when update avaiable, and you need to track ALL your apps updates by yourself FOREVER although they are avaiable in new app store, regardless of free or paid.



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    I'm having the same issue here, I changed the country of my account from New Zealand to Australia and now the apps in iTunes still keep showing app update notifications on the side, but when I click check for updates there is nothing there.


    I have to manually change my account back to NZ, then update it all, then change back to Australia.


    It's getting pretty annoying, and even though most of my apps are free I can't transfer it to the new store. If I download the same app in the Australia store, it will say I already purchased this previously. Which means you can't even re-purchase the app to get the notifications. You're never going to get update notifications for any apps you obtained before.


    I hope Apple provides a better way around this, because this is simply ridiculous.


    For example see here:

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