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    I have updated apps on my iphone and ipad and the syncronized them with itunes. All apps up to date now.

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    Everyone, I'm encountering a new wrinkle to this discussion that I haven't seen discussed.


    I have been using the same AppleID since 2004, and it was opened in the US where I have mostly resided.  I am an expat and during that time have lived in two different countries for extended periods of time: Russia for 3 years and now Norway. During this entire time, I have maintained a US address (my parents) and US credit cards and banks.  This has enabled me to buy all iTunes content from the US store regardless of where I have lived around the world.


    Yesterday, this came to an abrupt end when I was asked to contact customer service due to a payment issue.


    It turns out that they have finally cracked down in the past couple of weeks (according to the rep I chatted with) and have updated their system to prevent purchases outside of the country in which your account was set up.  This is in line with how Netflix, Hulu and Amazon's video on demand services work.  People who have tried to circumvent this through VPN's have many times had their account disabled permanently due to violation of terms of service, so I'm not willing to play THAT game.  All of my purchases made under the iTunes store can continue to be re-downloaded (both Music, Movies, Apps and TV Shows) and I can stream them to my heart's content via AppleTV.  I just cannot buy NEW content using the US store unless I am physically in the US (i.e. on business trips or vacations).


    If I change stores, but keep the Apple ID the same, I will have to bounce back and forth in order to regain access to earlier content. Since I know I will someday be back in the US after several years, it is worth it to me to keep my US account in good order.  However, I will know have now passed a "fork in the road" where all content I buy will be split: Norway and US.  And let me tell you--the Norway store is pretty lacking.

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    Ouch... that's awful, MSchutz. =( Sorry to hear it. I wonder if we'll start hearing about lots of similar cases soon, then...

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    They really need to make apple id global, maybe even a global app store. Just like steam, you can see all the content in there but if an app is not available in your country, you can not access that.


    Apple id is garbage right now. My purchased list is a mess. I can not even sort them by something, just the purchase date.

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    All - I have been using oplusix's method (see earlier in this thread) of keeping one iTunes library in the Users folder, with separate user accounts for two different Apple IDs, for about a week now.


    So far, so good. I changed my main account to my French ID, using my French address and credit card, etc. and an email address set up just for this purpose. That email forwards automatically to my main email, so I never have to look at it independently. Oplusix doesn’t use credit cards on his (her?) account, but instead buys iTunes gift cards for purchases from other stores.


    I made a new user account on the Mac just for my US iTunes, so I can keep my apps updated. I haven't tried to buy anything from the US iTunes store, so I don't know whether I'll get hit with the crackdown MSchutz has described. But apps update flawlessly and I do not have to deal with re-downloading them and fearing I might lose them altogether.


    Some tips:


    1) When you set up the new user account, be sure to set the Apple ID in System Preferences. This will ensure that you're automatically logged in to that iTunes account.


    2) Be sure to set write permissions for the iTunes library to "Everyone" so that all users can alter the file.


    3) You can't keep both user accounts signed in to the iTunes store at the same time, probably because they are using the same library. So you have to quit iTunes in one of the accounts in order to use the other.


    This system is still a bit clunky, since you do have to switch user accounts — but it's really not bad with fast user switching turned on, and a lot less fussy than some of the other techniques described in this thread once it's set up. It permits automatic updating of multiple accounts and avoids having to re-download apps, which happens if you use Apple's "change country" option.

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    I'm in a similar boat as the OP only worse.  I cancelled my card from country A before I switched my iTunes account to country B so I cannot switch back.  Worse still, I cannot redownload any of the apps I own as it prompts me to re-purchase (the names of which not all I can remember and none of which I have backups for, as I thought, mistakenly, that the "cloud" was supposed to handle that).  The vast majority of content that I paid for is now out of my access and some apps that are still on my iPad refuse to update.


    I don't understand how Apple can get this so wrong.  I had no problem with my Google account when switching countries.  I can still access, re-download, and update apps.  Same for my Steam apps.  iTunes seems to be the only problem.  I hope they change it and fix this for me of they will lose me as a customer.  I've spent a lot of money on the app store and on Apple devices and products because in my view, they are superior, as is the service.  If that ceases to be, i'll go elsewhere.

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    Paul, however re: point2, if I am right this means making the Users folder permission "read&write" for everyone ... at least I had to do so. It seems not too safe, correct?

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    Yes, I had to do that. Not too safe — maybe. Depends on your habits and whether you routinely let others use your computer.


    By the way, I've been using this system for 2 weeks now with no problems at all. I really like it!

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    Swapped my iphone 4s for a Samsung galaxy note just before I left uk for Australia 6 months ago , I bought apps on google app store and they are still availible to update in Australia and I can use my Aussie cards to make purchases it all works seamlessly .I am really frustrated and ****** off as my Ipad was one of my favourite devices but because of the app update issues I have 2 options

    1) Jailbreak, install cydia and add hackulous repositries, install  installous and Pirate EVERYTHING.

    2) sell ipad , buy NEXUS 7 and buy apps with the left over cash and use Androids double twist app to sync movies and music bought on itunes .

    That raises another issue I use a PC and the iTunes software for pc ***** ***. iOS is locked down and loves using proprietary formats like mp4 / m4v for movies android plays it all .avi .dvix .wmv .mp4 and many many more.Did I mention you can access your file system and just drag and drop your media files on to device .

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    My two cents: On my iPad I see all video format without any Jailbreak. I use GoodPlayer.

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    I have been using Austrian Credit Card, but was located in Thailand. Apple forced me up to date to purchase from Thai iTunes Store. Now they changed the rule and force me to purchase from Austrian store (because of CC data).


    All my previous purchases can not be updated anymore and im stuck with iMac, MacbookPro, Iphone and iPad (each several devices) which become increasingly unusable due to broken Apps.


    Chrome e.g. had a bug that it deletes google sync data (passwords etc). This affected therefore also desktop. but now i cant update the App which they fixed.


    The solution with mutliple accounts wont work as i always had only one payment detail.. From Austria, but was forced to purchase in Thai store.


    This is not acceptable situation at all.

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    You don't have to pay once again for your previous purchases.

    I moved from country A to country B and I updated my appleID with the new address and credit card info for country B. When I access the App Store I cannot update my apps, because they are still linked to the store of country A, while I am in the store of country B. However, I can repurchase all those apps and don't have to pay for them, since the store recognizes that my account has already purchased those apps and paid for them.

    So, to update your apps, you'll have to repurchase all of them. You won't have to pay again, but it's still a pain in the *** because you have to redownload each one of them individually...unless there is a better way I don't know about.

  • ghostway Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    That means i have to download several hundred apps again?


    Thats just outrageous.

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    That's not what I was told. After switching countries and cancelling my original card (not being able to go back), Apple support told me I would have to re-purchase anything that was not on my device as I would no longer be able to access it from the Cloud, which I thought was supposed to keep a backup.  The exact words of the representative were:


    I am sorry but if you didn't back up your U.S purchases before switching countries then there's no way to have them back but to re-purchase them.


    As I mentioned, If you have been using iTunes in the Cloud to download past purchases from your Purchased page, these purchases will no longer appear when you change the country. Content purchased from the iTunes Store is country-specific. The content you purchased while your account was set to the previous country will not be eligible for upgrade as well and you will no longer receive application update notifications in iTunes for the apps you purchased in your original country. However, you'll still receive update notifications on your iOS device for any applications installed on it.



    As a result of my treatment, I sold my iPad yesterday and am in the process of selling my 17" MacBook Pro and all my other Apple devices.  Apple just threw me out of thier ecosystem and there is no reason for me to stick around.  I bought top of the line Apple devices for years even though they were more expensive than competiors becuase the customer service used to be second to none.  You could reason with them and they would try to help you if your request was reasonable. In fairness the rep I talked to did try to make an exception, but when the process failed and my downloads were not transferred to my new country's account, I was told I was still SOL.


    I had several iPads worth of apps and used the cloud to download apps such as games I was using at the time and deleting them when I wasnt.  Same with movie content.  I downloaded seasons of tv and many movies -- so much content it would not fit on my computer if I downloaded it all at once.  I thought the cloud would keep me safe.  It didn't.  The rep told me I shoudl have made a backup.  The Cloud was supposed to be the backup.  Maybe I didn't read the details in the 50 pages of legalese in the terms of service but no reasonable person should expect that to make what happened my fault, especially when competing services such as Google Play and Steam do not do this when switching countries and the Nintendo 3ds clearly warns you that you may lose all your online purchases when switching from the US to Canada eshop.  I lost everything I ever purchased saved the little content I still had downloaded and was told I would have to buy everything again?  It's outragious.  This would never have happened if Steve were still around, nor would that horrificly ugly new Nano. No.


    It's time for me to move on from Apple.  It's a shame since I was such a good customer.  17" Powerbook, G5 Tower, Cinema Display, 17" Macbook Pro, an iPad, iPods, and hundreds of gigabytes of content from the iTunes store.

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    I would wait before hitting that purchase button, and to the poster above, I would check your credit card statement.   An apple rep told me I would have to re-purchase anything that was not downoaded (see above post) and that apps in the new country was not elible for upgrade except on the device the applications were still installed on.

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