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    Return it and buy a SSD. use your good hard drive as external. You won't believe the speed difference.


    Good Luck

  • Michelasso Level 1 (80 points)

    yafoing wrote:


    I installed it correctly, turned on the mac and inserted the OS X Install DVD. The Apple logo appears, then the rotating wheel under it. The wheel keeps rotation for 30s then the screen turn black.

    Not sure what you mean with "installed it correctly". Anyway, to boot from the DVD you should press either the Option (alt) key at the boot time then select the DVD icon, or the "D" key to boot directly from the DVD (if I remember correctly).


    If none of them work, restart again and hold "Command-V" (Apple-V). That boots in verbose mode so you will see where it gets stuck.

  • UConn Engineering Help Desk Level 1 (0 points)



    Could someone please help me?  I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro 15".  I installed the Seagate Momentus XT hard drive and booted from a Mac OS LEOPARD disc...and I could partition and what not fine...although, when I tried to install Leopard, after an hour, it gives me an error stating that it can't be installed and that the hard disc might be damaged.  The Macbook Pro has 4 GB of RAM...not sure if that makes a difference, but can be upgraded to 8 GB if needed.  Is it because I'm using Leopard rather than Snow Leopard?  I feel like that might be the reason...

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    I would say that your hard drive might be damaged, I would return it for a new drive.

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    I forgot to add but the Macbook Pro (the disc that came with the laptop) isn't the same one.  ALTHOUGH, I did call Apple and told them that I have another restore disc of the same exact model of the Macbook Pro (both were purchased the same date).  Are those restore discs that specific?  Would it make a difference?


    When I check both serial numbers on Apple, I get the result:

    This is the disc I'm using.

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) and (15-inch, 2.53 GHz, Mid 2009) - Technical Specifications


    This is the one with the Seagate Momentus XT (I don't have the original disc).

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) and (15-inch, 2.53 GHz, Mid 2009) - Technical Specifications

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    As already suggested the HDD may be faulty. Also I would try to update the firmware first. The link should have all instructions. You can do it installing it in a writable CD. Then I would reformat the HDD using Disk Utility.


    I don't know what you mean with "restore disks". The MBP should just come with the OS X installation disks. One should include the HW check utility. If they are both Leopard they should be exactly the same. Yet again, if the error persists return the HDD and ask for a new one. It isn't uncommon to buy hard drives that do not work just out of the box.

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    Alright, I'll return the old HDD and exchange it for a new one.  Once I do so, I'll update the firmware first.


    What I did was install the HDD, then I inserted the disc that (one was for reinstallation of Mac OS Leopard and the other was Applications, which were the two discs I had).  I held down C, which was written on the reinstallation disc.  It booted up to the installation set up, but first, I went to Disk Utility and created a partition of the entire 500 GB (less than that, whatever was the maximum).  I made sure the partition was GUID.  Then I erased the disk and made sure it was Mac OS Journaled.  Once all that was done, that's when I quit Disk Utility and tried to install Mac OS.  The first time it failed after 30 minutes but the second time, after about an hour and a half, it failed.  I figured something had to be wrong.


    When am I supposed to format the HDD?  Do I do that before I set up a partition?

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    i had the same problem, i upgraded to an SSD to solve the problem. I couldn't even FORMAT the SSD in the normal drive bay. I bought a kit that let me put a drive into the optical bay and when i put either the hybrid drive or the SSD into the optical bay it worked flawlessly.


    I put an older drive back into the normal bay and it works perfectly fine.


    conclusion: in at least my case, the 3gbit speed chokes the interfeace somewhere. the slower 1.5gbit drive works fine but NEITHER of the two drives that are 3gbit work in the drive bay yet both work perfectly fine in the optical bay.


    MY solution which is working GREAT is that i moved my hybrid drive into the optical bay and put an 'old school' 320GB drive into the standard drive bay. i use that drive for movies and TV shows to relieve some pressure from my main drive which was almost full.


    i'm bummed that i can't use my SSD but once i got my hybrid momentus working flawlessly i'm very happy with the performance, and with the fact i have 820GiB of storage internal in my macbook pro.


    i have the very first 15" unibody 2008 macbook pro. it's nearly identical to the 2009 model, so i would bet a LOT that most problems are due to an incompatibility between the 3gbit speed and i'm not aware of any way to un-do the firmware update that sped up the interface (i seem to recall the interface was only 1.5gibt when new). That wuold explain why some people can use the drives and some can not.


    case-in-point to test things: i've NEVER had a problem with any of the drives when used either in an external firewire case OR in the internal optical bay, but NEITHER my SSD or my hybrid drive work in the normal drive bay. on top of that, an older model 320GiB drive i have works perfect and the addl storage is great.



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    Hi, I have the same noise issue of Dwimmerlaik:


    "...the first time I moved my computer, I noticed an immediate vibration or "off-balance" noise..."


    " was the hard drive making the "humming" noise..."


    I hear this noise only when I move the computer, for example, from horizontal to vertical position.


    Is it normal?

  • Mr.Nobody Level 1 (0 points)

    I've found the same problem here, and I'm thinking to try deactivating the SMS just for do a quick test (and reactivating it after the test).


    I will not damage the HD If I deactivate the SMS just for a fast test, right?

  • Dwimmerlaik Level 1 (10 points)

    I would suggest taking it back and replacing it. I replaced mine and the replacement exhibited none of the problems the original one did. I would be very hesitant to trust a drive that makes the kind of noise that the first one I purchased did.

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    I would just like to add to this discussion, my experience with the Momentus XT.  It has been flawless and fantastically fast.  I have not yet had it for very long, but my initial experience has been amazing.


    I have been reading various discussions about these drives with Macbooks around the internet, and I would like to point out that people who end up on these forums researching their drives are probably mostly the people experiencing problems.  I have talked to aquite a few people who have told me of having the same experience as myself.


    So if you are looking to improve the performance of your machine, I would reccomend taking this drive into consideration.  Computers have become so efficient, yet traditional hard drive technology has not greatly improved at the same pace.  Ergo, the read speed of the hard drive is usually the biggest bottleneck of a given computer. Unless you are using true SSD, the Momentus XT is truly a good option.

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    having drive for about a week now, also would like to share my experience.


    - it's fast. Apps are opening nearly as fast as on Air. And they are getting better overtime, as disk "learns" which areas of the disk are read often, and remain unchanged. I think the biggest difference I notice are Photoshop (4 - 5 sconds, down from some 20)  and Word (about a second). Also boot up increased significantly.


    - it's NOT a SSD, nor should it be treated as one. SSD part is used more as a cache for read-only data, and saves or often changed files will not benefit from it (video editing...).


    - it vibrates. yes, with this drive inside you can feel your laptop vibrating with your hand. Not sure how others feel about it, but it's driving me mad, mad enought to actualy return to old HDD :/ I was actually amazed, after putting old HDD in, how much difference in vibration there is...

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    @danindub: so how much vibration is there? will it rattle coins or something less? I never touch my laptop (hardly, which is always on a stand) so this drive might work for me...but not if it makes ur teeth hurt...


  • DanInDub Level 3 (640 points)

    THere's a bit. But you won't hear it, it's not a washing machine It won't rattle coins .so only touching laptop placed on a your desk you will be able to feel it. Very annoying when holding palms on the palrest. It's much less obvious when laptop is on a soft surface (laps...).


    If you're not actually touching your laptop, you should be grand

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