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  • gogega Level 1 (0 points)

    If you never made a jailbreak on your iPad there is no way of downgrading. It's a shame, that Apple doesn't make a official downgrade possible for older iPads...

  • kryptoUnderdog Level 1 (0 points)

    Point blank, if this is the "policy" than the words "care" and "quality" don't feel to me like they exist at Apple.  I am so sick of tech companies providing "monitors off" tech forums instead of listening and responding where users will look for answers, in this case right here.  This is what comes up when you search the web for Safari IOS issues.  This is therefore where Apple needs to respond.  But instead we have the kind of horrible, complex solutions that sound like the old "I'm a PC" ads.  Apple needs to step up and update the browser so it supports every version of IPad and iPhone.

  • jresh Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree, but I don't think Apple has any intention of supporting the original iPa ith a browser fix. For that reason, I'm ready to throw this cursed crashpad into a wall.  If they depend on the mentality of users who need the newest of everything, they can count me out, and I'm no longer buying into the argument that the Apple store has everything. There are so many other great devices out there. I'm so over Apple.

  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    Amen to that Jresh !!!!

  • kryptoUnderdog Level 1 (0 points)

    Try saving as progressive pngs. Try creating smaller images in size and scaling them

    as background images.  Note too with JavaScript you can substitute a different image

    set based on user agent and in CSS use a media type test to determine screen width and use a different image set based on a style selection.


    Frankly for the web app I'm building I'm not supporting safari but only chrome on IPad 1 due to low RAM.  They can still access the site just not the Video section of the app.

  • WantSiriTV Level 1 (0 points)

    I say it's an OS/Safari bug. Safari crashes (spontaneous closes) on my 4th Gen/retina once a day. On my daughters iPad 1st gen, it crashes a couple times per hour. Never been jail broken, light users. Few app downloads. The most recent crash was on my 4th Gen when I was on: at-theyre-actually-worth. I hear my wife complain on her iPad2 often. Hope it helps.

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    I won my ipad v.1 at a trade show.  I'm ecstatic that I didn't pay anything for it, as I have never been a drinker of the apple flavored kool-ade.  I just let itunes update the sw when prompted to do so on the few occasions that i attach it to my pc.  In one of the recent updates a new version of the TPOS safari browser was pushed. and now the ipad will not stay up and stable while browsing. It crashes and crashes and crashes and so so it has become utterly useless as a web-enabled device.  If i want to let my kids play Angry Birds in the car or stream a radio station, it's fine.  Otherwise it's useless, and rendered thus by Apple.  Period.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    Ok so I went to at-theyre-actually-worth  Observations:


    1) it immediately offered me their mobile site (or maybe it was their app), so they recognize a problem with their site on mobile devices


    2) I went to the regular site. It was chopped off in landscape mode but worked fine in portrait mode. The stupid pop-in video messed with the formatting, but I got to the end without problems.


    The site referenced is obvious a high memory usage site that may cause mobile Safari to choke if it runs out of memory.


    I am using a v1 iPad running iOS 5.1.1. I made sure to close out of all other apps first.


    To the folks with Safari crashes using newer iPads ... Do you close out your open apps when you notice problems? I have found that this will sometimes help.

  • jresh Level 1 (0 points)

    I, too, am using a Version 1Pad running iOS 5.1. I have tried everying. I regularly clear cache and web data and am sure to close out all apps. I am so disgusted and not surprised to hear that this is happening with later generation iPads.  It was suggested that, rather than accessing Facebook through Safari, that I use one or several of the apps. The official Facebook app also closes unexpectedly (lately, expectedly). I was told, by a software engineer, not to restore to factory, because he thinks this is not a hardware problem, but rather a programming & memory issue. 


    Whatever it is, this is Apple's swan song for me.  I'm tired of the control, glad I'm not invested in the Apple culture with any other devices than my V1 iPad, and extremely happy that I didn't feel the need to upgrade to a newer one.

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    I swore I wasn't going to write another thing on this thread but I have just finished reading the first major interview of the Apple boss Mr Tim Cook in the Wired magazine - what a load of BS and utter spin... My ipad will power off now without me doing anything !!!! and yet there is still no way out....As you can see from my earlier posts I am now on my 3rd IPAD and still this happens... he can say all the right things about how they get it right etc and the customer is important yada yada yada....but the only important thing he is worried about is the shareholders - he certainly doesn't give much creedence to the customers on this thread !!! Go Samsung ...Now I have vented that will be the last word from me - I have offically had enough....

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    Well after having my original iPad replaced twice (under AppleCare) the problem still existed.

    I thought OK, maybe it was because my devie was 2 years old !       By the way, my Windows XP desktop is still going strong after 8 years.            I gave the iPad to my son (no this is not child abuse ..... he is in his 40s !)

    I bought a new generation 4 iPad and lo and behold ........... Facebook app still crashes !!!!!


    My son said he was going to get a Samsung Galaxy because of the problems with his iPad.

    Maybe we all should do that !!!!!         I wish Samsung would offer us iPad users a trade-in program for their Galaxy tablet.     Think about the publicity that would bring.    Maybe wake up Apple !!!!!


    Maybe we should suggest this idea to Samsung.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    Could you create the progressive png/javascript test page and then get an apple developer or applecare rep to file a bug report? That would be wonderful, esp. as it does affect a variety of apple ios devices.


    If we have a reliable, reductive (simplified) hosted test case, that would make Apple's job easier.


    I just got an Evernote bug fixed, that was affecting my banking, and that's exactly what I had to do.. create a test case. Mozilla is the same way.


    Test cases really help.


    If anyone with sufficient knowledge of web development can create a test case, that would be great.



    P.S Also, has anyone tried contacting 9to5 Mac and telling them that their page crashes on an ipad 1 and seeing what they said? There's clearly an issue with CNN, which is now fixed. Mobile devices matter to web developers, and if what this thread says is true, and it affects all apple mobile devices, maybe developers need to help pinpoint what the problem is.


    Let's be constructive, and work to get this fixed.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    "I bought a new generation 4 iPad and lo and behold ........... Facebook app still crashes !!!!!"


    Sounds as if this could just as easily be a poorly written Facebook app (?)

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    "P.S Also, has anyone tried contacting 9to5 Mac and telling them that their page crashes on an ipad 1 and seeing what they said?"


    Another case of crappy (non Apple) code IMO. I went to the regular 9to5 Mac website (not the mobile version). I ignored the button to try the mobile optimized experience. I surfed all over ... NO PROBLEM.


    Then I tried the mobile verison. A circle spun as it loaded content (always a bad sign). After a few clicks ... POOF.


    So from a troubleshooting standpoint ... How many of theses Safari crashes occur in "mobile apps" or "mobile website versions" vs the plain old website?

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    And another one of my rants. Web developers: Stop treating the iPad like an iPhone. I don't need or want a mobile version of your website. If you feel I must have on, make an option.

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