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  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2

    I really appreciate all of the discussion here. And it made me think of a resolution I forgot to mention.


    I used to be an ipad 1 user. And then I traded it in for an ipad 2. I got back $290, which I then applied to a very nice ipad 2 which I still use.


    The company is a company we do mention on Apple forums sometimes called Powermax, but many third-party apple resellers also do trade ins.


    CNET says the ipad mini is a great device. Some of the tech reviewers there liked it better than the original ipad.


    Here is a thread talking about whether the ipad mini's 512MB of RAM is enough.



    But Googling "ipad mini ram" brings up both sides.


    An ipad 4 or 3 might be a safer choice, although nobody has complained about ipad mini safari crashes in this thread. I doubt it will be an issue.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2

    In terms of fixing this problem for people who want to hold onto their current devices, I still think creating a simplified test case that only contains javascript, transparent pings, cookies etc. (cookies was a lark.) other things that cause it to crash is the best bet.


    If it crashes on a specific page repeatedly, even if it is repeatable on other websites, you should contact the webmaster or web developer and report it and post if they are able to determine the source of the problem or fix it.


    If it only crashes on the mobile-version of the site, post the url so we can dig in more deeply.

  • Fujifilm Level 1 Level 1

    Just did a quick search because I am sick of my iPad crashing despite a complete reset and only 4 apps installed. To find that this a feature of the iPad! I find it totally unusable for browsing, in fact not fit for purpose. After reading pages and pages of problems, my conclusion is apple don't want people to buy new products because no way would I purchase another apple device of any description.


    I also recommend others to avoid them. Now I know that I am not the only one and can imagine thousands turning their back on Apple all because they can't sort out a dodgy operating system. My wife was going to buy an iPad and because of my problems she went down the android path and has not had a single problem, it out performs the iPad. So my next purchase has to be android.


    The only thing people can do is exactly what Apple have done. Turn your back on them.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 Level 1

    To Fujifilm (Member since March 20, 2013),


    If you are upgrading from iPad 1 to either Android or iPad you are upgrading from a 3 year old tablet to a state of the art tablet. Either is likely to have 4 to 8 times the RAM of the iPad 1. Either will have much better performance.


    A true "apples to apples" (excuse the pun) would be to swap the iPad 1 for an Android tablet from 2010 and what kind upgrade support you get from Samsung et al.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 Level 1

    Correction: A true "apples to apples" (excuse the pun) would be to swap the iPad 1 for an Android tablet from 2010 and SEE what kind upgrade support you get from Samsung et al.


    I certainly hope that the gen 5 iPad has 2gb RAM and that the gen 2 mini has at least 1gb RAM, but 2gb would be better.

  • Fujifilm Level 1 Level 1

    I appreciate your reply, and the fact that it is now 3 years old. The way I look at is this. I bought my tv 3 years ago, as it happens a Samsung and they update software regularly.


    Today my tv is still as usable as the day I bought it. The iPad is not. My mate just got a cheap android I forget the make, £150. It has a USB port handles flash, plus all the other things that android allows you to do.


    I digress, the point is at £150 if he gets 3 years out of it that's not bad. The iPad which I think at the time was close on £500 or maybe more to only be useable for 3 years is diabolical, more so when apple have washed there hands of it a long time ago.


    Apple may be superior in some areas but will I risk investing in another one? NO. As a customer could I recommend Apple as a company people should deal with? NO. Did I like my iPad when it worked? Yes

  • Fujifilm Level 1 Level 1

    I forgot to add, why would anyone invest a massive chunk of cash on an apple product that we can safely say Apple will consider obsolete in a years time? For the same price you can buy a cheap android throw it away next year get the latest technology and still have saved money.

  • Fujifilm Level 1 Level 1

    I messed that up!!! I meant to say for a THIRD of the price not SAME

  • Suissejas Level 1 Level 1

    Fujifilm - couldn't agree more. There appear to be a lot of Apple apologists around on this thread....I wonder if they had a new car which failed to start after a year what they would be doing ?? Back to the dealer I suspect and after some sort of recompense... Oh that's right they would just buy a new one !!! Yeah right .....

  • Mophilly Level 1 Level 1

    Sam Katz1: you are exactly right. If someone cannot build a simple, reliable example to present to the support staff (of any company), the staff cannot help you.


    I have spent more than a few thousand hours programming and debugging software for many types of systems. In open platforms where third party applications are installed, the probability of conflicts is very high. There are a great many cases where a badly written application caused other apps to faulter even when the bad app is not running. On resource constrained devices such as phones and tablets tiny flaws or deviation from the platform guide lines will cause the end user problems.


    As an aside to anyone coming to this thread for the first time, I suggest you move on and do not waste your time. It mostly rambling diatribes with zero technical value.

  • Suissejas Level 1 Level 1

    Mophilly, so what do you want us mere mortals to do ?? Keep our mouth shut...I do not consider telling my story a "diatribe" at all ( or indeed "rambling" !!).  How else are we to put our side out there ??

  • Fujifilm Level 1 Level 1

    That's all well and good, but I reset my iPad like many others back to basic iPad, no apps. Still it crashes, that leaves the operating system at fault.


    I get the impression the apple purists would rather nothing got said about the problems. Let's pretend everything in the garden is Rosey. In the words of Johnny Rotten (sex pistols) "ever get the feeling you have been cheated"


    Apple have cheated those that put them where they are, and they will continue to do so, be it not supporting their mistake, or changing connections on devices.

  • WantSiriTV Level 1 Level 1

    Suissejas, you are on the right track - and it would be a better thread if we had less "Nick Burns" in it.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I must be in the "Apple Apologist" or "Rambling Diatribe" camp. I look at it this way ... the iPad 1 really was the first of it's kind and Apple had to cut corners to combine 2010 technology into the iPad form factor an still have 8-10 hours of battery life. Unlike TVs that have been on the market oh say 60+ years, the iPad one was ... the first. The entire industry has had three years (or 5 product cycles in the case of the iPad 1-4 + Mini) to improve on the original iPad. Just as operating system and application size bloat made the first PC obsolete in a few years, the same is true for tablets.


    My point is that the folks that bought the iPad 1 were early adopters and paid for the privilege. I use my iPad 1 day in and day out (I am using it to write this) and it is highly functional. I have dozens of apps and utilities on it, many times that more songs, and several books and many many technical PDFs. My iPad works flawlessly 80-90% of the time. BUT ... Safari does crash from time to time even several times a day - but only on certain websites. Unfortunately some of those sites are iTunes and the App Store. Is it frustrating as ****? **** yes! Do I feel cheated? No not really, I have gotten three great years out of my iPad and it still works great most of the time. In fact the only time it crashes is in Safari.


    I work for a major software company (not Apple or anything remotely Apple related). Software moves forward, old software gets abandoned. At some point it is no longer cost effective to support software that is x number of versions behind the current version. Also at some point in time the old hardware will no longer run the the new software or current operating system. This is what happened with the first PCs. This is what is happening with the first iPad.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 Level 1

    It would appear that mild swearing for emphasis is frowned upon (and auto censored). Now doesn't that just **** your ****** ******* ***?

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