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  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    Data Wrangler - I take your point but I do not have an ipad1 - never have because I never go for the first - I wait for supposed improvements in models etc etc.... As I have said before Apple have replaced mine for the third time and still it falls over on ANY app I chose to use. Without labouring the point, it is the complete ack of accountability by Apple that really gets me going and the equally complete lack of any response by them to what is obviously a problem with their clients.. Just the shear number of responses on here would give you some indication that people are upset. Then I guess I am asking too much ......

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)



    Too lazy to read all your posts again ... What do you have and what is the iOS level?


    "Apple have replaced mine for the third time and still it falls over on ANY app I chose to use"


    Well yes that would seem to warrant extreme anger and frustration ...


    For what it is worth between myself, my friend, and my wife we have iPad gen 1, 2, 3 and have never experienced the level of frustration you are experiencing. I feel your pain.

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    I personally don't believe it's true. I know that iPads can have errors occasionally, but I don't believe for a second that he has really had three new iPads that fail on every app he tries to use. There is no way thats the case. I'm sorry, but I just don't believe it...

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    I take your point about things moving on and in technical terms 3 years a lot of changes take place. BUT being an old git I was involved with computers when hard discs were water cooled (Olivetti) things have moved on memory is cheap, hard disc space plentiful, programmers lazy! By that I mean they no longer have space and memory restrictions.


    I have a pc running believe it or not windows 3.1 and dos 3.3 remember them? That pc still works today, granted its slow and the software old an no longer supported. But it works. It can't manage recent technologies.


    I also have a pc running windows xp it still does everything it was bought for, the core system works, there is no support, no updates, it can't handle recent technologies. But the point is it still does what it's meant to do.


    Now the iPad 1 (I can only comment on this as its what I have) it was bought for a purpose but I find that after 3 years it's no longer fit for the purpose, granted modern technologies it might not like because more and more apps are badly written and memory hungry. But I accept that. What I can't accept is everything was fine until apple upgraded the operating system, and now safari crashes constantly. This is not a new technology. It's not one or two people having the problem it's 1000s.


    So my iPad worked before the O/S update. Now it has endless problems, have I added any apps - no, am I doing anything different on it - no, do I want to do anything different on it today that I was not doing three years ago - no.


    Therefore it matters not that technology has changed. All I want is to surf the t'internet just like I did 3 years ago.


    Bearing in mind that like 1000s of others in the same boat the only thing that changed was the O/S which most agree has a fault / bug / whatever that apple have washed their hands of. Had the O/S update worked and apple said that's it we no longer support it. That's a totally different ball game.


    Apple have abandoned the very customers that put it where it is today. Unfortunatly it will make no difference to their profits because the "apple must haves" will continue to buy the latest "upgrade"


    They are not the first company to shaft the people who put them where they are, PayPal, nochex, eBay, they are the same even Microsoft shaft it's customers. Why do they get away with it? Because they can!!!!

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    I understand what you are trying to say, but based on your logic (using your comparison to Windows architecture) the only real mistake Apple made here was to allow iPad 1 users to have the iOS 5 upgrade, and to then allow for subsequent Safari and other app upgrades that move to iOS 5-capable infrastructure. With your Win3.1 machine, Windows would never allow you to upgrade that to Win 2000, XP, or beyond. Or, with your XP machine you cannot upgrade to the latest Explorer or Office 2010 versions.


    With Android as well, owners of 3 year old tablets and phones cannot have the infinitely more stable (apparently) 4.1 version of the OS. Also, those that do upgrade to that version are annoyed that they have unknowingly (perhaps) just taken away their Flash support. (check their forums, you'll find a lot of annoyance there).


    My iPad1 still works pretty well, Safari does crash occasionally, but it works most of the time, and for internet only searches I use another browser that I prefer anyway. That one never crashes (leading me to believe it is more of a Safari issue that iOS5 issue, though it could be both)


    As you mentioned, XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Android Gingerbread and below is no longer supported by Google. Time marches on. That's the main reason people upgrade, although you are correct that we seem to be in a culture these days that wants to always get the latest and greatest, but that's not an "Apple" phenomenon. That's everywhere...

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    That's exactly my point, Apple created the problem with iOS. Knowing the problem was created by this do you not think apple as a responsible company that cares about its customers would address the problem. If they addressed the problem and created a fix or whatever. 1000s of people would be happy.


    I am not asking for much, just that my iPad does what it used to do before iOs5. Work without crashing.


    Imagine you have say a phone for arguments sake, you can make phone calls and lots of other daft things and you are a happy bunny. Then the manafacturer does a software upgrade. You then find you can do your daft things but it no longer makes phone calls or during your call it cuts out every few minutes.


    Then you find the manafacturer will not address the problem "it caused".  Are you still a happy bunny? Or are you of the opinion it's now 3 years old so it does not matter.


    You Would have to ask yourself.....


    ... Would I buy from this manafacturer again? The chances are they will do it again


    ... Was this a marketing plan to force people to upgrade.


    I am sure by now Apple are well aware it's a problem they caused and I am equally sure that it could be addressed, after all they pay software developers and programmers to develop this stuff.


    As it happens mine crashed while I typed this! Had to start all over again.


    Nobody complaining about the crashing wants anything more than to use the iPad without the constant crashing, and we are not talking once a day or once a week.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)



    The difference between you and me is that I accept that my iPad1 is "end of life" and you don't.


    By "end of life" I mean the following: the iPad1 is five versions of iPad old. Apple is devoting all of it's resources working on the next iPad and iPad Mini ... Actually they are working on the ones after those as the next iPads are now in various stages of manufacture if not final assembly.


    By "end of life" I mean that Apple is working on iOS 7 and iOS 6 patches. iOS 5 is "end of life".


    I am willing to live with Safari crashing ... or find a different browser that doesn't.


    I am waiting to buy the next iPad. Apparently you want to switch to Android.


    In a perfect world Apple would release iOS 5.1.3 that would fix the out of memory conditions the iPad1 is experiencing. But Apple is also a hardware company and they really want you to upgrade to next iPad.


    So you have one of three choices: use a different browser, buy a new Android, or buy a new iPad.

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    The difference between you and me is not that I don't accept "end of life"


    What I do not accept is the forced end of life by apple.


    The OS worked fine before the upgrade and like thousands of others I had no problems. The upgrade caused the problems.


    That was not end of life but forced termination. !!!!


    You may well have enough cash to replace your iPad every 12 months, I don't.


    Do you think people who have iPad 1s and paid a lot of coin for them are more or less likly to upgrade if Apple released 5.1.3 sorting out the problem it caused.


    My guess is most will think, if I buy the latest IPad and when not if Apple decide its time to terminate it. Will I have to fork out again.

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    Fujifilm - firstly my thanks for putting "our" case so properly - I appreciate what you are saying and it mirrors my experience exactly - thanks

    Gstar65 - you can believe what you like but I have better things to do than put BS on a thread such as this. If you want to come to Geneva (I will even spring for some coffee and chocolate !!) I will gladly sit down and show you the problem and then you WILL beleive it.

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    Same here!  Thanks, fujifilm, for stating the case so well. Building in obsolescence is not what we expect from these high-pricetag items.  I, too, have a 9 or 10 year-old XP and a 6-year-old Sony Vaio laptop that I maintain and keep running very nicely.  Not all of us choose to have the latest shiny gadget, but rather take care of what we have -  especially us use-it-up-and-wear-it-out yankees! The dang thing should work until it comes to its natural end of life, just like us!

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    Adding my appreciation.


    I first posted on this thread on 21 January 2012. When I look back to the OP, this thread was born the day I put my iPad into service.


    What I understand is that this is not simply a problem of the iPad 1, that this crashing problem persists into later models. That suggests to me that if I were to invest in a newer iPad, the problem might not go away. That would seriously bite my buzz.


    I would replace my iPad today if the problem was fixed.


    I totally understand EOL. I have completely embraced the reality that my iPad is EOL. I'm currently coming to terms with EOL on my old SD TiVo. I spent the last 20 years of my working life teaching graphic designers how to do their work on desktop computers, I made my living lifting people over massive emotional hurdles.


    Those computers were always Macs. I am a determined, self-aware, unapologetic Apple fangirl. And I won't be replacing my iPad with another iPad until and unless Apple fixes this problem. I've owned both an Android smartphone and an iPhone, and I believe I could live with an Android tablet.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    I have no evidence that it persists to later models.


    I am a computer consultant. I have seen that CNN sometimes crashes my iphone, certainly an occasional site will crash safari, and a relaunch fixes it. It doesn't repeatedly crash.


    The ipad mini is based on ipad 2 architecture, and should not crash. Neither does my stepmother's ipad 1. (running ios 5). My friend who has an ipad 2 and then 4 does not complain, and neither does my neighbor who has an ipad 2.


    And I would hear about it.


    What I would like is for specific reports of URLs that crash, the model of ipad you are using, the OS version. Specific urls is not: but a specific article on that is crashing your iPad.


    Does it go away when disabling Javascript, using private browsing mode, or any other trick? If so, which tricks help?


    Thank you.

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    Just because you do not have the problem you imply or it seems that you imply thousands of people are liars!


    I have an Ipad 1 for the best part of two and a half years I had no problems with it. Then I had the IOS 5 update, from then on it crashed.


    NOW MAKE NOTE.  I do nothing different today than I did prior to the update, I have no new apps, I have changed no settings. NOW if the only thing that has changed is the IOS, you tell me where you think the problem is. Why would I need to disable, delete, change, reset anything? The answer is I shouldn't.


    Let's take a daft scenario, you have a push bike, everyday you get on that bike and ride it, one day someone removes the chain and fits a new red one because its the latest super dooper chain. You get on your bike and it will not work, so you go on the forum and say my bike will not go, the first thing you get asked is have you changed anything. You say I just had a red chain fitted its the latest one. Half a dozen people say I have a red chain mine is fine, try changing your pedals, try changing the saddle, maybe the tyres need pumping up. Even more people come on and say, you know what since I had the new chain my bike will not work.


    I know its a daft scenario, but the point is the bike worked before the new chain, only one thing changed prior to it not working the chain. !!!!


    IPad 1 worked prior to IOS update what changed ??????


    As it happens I tried turning everything off that was possible, I even went back to factory setting and put no apps on, used safari and it closed down on a regular basis, Facebook is impossible to use, various high graphic or memory hungry sites are impossible to use, now before you say well it's memory etc, remember prior to IOS update I was using the same sites with no problem.


    What I don't know is? Why thousands of people have problems yet some don't even though they have IOS 5. Logic tells me that possibly some IPads have different chip sets or something not compatible with the update. It has to be something like that because thousands of people did not suddenly change there configurations or put a dodgy app on, the chances of all of us crashing out on one site is not likely nobody is saying it only does on google or eBay.


    So please those that do not have the problem, don't disbelieve those that have,  you can have no idea how annoying it is. Also dont assume that people on this forum are stupid, they are here because they are trying to sort out a problem. Not a problem one or two people have, not an intermittent problem, not a once a week crash problem, but if it's the same as mine it's a problem that nearly makes it unusable. Again as an example I was typing this reply and twice it shut down. On this IPad I have factory only settings and no additional apps. The only page open in safari is this one. !!!

  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    Once again Fujifilm, many thanks for taking the time to explain to the non believers our plight. Like you everything was  fine until the OS update to 6 was applied. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out !!! ( or perhaps it does huh !!! ) also like you I had to start this reply over after it crashing...

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    You make a good point that not everybody has this problem. Your stepmother doesn't and neither do I. Perhaps it is something to do with the type of websites you visit. Now, I am not saying that you must restrict your exploration of the web but you can't expect, because of the pace of change out there, that your old device will cope with that change for ever.

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