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  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    1. It has iPad on the back

    2. It has a camera.

    So we have established that it is a Gen 3 ?

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    And the iOS version to which you upgraded?

  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    It is now 6.1.3. Not sure if that was the initial upgrade after 5 but thats where it sits now.

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)



    First off, you and I have been using the same words to discuss two entirely different situations, but nevermind that for now.


    Next, I recommend that you download the App "System Status" by Jiri Techet. It is excellent for diagnosing and documenting problems. It provides access to the system logs, has the ability to track memory usage, and many other diagnostic tools.


    Third, and I am explaining this in detail for others who may not be familiar with the process, how many background apps do you have running? In iOS 5 and 6 every app launched keeps running, hogging RAM until you specifically kill it. The easiest way to do this is to double-click the round "Home" button, which will bring up a list of icons for the apps running in the background (at the bottom of the screen). Hold down on any one of the apps until they start wiggling and show a red circle with a '-' in the middle. Touch each minus to kill the app. With System Status you can view the system log and see that you "killed" the process. My wife has a gen 3 retina iPad and I had to show her how to do this when things got slow. This process is improved in iOS 7, but that is irrelevant here.


    Finally if you do all of this and nothing get's better go back to Apple and get a fourth unit. Based on your posts this may be your third unit, but you got it last fall.


    My wife is running iOS 6.1.3 on a gen 3 iPad Retina and it has been absolutely bullet proof ... Once I showed her how to kill apps. By the way, just doing a full power off cycle (holding down the off switch and swiping to shut down) will not kill apps, they restart on power up. The occasional full power off is still good to do.

  • Suissejas Level 1 (0 points)

    I always kill apps so that is not the problem. I am not going back to Apple to get a 4th unit...why would I or should I ? If the problem remains then nothing has changed....I haven't got the patience or the inclinaton to do so. Thanks for your help though, I do appreciate least you have tried....more than Apple ever did.!!

  • Data Wrangler Level 1 (10 points)

    Your situation just seems so strange to me. Wife has same unit you have w/ 6.1.3 no problems whatsoever ... ever.

    Friend has iPad 2 w/ 6.1.3 no problems ever ... ever. They swear by theirs. You swear at yours. Very curious.

  • Benway1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I seem to be having this problem with safari crashing today. I'm running 5.1.1, not updating since I am aware some of my music making apps will stop working....

    But safari is not working, so this *****.

    When I try to open it, It briefly flashes on the screen before instantly closing


    Was there ever a solution to this problem?

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    That is a different problem from this thread.


    But here see whether this works.


    Go to Settings-->turn on private browsing under Safari, click "Close all Tabs" then test.


    Now go back in and turn it back off.


    You may also want to clear cache.



  • Fujifilm Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont think there are many things that most of us have not tried. I have factory reset mine and still the hassle continues.




    Bought myself an android.


    So far so good, its so nice to be able to type and not wait for the keyboard to catch up. Even better to use an app and it not close down.


    Just need to find a use for the ipad now, I did give it to my nephew who after 5 days gave it back!

  • gogega Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what i've posted some months ago:  "After a long time since my last post here, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my iPad 1. The iPad everywhere reacted very slowly, Safari and web-based applications crashed more often, it was no fun anymore, multitasking didn't not work. First, I have iCloud deactivated and did an iPad-Reset, which did not help anything. The frustration was so great that I was thinking of making a downgrade. However, I only had the SHSH blobs of iOS 5.0.1. After all, better than 5.1.1. I thought. So I made a signed Firmware with iFaith (5.0.1.) and restored to this firmware. I then set up the iPad as a new iPad and didn't activate iCloud. Right now, the iPad is much better again. It is faster overall, Safari crashes fewer times, but only for memory-intensive sites like Overall, I recommend a downgrade to anyone who has even earlier SHSH blobs secured. Best of luck!"  if you're lucky to downgrade to 5.0.1. or you're still on 5.0.1. it'll be probably the better.     BUT: at the end I've found the perfect solution after more than 1.5 years for me:    One User here lately recommended the Puffin-Browser, I have'nt heard about it before. There is a free edition which is perfectly fine. Load-times are insane and the overall stability is impressive since this browser uses his own java-script engine over an cloud-service. All the other browsers within the App Store use the same engine as Safari, which causes them also to crash. I blame a faulty Java-Script engine in iOS 5.x together with the limited RAM on the iPad 1 for the terrible Performance-Issues. Sometimes even Puffin crashes right after the start, but after the second start everything is smooth and stable, even on picture- and script-heavy webpages (engadget, theverge etc.), believe me.    So the perfect setting for me (either on 5.1.1.) now is (and I recommend it to all frustrated iPad 1 users):   - reinstall the firmware from scratch, NEVER EVER enable iCloud  - jailbreak your iPad  - download/install the App "iCleaner Pro" on Cydia (free)  - with iCleaner disable all the Auto-start-deamons which iCleaner says you is safe  - with iCleaner you can even delete the retina-iPad related files within your apps, this saves A LOT of storage space  - for what I've found saves you alone 30(!) MB RAM: disable the spotlight daemon with iCleaner!!! You can easily live without spotlight for better performance  - finally install the Puffin Free-Browser and kick Safari forever (TIPP: since you're jailbroken you can install a modified hosts-file for Ad-Blocking-Purposes, google for it, so you won't get ads in Puffin Free Edition)    Your result of all the changes will be an smooth and stable iPad-Feeling just comparable with FW 4.x. Finally I've got my iPad back!  Good luck!    (sorry for bad english since i'm from germany ;-)

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    Your English is fine.


    I just want to clarify something. Puffin is primarily used to play Flash videos on the ipad. as such, it needs to decode that on the server. In fact, if memory serves, Puffin's entire browser is essentially hosted in the cloud. You are just viewing their browser on your ipad.


    As for using ifaith and rolling back to 5.11 or whatever, this is not supported. It also implies you have a jailbroken device.


    Jailbreaking is known to cause instability.


    But to each their own. We just can't really condone jailbreaking here, for many reasons. It is unsupported, destabilizing, etc.


    I have seen no solid evidence that upgrading the OS increases crashing, it may be correlated rather than causation.


    If you have a specific website that crashes your ipad, provide that to apple support. They should then be able to help you.




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  • gogega Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Sam,  I would never have jailbroken my iPad if i had'nt the problems which many of the users here have. The crashes occured right after clean installs WITHOUT any apps/jailbreak installed. My iPad worked fine with iOS 4.x, after the upgrade -> boom!   Since Apple NEVER EVER helped (nor ever will help) the people with the iPad 1 (because there probably was'nt ever any solution, cause of the limited RAM and the iOS 5 footprint) and we all have spent a lot of money, people are allowed to help themselfes. Why is'nt an official downgrade to 4.x possible? We people bought an 500$ product which was't anymore able to simply surf the web, what any cheap Android-Tablets can do! i've spent a lot of time myself to get my iPad back in an acceptable order, and if the jailbreak is the only working solution: so yes!  What is your purpose to write down the jailbreak? Did you finally have a working solution for all the people here? No! The majority here have tried all your/other advise with finally no luck. And related to the Puffin-Browser: I (as an normal user) can't care less about the exact technical background of the puffin-browser as long as this browser provides me with functionality Apple was about to deliver.  I'll never buy an v1.0 gadget from Apple, NEVER! Another iPad? I'll won't bet on this...

  • Fujifilm Level 1 (0 points)

    Gogega - you are spot on. Apple are only interested and will only ever be interested in those that buy the latest gadget. Todays culture of "must have" and the "apple is best" brigade is what keeps Apple going. I will never buy an Apple product again, NOT  because of the product, but because I dont like being shafted by the company and treated as a nobody instead of a customer.


    To Apple - its funny how when I breached a condition of posting that you removed it and emailed me straight away, yet any other time you cant be bothered and choose to ignore customers.

  • jresh Level 1 (0 points)

    Today, I downloaded the free version of Puffin (to my first generation iPad) to see if it would help the crashing problem I had with Safari. I'm impressed. So far so good. No crashes in facebook, and it's very quick. If this continues, I'll download the full version. I wish I knew about this sooner. It would have prevented a lot of frustration! A big Thank You to whomever it was who first suggested Puffin.

  • Benway1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Sam. Thanks a lot! That seems to have done the trick!



    To everybody else here : I feel for you. It's very sad about this EOL "end of life" thing for the ipad 1.

    It seems crazy.

    This makes me a bit afraid and wonder how long before my ipad 2 is EOL  / no longer supported by apple.

    I do not have enough money to "rebuy" products this expensive.

    "Unfortunately", ipads / apple products are easily the very best for music production [and probably most other creative utilities] so I must maintain allegiance to apple.

    [and it's also absolutely awesome for music and these other such things, and in many ways saves a lot of money and space].


    Anyway, I'm sad to hear about this "end of life" business.
    I hope Apple listens to the people here.

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