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  • John Scott1 Level 2 (305 points)

    I have the same problem with Safari. Sometimes it just quits. I have to say I think its just not working with my iPad 1 very well. In fact I feel IOS 5 is just not a good fit for the slower hardware of the iPad 1. But unlike my Mac I cannot just install another browser that behaves any better. I have tried Atomic browser and its OK and I would recommend anyone with serious Safari issues to try it. But Apple needs to try and fix Safari. I guess for me its not bad enough to try and use and learn a different browser. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact Safari does not support a lot of plug ins in IOS. Such as Flash, Silverlight, and Java. So if a page has a lot of this, I find it more apt to crash Safari. That's just been my observation and if true their is nothing really Apple can do with Safari. Unless of course it decides to support some of these plugins.

  • Vx99 Level 1 (20 points)

    If that was the problem why (and HOW) did Safari manage to render the pages perfectly well in iOS 3.1.3. or 4.x ?


    As many have reported, iPads that worked perfectly fine suddenly developed the problem after being upgraded to iOS 5.


    It doesn't take a whole lot of deducing to work out......

  • krakas Level 1 (0 points)

    Safari Mobile has seen major changes in iOS 5.0


    Enhanced JavaScript engine and tabbed browsing being the most notable, I'm sure there's a lot of other changes that weren't as publicized as these 2.

  • Vx99 Level 1 (20 points)

    "Enhanced JavaScript engine"




    That made me chuckle, I'm pretty sure Java has something to do with the crashing, (the only way to stop crashing on some pages is by disabling Java), they have "enhanced" it into something so useless it crashes to an extent of making browsing impossible on some sites.


    Well done Apple!

  • krakas Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, sure, adding JIT support to javascript and make it perform well, even on websites written by moronic contractors who wouldn't recognize a bug if it them in the face, managed by ******** who think adding 5 JS tracking libraries to each page will get enhance their revenue, is such an easy task.


    Not there isn't a problem with Safari Mobile, but I wouldn't lol at that, nor would I say it only enhanced bugs.


    And it's JavaScript, or JS if you want to sound techie, not Java that doesn't have much to do with the issue at hand.


    And yes, if you disable a massive CPU/RAM hog, it will have an effect, and safari will indeed crash a lot less since you can't browse half of the sites out there.

    Not sure it's exactly relevant to the problem at hand.

  • NVR2FST Level 1 (0 points)

    Crashing and laggy here too. Safari, YouTube at random. Many times a day. iPad 1

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    "Is it the IPad or Safari or iOS?  I've tried the recommended fixes, except the DFU restore, and it still crashing."


    Please try the DFU Restore. There are people for whom it worked that had tried all the other fixes. Someone reported that the apple store recommended a DFU restore.


    Follow the other instructions to do this.


    Dec 26, 2011 4:08 PM (in response to karenvb) tells you how to do a DFU restore. Make sure you transfer purchases and do a final sync before doing this. Do not restore from backup. Setup as new ipad instead.


  • NVR2FST Level 1 (0 points)

    What, the people at Apple don't use IPads? You act like they won't know anything unless we hand it over to them in person. I am quite sure they watch the forums,(stupid not too). They can see a problem early on and monitor how bad it gets with descriptions and explanations. As I said they have IPads so I am quite sure they are well aware of it.


    They NEVER tell anybody when they are working on a problem. Maybe they feel that if people know when they start working on the problem people will complain how long it takes for them to figure it out.

  • NVR2FST Level 1 (0 points)

    It kills me when people get on here as if they know the total workings of an apple product just to tell everybody to reset,etc. etc. etc.

    Uhhhhh........ It don't work. Many many people have this problem. It showed itself with the update. So quit wasting people's time by telling them to try this and that when it is in Apples hands to fix it.

    This ain't the first time we went through issues that were Apples software or hardware problems. (iPhone's)

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    Did you try a DFU restore and it didn't work? What did you try, and it didn't work?

  • Waltramon Level 1 (0 points)

    Another frustrated user here.  Today it's crashed 3 times in less than 90 minutes.  I think it began with the IOS 5 upgrade.  Since I mainly use my iPad 1 for web browsing, this is very uncool.  I want to upgrade my ancient flip phone, was gonna go with an iPhone, but this situation isn't giving me much confidence with Apple.

  • NVR2FST Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you know why I am here in this forum? Certainly not to hang around for the overwhelming brilliance.

    You know what? My IPad has been crashing since the last update so I finally decided to come and see if there was an issue going on. Guess what? There is! Go figure. Hmm, since people started having the same problem at the same time with the same update.......I am going to guess it is not isolated to my iPad alone. Pretty smart huh? So no I am not going to waste my time resetting, restarting, redoing, reinstalling, rebooting, resynching, etc. etc. Done it before with the phones. Guess what? Didn't work. It was an Apple problem.

       My life does not evolve around these Apple products. I use them for what they have to offer but that it is it. This is an Apple problem. Chances are they will fix it. If not, Oh well.

      I just came to look and let it be known to Apple there is yet another iPad with this issue. They don't pay me enough to figure out their issues. I sure pay them enough though. So enjoy your resetting, restarting, redoing, reinstalling, rebooting, resynching, etc. etc. Just to find it is of no use.


    I understand there is a time when resetting and all will fix a problem but this ain't it. Look at the numbers. Apple device owners can be a strange group.

    Oh yeah, a friend of mine has an iPad too. Guess what? He has the the same issue. Go figure. It must be an airborne virus or something. Shall I torture his unsavy self by telling him to try resetting, restarting, redoing, reinstalling, rebooting, resynching, etc. etc.

  • NVR2FST Level 1 (0 points)

    Since Apple is a walled garden, we have to wait for them. The community can't do much.

  • davek0974 Level 1 (45 points)

    It is kind of annoying that there is no point of contact from the mighty apple on here or elsewhere. There is the feedback form but again, no reply other than the standard "we can't reply in person but will look into it" type of auto response. Some form of human contact and feedback from apple would go a long way to easing people's headaches especially as apple do charge a pretty price for their products. It would not take much to have a connected moderator on here surely??


    Most other companies have a contact of this sort, come on apple, get with the customer for a change.

  • Mrduttz Level 1 (0 points)

    I admit to being a complete newbie on Apple products but I have noticed that in Settings/General/Diagnostics these Safari crashes (and Apps store and iTunes for that matter) result in error reports titled "Low Memory". Although Safari Mobile is often the largest program running I wonder if it is the multitasking stuff that makes the difference. Since these reports do go to Apple hopefully they are getting hard data that is useful.

    I like the new multitasking and screen gestures but I would prefer uninterupted Aps.

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