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    This is so simple. I had an iPhone 3G which I connected to my in-car bluetooth. I couldn’t make calls because the iPhone did not have A2DP support. When this was added in v3.x then I could use it as was clear as a whistle. Now upgraded to iOS4 and it’s like taking a step back in time. I’m back to where I was – I cannot use my iPhone in my car with bluetooth as I sound like I’m in a tunnel and the volume fluctuates like there’s no tomorrow. Also missing is the ability to control the bluetooth volume, this was available in v3.x – and I can’t believe that Apple can say that this is not their doing?! Explain that one!
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    Dear All,

    To summarise,

    iOS4 4.1.0 alone will fix the bluetooth issue. The full release will be soon (believed to be a couple of weeks or so) You can if you have full Apple Developer status (you paid the $99) download the iOS4.1.0beta3 prerelease files. However if you just have a standard Apple Developer account (can only post bug reports) you'll either have to spend the money or wait until the full version of iOS 4.1.0 is released.

    iOS 4.0.x will not fix the problem alone. Mercedes owners can take their cradle to Mercedes where the cradle can be updated to work with 4.0.x. I am not aware of what cradle fixes other manufacturers have for 4.0.x

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    Going to Ford for support with iPods and iPhones is usually useless. You need to remember that you have a Microsoft computer built into your car, and you are trying to connect your Apple media device to it. The very first thing you need to do is make sure that you have run any and all updates to your SYNC system in your car. This can be a trying process as it is entirely PC based. You will need a dedicated USB flash drive to load the updated firmware files to your car. Your dealer can also help you with the updates, but you are a slave to their schedule. The message here is simple...UPDATE YOUR SYNC SOFTWARE!!!

    I have always found quirks using an iPhone with SYNC if you are connecting via USB for music and BT for your handsfree. Hitting a bump can make your phone disconnect from USB and switch to BT streaming, killing the music control you just had. This has been the same from EVERY iteration of iOS 3.X and 4.X across iPhone 3, 3GS, and iPhone 4. I personally leave the BT off in my car and have a Jawbone ICON for my handsfree use. With only 1 connection you will have a more stable iPhone experience while using a SYNC enabled vehicle.
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    iOS 4.1 unfortunately hasn't fixed the issue I have with iPhone 3G in combination with a Parrot 3200 ls-color with the latest firmware... The person on the other end of the line can't hear me (sometimes it works for a minute or so).
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    I have the iphone 4... same thing here...was hoping the 4.1 update would repair this serious problem, but no, my jawbone icon still will not stay connected ....
    what a joke!!!
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    Same issue here since upgrading to iOS4.x

    Kia forte EX handsfree bluetooth drops bluetooth connection and reconnects every 5 minutes or so and doesn't allow you to answer incoming calls half the time.

    It's incredibly annoying because the car stops the radio and says "transfer complete ... connection complete" every 5 minutes muting the radio on you.

    I have the 3Gs

    3.1.x worked flawlessly

    4.0, 4.0.1, 4.1 are all broken

    Blackberry bold connects and works fine with no issues

    it's the iPhone not my cars handsfree system.
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    Nissan Versa 2007
    iPhone 3GS v4.1 build 8B117

    Before v4 I could connect this phone to my Versa. Since v4 I get no connectivity, but the symptoms are very strange.
    I made both devices forget the other, so I was starting fresh.
    When the car tells me to make the device discoverable, I turn on iPhone's BT, and then things seem to start happening.
    I even get the car to tell me the passcode, and the iPhone pops-up a screen to allow me to input the passcode.
    Then the iPhone spins and tells me it's dicoverable, and it seems to be hunting for the car connection. Ultimately it never connects.

    There is no way to update the BT software in the car, so I know that's not changed. I also have a BB Bold, which continues to connect. It is NOT all right for Apple to break something and not own up to it. The hardware it obviously not the issue, it was the v4 update - so fix it already! I bought an iPhone because of this kind of functionality, I need this for work! In fact I can be fired if I am caught using the iPhone in any other way than a BT connected call! Whats the hold up? Has Apple even admitted there is an issue? Who do we have to call to get some action?

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    I have now an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1.
    Bluetooth works with my Peugeot 207, but only if I make calls.
    It doesn't work receiving calls: I see the call but when I answer I hear nothing.
    I hope Apple will resolve this issue.
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    I have a new 2011 Sonata and the bluetooth worked perfectly before upgrading to IOS4. IOS4.1 did not solve the problem. The phone pairs with the vehicle but will not connect anymore. My wife's cheap Samsung phone works beautifully with the car. I really hope this issue will be addressed by Apple.
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    4.2 Doesn't fix it either. My old iPhone 3G worked flawlessly with my iHome and Kenwood car stereo. Since 4.0 came out, it doesn't work with any of them, and my iPhone 4 is just as worthless for connecting with stereo bluetooth, too. I thought upgrades were supposed to add functionality, not take it away. Please put it back, and SOON!!! I don't get why it's worse. What changed???
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    Yeah Emiliano - iOS4 doesn't work with bluetooth - same happened with my mercedes when I allowed itunes to update my firmware. After researching everything,I found the only solution was to do a clean install of the original OS 3.1 firmware. Unfortunately, this meant I could not use my backup which was ios4, so I had to reinput all my phone numbers etc. but at least my bluetooth in my car works again. Apple will not let you go backwards with firmware, but there is a hacker fix at: . If you follow this absolutely step by step it works. Good luck.
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    Well, I have a 2009 Ford Expedition EL XLT 4WD with Ford Sync. At first, when I bought the iPhone4 at the AT&T store in Waipahu, I tried to pair it up but it did not respond and the Bluetooth couldn't detect the Sync device. But that all changed after I downloaded the iOS 4.2 and now it works perfectly.
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    I have an aftermarket Kenwood stereo with the Kenwood BT200 (I'm pretty sure that's the model number) bluetooth adapter, iPhone 3GS. In iOS 3.x it worked perfectly, now in iOS 4.x (I'm now using 4.2.1) it no longer automatically connects, I must manually go into settings>general>bluetooth and click on the Kenwood bluetooth listed every time I turn the car on. This does not fix everything though, this will only allow me to manually receive/make calls, play music (I prefer to use the dock connection for this), by manually I mean I have to set the stereo to the bluetooth input. In iOS 3.x when making or receiving a call the stereo would automatically switch to the bluetooth input, pause the music if the iPhone was playing music, after the call was done the stereo would switch back to the previous input and the iPhone would start playing music again if it was playing before. I have tried pairing my roommate's iPhone 4 to the stereo and it has the exact same problems. I have tried re-pairing my iPhone several times.

    Oh yeah, since iOS 4.x it doesn't load the contacts to the stereo anymore so I can't make calls from the stereo.

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    This worked perfectly, although I didn't have to turn off the iPhone. I just proceeded with the pairing of the iPhone as usual through the voice setup system but this time I had the phone plugged into the USB/Aux jack (Hyundai iPod cable connector) while I did it. Now my iPhone 3GS works perfectly with Bluetooth on my 2011 Sonata, no more dropped connections.
    Thanks for the info Alhedward!
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    If you've upgraded to iOS 5 since purchasing your car, you need to go into bluetooth setup and delete the affected pair devices on both your iPhone and the car's bluetooth systems and repair/reset both. Worked for me! Now the audio volume problem is back to normal and my phone volume no longer mutes when I exit the car.