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    @80skids Was the replacement they give you fine?

    I am experiencing a numbness when holding the phone and I have never had this on phones I have used before! 3G, 3GS and also a HTC Desire phone.

    I am hoping it's just a defected handset and I have booked a Genius appointment for this week!

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    Some people experience tinnitus whilst watching low-volume television and others develop tumours allegedly from mobile phone use. I subscribe to the train of thought that mobile phones are going to be proven damaging in years to come, just like cigarettes were. I couldn't live without mine now but I do worry about the effects of using it, bigtime. Some people are more sensitive than others and just because the average user doesn't experience problems, that doesn't mean they don't exist for some folk. To say the OP is talking rubbish, being paranoid or slating Apple is daft. He quite possibly does experience a problem from using the IP4. Who knows. One thing's for certain, the external antenna was certainly a bad idea.
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    I got numbness and tingling from my ipad. You are not crazy. The EMFs are screwing with your body.  I use a Q-neclace to prevent the RF. It helps for external electricity but with the ipad and iphone you have to touch it to get it to work and since your body is electric, this added electricity is causing problems for you and for me and for thousands. Apple is well aware of it and let me return the ipad. It was so bad that it was waking me up at night.

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    BertieS wrote:


    Has anyone experienced any numbness in their hand after holding the phone?



    Don't waste it,

    I'm sure there's a good use for a Numb Hand

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    I think your tin-foil hat is a little too tight...

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    I have definitely been plagued by numbness, and pain in my left hand palm and middle finger, and my right hand palm and ring finger. The fingers lock into trigger finger position, and it is severely painful to have to straighten them out with the other hand.  This has been going on for about 4 months, and I have visited both my regular internal medicine physician, and a bone specialist.  They both referred me to a hand surgeon.  This condition has been defined as trigger fingers and iPhone3g Tendonitis (a well known hand problem), the surgery is very painful, and the recovery time quite long (about 4 months). Right now I am sleeping in wrist braces, and I take Ibuprophen about 3 or 4 times per day, 800 mg. Don't really know if it is Apple's to fix, but they do encourage that we build our lives around our iPhones and iPads. I hate what this is doing to our society, especially our young people whose iPhone and computer time needs to be severely limited. I have noticed young people using their iPhones in restaurants while with their dates or families. Sometimes they are texting each other! My Granddaughters have been sending and receiving approximately 3,000 texts per month.  No more though, their parents have put their footsdown!  Face-to-face conversations are almost non-existent. Sign of the times, I hope not.  There is nothing like a group of people talking about facinating subjects.

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    I experience this problem, tingling/numbness from just holding the phone after a few minutes. Most of my usage is reading the phone while holding in my left hand and the tingling is in my hand just below my little finger. I had the problem with my iphone 4, but it is worse with my iphone 5. More powerul radiation perhaps? I'm trying to put the phone on a table to read it now but thats not always possible. I do notice my ipad 2 does this as well but not as bad. It often feels numb tingling for a day or so after if i have held the phone for a while, so as you can inagine, unless I rake an intentional break from the phone, i get it a lot. Why are there so many people who say we are imagining this? Just because it hasn't affected you doesn't mean it isn't happening. It's a known fact mobile phones emit microwave radiation. So why is it such a stretch to think it migjt be affecting our hand?

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    I just got an iPad mini about a month ago, and I have noticed some uncomfortable sensations in my arms while using it. It's really humming away on the LTE netowrk, and you can feel it.


    I am surprised how many people are using this forum to condescend to 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists' and spread misinformation. We are just people, asking a question. Is anyone else out there experiencing what I am experiencing? It appears that the answer is yes. Living in denial is unproductive.


    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to reduce these numbness/tingling sensations when loading content? For example, any specific case designs you have used that helped? I really like my iPad, but I find it painful to enjoy the best content at high speeds!

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    I posted this info over a year ago. I had to return my ipad due to the numbness and tingling. I had to go for physical therapy and needed to wear wrist guards. It took a year to get it away. The only thing you can do Andy if you want to keep your mini is to get a q-tape to put on the device by Quantum Nutritions to prevent the bad electricity from screwing with your body. Also you need to wear something around your neck to protect your body like a q neclace. You also should turn the wifi off at night when you are sleeping. When I returned my ipad after a few months apple allowed me to return it and said they knew that this issue for many people. The numbness/tingling also happened to my husband so I know I am not crazy.

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    I have also noticed tingling feeling in my fingers and hand while holding iPhone with my left hand and operating with right hand finger. I have iPhone 4s. The perimeter of the device, which is supposed to be an antenna, also gets hot while using 3G Data. I am starting to doubt my choice of hNdset and my faith in Apple products.

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    See your doctor. It has nothing to do with the phone except that's what you happen to be holding in your hand when you notice symptoms. It's more than likely carpel tunnel or another similar physical problem.

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    BUt what about the heat. It seems to be due to excessive radiation on the antenna

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    It's a computer. The CPU and other components generate heat when used heavily. If it's getting so hot that it's burning you, then make an appointment at the genius bar and have it looked at. It is not "excessive radiation".

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    it's well documented that use of technology in general can range anywhere from mental to physical disorders. for example; loving apple to the point of blind fandom and attacking anyone experiencing anything negative with their products would fall under the mental category.


    i've never experienced any symptoms with the iphone 3g or iphone 4. however after trading those in for a minipad, shortly after a session of binge gaming i had experienced something similar to what others would describe as carpel tunnel syndrome! it scared me... im currently typing this response with the tablet flat, tapping the keys independantly like two chickens pecking for seed.

    this model is wifi only confirming the general sentiment that it's not cellular radiation. i believe this simply has everything to do with the corner of the device and pressure points in the hand. naturaly you hold the device in one hand and swipe or tap with the other. all while the metal bezel is gouging the flesh in your palm massaging its way to nerves and tendons! i value the functionality of my hands, but also enjoy this great companion to the digital age (i tell everyone its a 7+). already looking into some sort of glove to combat and prevent these undesirable side effects.


    the games must go on!

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