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My iPad is typing on it's own! It's "glitchy" in that it moved from one screen to the next without me touching it's possessed! It moved itself to the search screen and started tying random letters, I actually see the letters on the keyboard being punched in I'm freaking out...this seems to be the mother!,, thanks

pS doesn't do it all the time, just when it wants to. Also I've cut off and on, and tried to sync with itunes

Dell, 3g
  • Antowns Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Clean the screen to remove anything from it.

    If it keeps happening and you've tried restoring it through iTunes take it to an Apple Store.
  • japamac Level 7 Level 7 (24,390 points)
    Sounds like someone is messing with you via remote access.
    Did you lend the iPad to anyone who might have setup your sharing settings to allow remote access, or installed a VNC client?
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    my ipad is doing the same. It doesn't has anything to do with remote access, I think is something with the last itunes sync download.
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    An Exorcism is in order.
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    I'm having the same problem where apps are opening on their own, safari windows close on their own, and other random scrolling occurs. Not sure if it's software or hardware related... or maybe it's related to the Zagg invisible shield I put over the screen. I haven't taken it off yet but was curious if anyone else with the problem also has a screen protector on as well.
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    i dont have a screen protector and my ipad is doing the same
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    I am having same problem. I just got my IPAD yesterday and was fine for the beginning. Then it started to do things on it's own. Very Annoying. Should I return to have it fix/replaced or is alot of people having this problem recently and may be related to software update/fix?
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    Did you find any working solution, I have my ipad from two days, and this behaviour started after upgrade to ios 3.2.2. Only working solution for me is lock the screen, clean it, and unlock then self typing stops.
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    Hours ago I have the same phenomenon happened in my iPad. I speculate that it might have something to do with the accelerometer as when I tilt my iPad in certain position, the poltergeist comes back to haunt my iPad. Keyboard keeps appearing and auto-swipe which results in hanging in between 2 pages. Restarting and cleaning the screen doesn't help.
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    I'm still having the issue after two months. I uploaded the latest OS version this week and still the screen movements occur. It goes away for a short time after I power off the ipad and power back on.
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    Has anyone had a problem where the iPad adds multiples of certain letters when you are typing? This happens to me on occasion and seems to come and go on it's own.

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    I have similar problems with random letters such as gg for g or . inserted after s and the slider doesn't work when the ipad is horizontal. It was worse with random typing and switching from mail content to subject followed by junk but this hasn't happened for a couple of days. Just installed 4.2.1 but no better. Any suggestion much appreciated as it is basically useless like this.
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    Guys, I know exactly what is wrong with your iPads. I had this "iPad Exorcism" for 3 months, desperately trying to find out how to fix it. If I tried to type sometimes the iPad freaked out and started to put multiple letters and other letters i was pressing. It also launched programs without me doing anything..

    Turning off iPad helped for a short period of time but the problem always came back totally randomly.

    I tried desperately to find the cause of this by reseting the iPad etc.. The truth is that no iOS update / software will fix this because the problem is in the hardware. I took my iPad back to the store this weeks monday and showed the problem there and they said that my unit definately had faulty processor or faulty touchscreen. They took my old iPad and replaced it with a new unit, which is working 100% without any problems.

    So my recommendation is don't waste your time, backup your iPads and take it to the nearest Apple certified repair store and show the problem to them and they should replace your iPad to a new one.

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    I have the same problem, and I found out what's wrong, it's not the software - restart, restore and FW upgrade will not help, if's defiantly hardware.
    The best option is to replace your iPad assuming you have an apple store nearby… which I don't however I found what's causing it and how to bypass the issue almost completely
    It's caused by the case pressing on the borders of the iPad, if you plan to continue using your case make sure it applies no pressure on the iPad - stretch it a little.
    Then, take your iPad out of the case (the random / ghost typing will continue..) hold it on both sides, and press hard like your trying to "fold" it towards the apple icon in the back, once you do that you'll that the iPad works normally, and will keep working ok for a long time, if the random typing returns, just do the "folding" action again.
    When pressing, apply strength but don't overdo it, you don't really want to fold your iPad (or break it), hope this helps…
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