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    After switching off Icloud,  Battery charged at normal rate and held its charge overnight. I have yet to try switching Icloud back on, but it is clear that this is a continuous syncing issue caused by Icloud.

  • Aaronsonglass Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It took half an hour to delete contacts and 30% of battery! Finally worked. Now I am trying to delete duplicate contacts on Icloud before re-syncing. Icloud can't cope with select all - delete, so having to do this manually.

  • Mfregeau Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Zero battery issues until about 4-5 days ago. Now battery is drainig at 10-15% or more per hour sitting on my desk, but phone is not hot at all. Last Tuesday I deleted all email accounts, restarted, no change. Deleted all calenders, restarted, no change. Added email accounts back and set to fetch, no change. Are you on Sprint? I ask that because I have noticed that mine shows " extended " quite a bit in the status bar since when this battery problem started.. I seem to recall it saying Sprint 3G most of the time priot to a few days ago. Now most times it shows extended or o.

  • Aaronsonglass Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's definitely ICloud. Switch off ICloud completely. I made a back up of my data on my Mac. Then deleted everything on ICloud. Took ages. Once iCloud is completely clear of data, then you can reload with the backup. Follow the instructions above.

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    Just turned off icloud so I guess we'll see. A little more info, the first hour that the phone was on this morning battery was still at 100%, since then, 3 hours, sitting on my desk without touching it, battery is showing 72 %. Still not warm at all. Due to the Sprint network issues we have been having ( upgrading towers ) is it possible that the battery is discharging due to roaming for a network?

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    Turning off icloud had no effect but thanks for the tip. I'm convinced that my issue is network related. Whenever I look at the phone it shows extended ( roaming ) depending on who you talk/chat with at Sprint they have a outage that is scheduled to be fixed today, they aware of no outages, or they have an outage that is scheduled to be done 7/9/12. The last one is not due to any storm damage but rather that they have added too many new customers in my area and needed to install a bigger transponder. Battery is at 50 % now. Gotta love em..

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    I have my iphone 4s since last xmas. it went very well even i use a lot and charge once everyday, it barely went down to below 20%.


    even after i updated to 5.1.1, it was working well. BUT, since last week, i started to have the famous" hot battery drain" problem, i needed to charge twice a day and it often went down to "low battery". I went out with 61%  and 2 hrs later i came back with 15%.


    it was so hot when its's charging and when i use for reading.


    last nite, i tried "turn off the push" etc. but it didn't seem to work.


    then I delete my account in" setting --- mail calendar and contacts", then restarted,re-add my email account,  and it didn't appear to go back to normal.


    so last thing i did was : went to "setting----i cloud" ,"delete my account " , restarted the phone, everything seemed fine, no signs of "non-draining", and i turned off again to charge it over night.


    I touched it couple times at night , no more "hot battery" symton.


    this morning, i turned on about 7am, and 8:30 am, it went down to 99%".


    I'm not sure the problems are REALLY solved, but it seemed to be normal this moment and it's not hot again.


    so maybe it's hefpful to some ppl with same problem.


    PS: I didn't re-add my account of icloud yet. I rather to wait when they come out with something to fix this bug then re-add.

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    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet...


    Anyway, I've been having horrible issues with my battery life.  I tried everything you could imagine...including removing all mail accounts and apps and putting the phone back to factory settings.  Nothing worked...


    I randomly went into iTunes on my 4s and checked the downloades portion.  Sure enough, there were 2 downloads stuck.  Oddly, these downloads were not showing up in my iTunes account on my Mac Book.  I believe they were podcasts...anyway, I cleared all of the pending downloads in iTunes while on my phone (seems to be important as what gets stuck on your phone doesn't match up with what is on your Mac)....sure enough...battery life is almost double what it was before. 


    Just thought I'd share...might be worth checking your pending downloads via your phone and deleting anything that is just sitting there.

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    thank you it work! now i will not worried anymore..

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    Like all the rest before me, a thanks to say that it is the push exchange functionality.  I have replaced the phone a couple of times on advice of the apple store.  But it is the calendar and contact update exchange set-up I have with google that causes the problem.  Disable it .  Dont't delete the set-up.  I usually delete my contacts and appointments though to clear the air.  They're on the gmail server after all.  Restart and then turn them back on.  It all restores and off I go.  Thanks.

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    Hi All , I am facing quite strange problem regarding iPhone 4S battery drainage.On standby , battery is showing awesome response like if I'd charged it at 3 pm it would be almost full till 11pm but as soon as I start using it , the battery drains upto 20% per hour.Kindly see , if anything can be done. :/

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    Donkeyhead's Calendar unsynch, reboot, and resynch instructions worked perfectly for me.  Thanks very much!

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    Reset network settings did it for me. I'd been travelling overseas and had celluar data turned off to restrict data to wifi. However, I did leave the phone on under AT&T's world plan. I noticed this happening after I got back. I wonder if making contact with all those different carriers triggered it.


    But it's fixed now. Thank you to all who posted their ideas.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,110 points)

    Leaving cellular data off for a long time can indirectly cause heavy battery drain. What happens is apps on your phone try to send data, but fail because there's no connection, and just loop trying to send data. This is a bug in the apps that do it, because they should first test for a connection before sending, and should give up after a certain number of tries, but with a half million apps and thousands of app writers some are not as good as others.

  • PZRoses Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Lawerence. That's good to know. My battery held up normall as I was traveling. It wasn't till I got back that I noticed the issues. But all seems good now.

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