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    Hi guys!


         My phone does the same issue that most of the people here were complaining about. It was working fine usually lasts 2 days before i have to recharge it and then after doing an update all from itunes without checking what apps are being updated, the problem, all of a sudden started and refused to stop.

         I really appreciate all the posts that are here in the forum though none of them seems to work in favor of my situation..did all the steps mentioned in the previous posts and ultimately restore my iPhone 4s to factory default more than 10 times and DID NOT install any apps, plain and simple SMS and CALL. 3G services were turned off, no emails created, turned off bluetooth, did reset network settings a dozen time, still the problem persisted. This is my second apple product and probably my last depending on how apple will take care of the issue. I was thinking of getting an iPhone 5 here in the Philippines as soon as it gets released but now i am taking a full stop.

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    Exchange-based accounts for Contacts/Mail/Calendars caused my battery-drain problems (about 15% of battery life every hour with the screen locked and no apps in the activity bar.)


    Here's what worked for me.  In Settings:Mail/Contacts/Calendar,  I toggled Mail, Contacts, and Calendars to Off for each of my Exchange-based accounts.  I made no changes to my regular, non-Exchange, accounts.    Using my System Status app (purchased to help me diagnose this power problem), I was able to confirm that the CPU usage improved from 50-70% usage (Avg Load from 1.5 to 2.9)  to a more reasonable ~4% usage (Avg Load ~0.4).  The phone also ran a lot cooler.   Then, after turning my Exchanged-based email and contacts back to "On", my phone's battery usage now looks OK.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (33,370 points)

    That's a good solution that was first discovered about 4 years ago. MS Exchange is the most common cause of rapid battery drain. And not just on iPhones. The reason appears to be that if the mail app cannot contact the server for some reason it opens a new connection to the server, but never cancels pending requests on the now non-functional connections. If you view it from the server side you see lots of open connections that are no longer being used. Shutting of the account (or deleting it) cancels the stale connection attempts. You can then safely turn it back on because they are now gone.

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    Sadly, my power issues continued, so Exchange was either not the true culprit, or maybe not the only one.


    My current "fix" is to prevent Safari from running.  Using the System Status app, I am able to see if/when the CPU usage is getting stuck above ~50%, and currently it happens every time I start Safari.  If I close Safari from the task bar, then power cycle, my CPU usage goes back to ~5%.


    As long as Safari is never started after a power cycle, it seems I can use Mail and other apps (including Chrome to browse the web).  For now, I set Settings:General:Restrictions Safari -> Off.  Unfortunately, it means links from email no longer start web browsing.

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    Same Problem: iPhone5 running hot and loosing charge very quickly (~1 hour lost >25% charge lost while on standby, with no use).


    Solution: Reset phone to factory settings and set up as a new phone (do not restore from backup).


    I took the iPhone to a Genius who said charging issues are usually (though not always) due to software problems, he ran some diagnostics and also asked if the new phone had been restored from a backup (yes it was; from and iPhone4S to an iPhone5), he surmised that the 4S backup could have been corrupted. He recommended a reset to factory defaults, and to not restore anything from the corrupted backup and then manually add back the apps that I needed (I had Mail, Contacts and my Calendars on iCloud, etc., so those were saved!) The Genius reset the phone at the store and the heat problem was immediately resolved. Adding back the apps was a time consuming pain but it did gave me an opportunity to weed out 200+ apps that I'd used only once or twice.

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    I have tried this with my wife's phone, and it seems to have helped, will report back with any more info.

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    i have same issues my phone heats up when using multi apps & while using 3G but my whole mobile is not heated only particular part near SIM card tray how do i fix it .???

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    There's nothing to fix. When you use cellular data you are expending energy, and energy translates to heat. The heat has to go somewhere. The amount of heat is proportional to the amount of energy needed, which is inversely proportional to the strength of the cellular signal. Meaning your phone will not get as hot when you have a good signal.

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    But in that case its not all in Apple devices have same issue only after updating iOS6 i started getting Heating might be it has Aluminiu body so but when i was on iOS4 i had no issues of Heating nor you can say Battery issue because my Handset is just a week past device  

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    If you read other messages in the thread you posted to you will see many reports of iPhones running hot going well back into the past. And also iOS 6 has more apps that use data, and data use generates heat. If your battery is running down faster you may have a runaway app that is using too much data. This is widely discussed in this and other message threads.

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    my battery is fine it gives me backup of around 14-18hour
    My phones start heating up when i start using more than 1app for example
    whatsapp-Operamini-Messages my phone is warm already it get more heat when i start using app like Facebook or Messenger for Facebook

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (33,370 points)

    I'm not surprised. Facebook is a very heavy data user.

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    I've had my iPhone 4 for almost two years and upgraded to iOS 6 when it came.  I also have an iPad 2. Yesterday, my phone battery,which had always performed extremely well, went down so fast I couldn't believe. Picked up my fully charged iPad and watched it do the same thing. What's up with that?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (33,370 points)

    Some app is stuck in a loop trying to send data and failing. First step is to run the battery down until the phone shuts off, then charge for 4 hours with the wall charger. If that doesn't resolve the problem you've got to try to identify the app. Email is a common cause, especially if you have an Exchange account. If you do, delete it, reboot the phone, and add it back. Likewise for iCloud email.


    After that it's things like Facebook and other social networking apps.

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    After battery drain issues with a 1 year old Iphone4, Apple calling me EVERY DAY for two weeks even though I told them in one of the emails they sent that I can't take tech phone calls during the day they refused to offer a solution via email..

    Battery drain is still ******.. Phone and internet disable themselves..


    Apple does a new upgrade that I was fool enough to install which screwed my phone, it won't work at all until I restore it and lose important information not to mention take who knows how much time out of my day I don't have (I work 16 hour days)


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