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    No, because very few applications "run" in background. Appearing in the Quick Launch ribbon does not mean an application is running. It means the application is suspended rather than terminated. The only applications that actually "run" in background are music streaming apps. All of the others are suspended. If they can receive notifications they may start briefly to respond to the notification, but then immediately go to sleep after processing the notification. This explains it better:


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    Thanks for the explanation.

    Well I am getting something strange here.

    This happens three times uptil now . One before iOS update and two times after it.

    Like today I switched my phone to data connection with no app running @ 11:00 AM. The phone was at 29%. It stayed at this % till 6:15PM. What happens is as I turned on the wifi and gets connected with wifi router, it suddenly drops to 22%.

    Last time what happened is that I charged my phone and it was 100%. As I plug out, it drops to 95%.


    I don't know why it's doing like that. Was it upgrade.

    Also my phone gets hot sometime while using over Wifi.

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    Can anyone help me with this.

    it happens once only during one full charge cycle and usage. At any moment, the battery drops 5-6% within a blink of eye. Meaning you are looking at iphone and its 28% and then suddenly the reading goes to 22%.

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    My 3gs was doing the same thing, one morning I woke up and my Iphone felt really really hot like it was gonna burst into flames within 5 minutes the battery went from 40% to 0 then switched off, everytime i plugged it in it would charge upto 5% and turn on but would  get hot again and turn off withing a couple of minutes. I went through all the steps and even did a full reset and lost all my data, which didn't work, so I figured it must be a hardware problem. A couple of months ago I bought a new battery from Amazon for £6 which came with tools to get into the phone, I changed the battery myself and thought that I'd put it back together properly, turns out I didn't, upon opening it again this morning I found a small screw which had come loose and was wedged near the battery connector on the circuit board, this had caused a short circuit and was the root of the problem, I removed the screw and put it back where it belonged and now the phone is working perfectly again. So, if you or someone else has opened up your phone in the past for whatever reason and are having these probmlems, it's worth having a look inside, these phones are full of tiny screws that can easily come loose if not screwed in properly.

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    Hey dear i have iphone4 i am facing this battery issue, i just charge at 11.00am in the moring and at 4 its like 45%. and i only use Whatsapp on that and nothing!!!


    Instead of MobileMe icloud is there so i should delete the accunt of icloud and restart my phone??


    i was having gmail account and i delete that already after reading your post..

    tell me about the icloud thing please waiting for reply

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    My colleague just showed me how to display apps that were open (double click on round button at the bottom). Then a banner along the bottom of the screen shows all open apps. I held down one of them and little minus signs appeared. I closed all the apps.

    From now on I'm going to close my apps after using them and see if that manages to fix the battery drain in my iPhone 4S

    Hope this helps some off you

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    You didn't really need a colleague to show you that; you could have just read the manual.

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    For me the fix was the e-mail. Tried everything else - turning off icloud and calenders. Phone wipe and restore etc, but in the end removing my e-mail accounts, restarting the phone and then re-adding the accounts solved the issue completely!

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    This is in response to Haciboo, who's post actually fixed my issue, thank you so much for your post!!!

    See here for the full list of fixes I had tried etc. age-dramas/?preview=true&preview_id=297&preview_nonce=3d90cd0a45&post_format=sta ndard

    Thanks again!!!!!

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    thanks sooo much....using your advice totally fixed my phone and slow slow battery consumption.

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    I just want to add that removing both my email accounts, shutting down my iPhone, restarting, and then reinstalling the accounts fixed my overheating/battery drain problem as well. I did not, however, have any Hotmail accounts on my phone; I had one Yahoo and one Gmail account. I deleted both and when I reinstalled after restarting the phone things are working like they're supposed to.


    This issue just popped up the other day pretty much out of the blue, so not sure what the trigger might be to cause this problem.


    I wanted to add an updated post to this thread to let folks know the problem is still happenilng despite about a year passing since the first post complaning about the issue.

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    If you include other threads, it is more like over 6 years. It is a flaw in the Push protocol (which was not designed by Apple; it's a Microsoft protocol) that allows it to get out of sync, so it keeps retrying and failing to sync. Sometimes it's also a corrupt record in the contacts or calendar database.

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    It was extremely strange behavior. And since it's been pretty cold around these parts until today, I really didn't catch the fact that the iPhone was heating up--I've got a good case for it that kept it sort of insulated, I guess. Anyway, yesterday I started trying everything I could think of to stop the battery drain. I downloaded an app called System Max and found that with no apps running but it, the processor was redlined. Which is when I started scouting the threads. The first thing this morning, I backed it up and did a reset, and that had no effect whatsoever. After I got some work done this morning and early afternoon, I finally noticed the iPhone was noticeable warm to the touch and it sounded like the drive was running just about non-stop. When I searched using the terms running hot and battery drain this thread popped up, and the rest is history. At least I know what to do the next time this happens, but maybe somebody ought to do something about it?

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    The "somebody" would be Microsoft, to fix the ActiveSync protocol. But that's impossible, because there are probably a billion or more computers and other devices using it and they would all have to be updated.


    BTW, there is no drive in an iPhone. It's all solid state memory.

  • rmatile Level 1 Level 1 (0 points) was making a noticable whirring sound like my MacBook Pro does when the drive spins up...