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    OK... Enjoy your backberry! My fellow work mates had nothing but aggrivation plus hours on the phone trying to sort our configuartion probelms. What an awfull user interface too!

    Bet your computer runs Windows as well. I bet you have anti-virus software and accept this as being normal. I bet you think its normal resetting everytime it freezes.  I bet you just put up with it cus you dont know any different. Its not your fault but hopefully you will see the light one day.

  • H2Orca Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is exactly what happened to me! I have a 32GB iPhone 4 that I bought in December, so I didn't think something was wrong with the phone already. I even went to the Apple store and they told me that my battery was draining because I had too many apps open, specifically Google Maps. They ran a diagnostic on my battery and found that it was able to last 7.5 hours. So, feeling dumb, I went home. However, even after closing all of my apps, my battery continued to drain rapidly. I followed what you said and deleted all of my email accounts (I had 3) and then put them back in, and synched them one by one. Now my phone works perfectly well! Thank you so much for your recommendation!

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    I've had exactly the same problems on my iPhone 3GS in the UK since the last update.  I even replaced the battery as the phone was nearly 2 years old, but this didn't help.   Having now updated to v4.3.5, it seems a lot better. 


    Has anyone also noticed an increase in their data usage during this period?  I'm on a 500Mb per month data tariff and never get close to using it as I'm usually within range of a WiFi connection.  In June I reached the limit a few days before the end of the month and in July I hit 80% of the limit within the first week.   Having seen the mentions of 'ping' problems, perhaps the two are linked?

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    Your absolutely right my friend. deleting one of the email fix the battery problem. It happened last week when notice that after the new OS update from iTunes, I unplug my iphone 4 from the computer and says battery 100% full, and after 30 mins. it says 15% battery left on my iPhone 4 which I use for 2 txt and one call (2 min call). 


    I had two email account in my iphone 4, GMAIL and work email with MICROSOFT EXCHANGE. I deleted the work email and just have GMAIL working. Reboot the iPhone 4 and plug it back to the computer, backup into itunes just incase, then let it charge until back to 100%.


    Now start using the phone and it shows that the battery is still at 64% after 6 hours in normal use (calls, text and web searching - wifi). Seems the battery is working fine my iphone 4 is not hot anymore. So Thanks for your suggestions.

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    I have the problem w/ my iphone it suddenly drains so fast, faster than it use to be, and draining fast even when I am not using it and under cool place. I try deleting my mail account and turn it on and off but the moment I turn it on my battery again drains from 78% to 77% , that fast, what else should I do?

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    What worked for me was deleteing me exchange mail account, reboot the iPhone, then enter in the exchange account again. Took a few minutes to update all the contacts but has work fine every since. Also took care of the "hot phone" problem as well.

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    I've had the same problems on my iPhone 4 in the LV since I buy it. It`s not a regular issue, but it`s show up time after time! I don`t know what is the reason for it! My support company sad that everything is ok and phone works fine, but I still have the same problem! At now I start thinking about some Android....   I`m not happy with my iPhone 4!

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    I had exactly the same experience, and the same fix worked for me.   Suddenly phone started getting hot and battery charge dropped like a rock.   Deleting all mail accounts and reactivating them worked.  Easy fix.  Only took about 10 minutes to get all three mail accounts back on the phone. 

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    Earlier this week I had to update my work e-mail password and then the battery was draining after 5 hours while mostly in standby.  That was the only thing I did to my phone this week.  So I deleted my Exchange account and after 1 hour I've only lost 2% on my battery.  Thanks for the tip, though I'd still like to know what is happening in the background to cause this.


    Heavy G

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    What is happening is email still has an open Exchange connection that is failing (in your case because of the password change), so email keeps retrying the failing connection. When you delete the Exchange account and reboot the phone it closes that connection. You can then add the Exchange account back and it should work normally again.

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    Well let me please thank Skeuomorph and inajeep for their posts on this subject. I've had my Verizon iPhone 4 for a few months now and the phone is really awesome especially around here in the SF bay area where the AT&T network hardly worked at all anymore where I live and was spotty where I work.


    Out of the blue on Sunday I noticed my phone was warm all day and the battery was draining fast. At first I wanted to blame this on nice sunny weather or on the alerts for the Bills/Oakland game and that I kept checking the scores etc. But then when it was warm again today and I had to charge it three times, I figured something else was afoot. I killed all the apps, powered off and on, all to no avail.


    Then I read this thread and it hit me... we retired an old Exchange server at work on Saturday and the account was still on the phone. So probably the phone was retrying, perhaps very frequently, to reach out and touch that server and due to some programming error (bug) this was heating the phone up and draining the battery. In any case, I've deleted the account now and I figure I'll update to 4.2.10 as long as I'm at it -- looking forward to see how the battery life goes tomorrow.


    Thanks again for sharing your fixes to this problem!

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    i've finally upgraded recently to an iphone 4 from a 3G, and was dissapointed that as of last week i've had the same issue with the excessive heat & the battery drain, and lex3001's comment about the retired exchange server and the other comments about exchange password issues made me realise what i think happened in my case...

    My exchange server crashed on the weekend just gone and was down for about 4 hrs, and so during this time i had attempted to check my mail. Anyway, i got the server back up and my iphone connected to it fine again & mail was fine. BUT i have a suspicion that the failed attempt to connect to the mail server when it was down has never actually's been churning away in the background ever since the outage. I found this thread and deleted the accounts as suggested, and when i deleted the exchange account i got a password error! i just deleted the account and ignored the message, and everything seems fine now - it immediately cooled down. So i reckon there was a rouge process trying to tell me the mail server was down and to try my password again, even after it had come back up again.

    sorry for the waffle, and sorry if this has already been covered, but i was quite excited that my phone seems fine again, and thought this info might help someone else.


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    Hi inajeep,


    My battery was draining fast too, and I noticed that in Settings->General->Usage. Under "time since last full charge", usage and standby statistice showed identical timing, even though I leave the phone untouched most of the time.


    I got the iPhone replaced, charged it for about 8hrs before downlading Apps or doing anything. I downloaded a few apps after that.


    The same problem described above came back.


    It seemed to have gone away after I deleted two apps, switched off and on the phone, turned on Cellular data for about 20 to 30 mins then switch it off again. But the problem coudl easily come back, just like what happened yesterday, after I go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings, the problem went away but came back again after the batt died and I charge it again to 100%.


    You were talking about deleting emails in your post, but the thing is I do not even have emails set up on my iPhone.


    If the problem comes back, what can I do??



  • rakish with sync contact Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I am also having low battery. After measuring I get about 7 hours with 3G switched off. This is what I did

    1) delete all email accounts, especially exchange email

    2) install synccontact ( need it as my contacts on google

    Enhance server )

    3) Reaet network settings


    Thats it. Wish things get better for u guys too

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