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Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on here. Had to hard reset for it to come back on????? I've only owned the phone for 4 days now and having problems..And it has been synched a few times on itunes..

Windows XP
  • Ian Banker Level 1 (25 points)
    I've experienced this a few times as well. Earlier today my iPhone 4 went completely dark on me..tried pressing the home and hold button independently. Then holding each button. And then I did a system restore by holding the hold and home buttons for approx 10 seconds. The Apple logo appeared and then it was up and running again.

    I've also experienced my screen freezing after receiving a text. I go to slide open the phone to unlock and nothing happens at all. The slider is stuck in place, along with the home/hold button press achieving nothing.

    I'm hoping this is a software bug that can be repaired by Apple (assuming enough people have experienced this). Aside from that my iPhone is great. It is my first one I've ever owned and im beyond satisfied with it. However this random shut off is kind of disconcerting. What if my phone shuts down and I have an appointment to make? Or even worse...I'm in an emergency?
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    Yes mine has been doing the same thing. The phone sits for 10 minutes or so then goes dark. I have to hard boot it to get it running again. It has "gone to sleep" like this about 15 times today. I have done 2 full new phone restores to see if that will fix it but experiencing the same issue.
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    I had simaler problems with mine... phone would just randomly shut down and reboot at random. Or it would freeze up and the only way to get it working again was a hard reset. I restored it twice, but that didn't work. Ended up going to the Genius Bar and tech determined that it was defective, they gave me a new phone, no hassles at all. New iPhone is working perfect... so far.
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    Same thing, shuts down every 2 minutes, I have only had one phone call on this new phone. I am in the US on business, live in the UK, woman travelling on her own and now have no battery left on the phone. It shuts down every 2 minutes and then restarts, but this has drained the battery. Been to 2 Apple shops, both offered me a new phone but, becasue I am on 02 in the UK it was going to take days to get activated, I think they didn't want to do the paperwork This is just not good enough, searched a few forums and this is a problem not just a one off - COME ON APPLE DO SOMETHING. I am in a different country with no phone that I queued 5 hours to buy, and very **ed off
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    Yes, I've also had this happen to me. I've only had the phone for 4 hours or so and it has shut off on me 3 times now. The only way for me to turn it back on is to do a hard reset as well. I plugged it into the computer, and iTunes told me that my phone is in recovery mode, and after downloading the new software update, it then told me that my iPhone is unrecoverable. So then I just did another hard reset. Anybody know what the problem is?
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    I have had the iPhone 4 since day 1. 75% of my calls dropped at least once. A couple hours ago it went dark. The hard reset worked.... but now i am back to dropping calls.... I really hope they replace this for me without any trouble.
    Even worse, I cannot re-activate my 3GS as the sim cards are different and my old one expired and can never be re-activated...
    Contemplating a complete return and 3GS re-activation or an iPhone 4 replacement...

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    i've had this problem roughly 3 times per day. No dropped calls, and everything else about the phone seems to work fine (battery is maybe a little weak, but I'm using it pretty heavily...) but every now and then it just freezes and sits there until I do a hard reset. It doesn't even seem to matter if I'm doing anything with it or not, as it'll freeze while it's in standby mode, too.

    If nothing changes after the first firmware update I'll probably visiting my friendly local apple store for some troubleshooting...
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    Similar problem here, it doesn't freeze or drop my calls it just shuts down when idle. A lot of people already complained because I m unreachable most of the time. If there isn't a solution presented this week I ll send the phone back.
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    I have the same problem, but mine is a 3GS device after an iOS4 update.
    After that my iphone shuts down each 4 minutes. And I don't see how can I fix it. I hope that there will be a new version of OS4 soon.
    Here in Brazil we don't have AppStore, It's the mobile companies that give the support, so It's the same of don't give any support.
    I'll wait...
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    I have had my iphone 2 days, and connected it to my pc and it just died, wont charge and even a system reset won't do anything. Taking it to apple saturday so hopefully they can fix it
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    Ugh, I am with ya! I bought the phone while I was traveling home to NYC last week. Since day 1 (and I have owned it now for a week) it just RANDOMLY POWERS OFF. The only way I can get the phone back on is to do a hard reset, and that usually takes a few times. I went to the Genuis Bar prior to leaving and they had no idea why it was happening and hadn't heard it happening to anyone else. I guess I was the first ? (yeah right?)

    Anyway, they suggested I restore the phone - so I did. In fact I did it twice, and NOTHING! In fact, it could be my imagination, but it seems to be happening MORE often if that's at all possible.

    Well, now I am no longer in the states and no where near an Apple store.

    Anyone have ANY suggestions????

    I am calling Apple tomorrow (assuming I can get through) and I either want a new phone or my money back.

    So annoying !!!

    (p.s. I was on the AT&T site and there's also a whole slew of comments on their community board about this same issue)
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    I'm having this same problem. I've discovered if I use the Iphone4 frequently, then it doesn't shut down...however when I go to bed, it always shuts down by morning. I almost missed work the first day I had the phone b/c it shut down and b/c I use it as an alarm, the alarm didn't go off!

    I've found that installing and using the "Relaxing Alarm app" which i leave running at night, prevents the shut down from occurring. But this is definitely not ideal as it forces me to charge the phone at night whether it needs it or not.

    It's my 1st Iphone, this problem needs to be fixed right away.
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    hi - exaclty the same prob happens to me. i leave iphone4 idle for 15 mins and it freezes (can't receive calls) so useless! (but it's a great phone when it works) . I need to hold "home" and "lock" simultaneously for 10 seconds in order to wake it up.
    I booked myself an appointment at genious bar at apple. Does anyone know whether I should expect a replacement by apple, or should I be contacting my Mobile network provider in the UK?
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    Sounds like the problem being discussed in this thread:

    No solution other than getting a replacement at the moment.
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