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    I am suffering with this problem after purchasing aftermarket earbuds that say they are for the iPhone 4.  While the mic is on the cord, the internal mic never turns off, so whatever noise is picked up by that (e.g., sloshing around in your pocket, or even external noise), and the distance if the phone is not held up to your mouth (which defeats the whole purpose of "hands free") causes so much noise that the other party complains and asks me if I am on speakerphone.   So, totally useless like this.  I suspect that Apple wants to prevent sales of third party headsets to protect their domain.    I would love a way to manually turn off the internal mic (and hopefully the mic on the headset cord would work).

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    Does anyone know if the problem persists when using a bluetooth headset? I just upgrated to the iPhone 4s and my Klipsch s4i are virtually useless on conference calls because the the mic picks up and feeds back every noise in the house.  The s4is worked great with the 3GS.  I need to resolve the problem ASAP and was wondering if Bluetooth would do the trick but want to be sure before investing.

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    Pure BT is just fine. In fact it wonderfully syncs with my BMW including dialed/received calls list, all over BT.

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    This seems to be an iPhone 4S bug.  The microphone in my iPhone 4S 16GB stops working or becomes disabled if I answer a phone call while listening to music/npr/etc. using non-apple headphones.  They work fine for listening to music, but I cannot answer a call while using them without removing the headphone jack from the phone.  Removing the jack seems to disable the microphone, because the caller cannot hear me, even though I can hear them.  If I touch the speaker phone, I can communicate with the caller, but only on speaker phone.  I need to reboot the phone in order to re-enable the microphone. 

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    I use an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0 and have a similar problem.  In my case is that when I make or receive a call with the ear-phone (original Apple) are already plugged in, the internal phone mic is turned off.  However, should I plug in the ear-phone in mid-call, the internal mic will not turn off and I will hear echos.  I reckon that this is a software issue.  Any help, please?


    Thanks n kind regards

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    I believe that I have a solution!


    I had an Iphone 4S.  It did not have this problem.  It broke and I bought a used Iphone 4.  It did have this problem and I wanted to throw it out the window.  I noticed that (and you may want to troubleshoot this too to see if you have the same issue i do)..... If I make or recieve a call prior to plugging in my headphones, I will have the external microphone problem.  If the headphones are plugged in before I answer a call or before I push send, there is no problem.  Anyhow..... There is a siimple (albeit pain in the butt solution).  If you make or answer a call prior to plugging in your headphones and the external mic is active, simply push the speaker button twice.  You are doing this to turn the speakerphone on and then off again.  When I do this, the external mic is killed and I can go about my phone call without any problems.  This solution works for me but I deem it unneccesary and temporary. It's been a while since anyone has posted on this.  Has anyone come up with a better or more permanent solutioin?  Hope this helps!  

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    Hi JMoMusic,


    Thanks for your post. And good for you that you found a somewhat acceptable solution. Unfortunately (for me) doesn't solve my issue. I almost always plug in my headphones/mic (Beats by Dr. Dre) before I make a call - as opposed to during the call. And the phone still always picks up ambient noise. That means loud city noises as I walk through Tokyo, etc. Defeats the purpose of having noise-canceling earphones for a phone call.


    I have tried it out on friend's iPhone 5, and it didn't seem to have the problem at all, so I am thinking Apple corrected the issue in the new phone, and that will be my eventual solution (later this year).


    This left a dent in my trust for Apple, especially since the Apple never once acknowledged the issue (on a forum, at the retail store, etc.) but I still prefer the iPhone to anything else, and will eventually get another one. Just wish this could have been handled better instead of with silence and denials by the Apple customer support.


    Good luck with yours.



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    Hi everybody,

    I just tried my handsfree set from Samsung Galaxy III and it works just fine !!!



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