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    I talked to a "Genius" about this yesterday, and he told me that the iphone "did not yet have the technology to manually turn of the internal mic when using a headset". Very hard for me to believe, but that's what I was told by an Apple Tech.
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    The issue is two things. First issue being that if you are using the headset microphone and have the phone in a position where you can be heard on both microphones the time it takes for the sound to travel to the second microphone is slightly longer than than it took to get to the first microphone. This causes the audio to sound like you are in a room with a bunch of echo and to the human brain it makes it hard to listen to the audio source, because its really you saying the same thing twice on a slight time delay.

    Second issue that this presents is that when the phones mic is active while you have a headset with a microphone attached and you have the phone in your pocket while doing activities that would warrant such a use of a hands free kit. Similar to me where I ride my bicycle with my phone in my pocket, listening to music and taking phone calls you have to listen to stupid loud noise of the phone rubbing around in your pocket and the material in your pocket rubbing against the microphone.

    Your amazing jump in logic on apples working assumption blows my mind, its not an assumption they made, because ALL of the previous iphone models worked running under the alternate assumption. Its like trying to say a log must contain fire because it can start on fire.

    I am a long time mac enthusiast and this is a major oversight and problem. The phone would of been better off not having the ability to use a microphone than this turd of an issue.

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    I'm also having this problem. I can't talk with the headphones in and the phone in my pocket because the noise is almost deafening. Is this a hardware problem with every iPhone 4, or is it an isolated defect that can be fixed if I get the phone swapped out at the Apple store?
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    Ok just did an experiment.  It's not the headphone.  Using apple headphone and 3rd party headphone on iPhone 4 both resulted in more back ground noise on other side and on my side than when using headphones with 3GS.  Therefore the new noise cancellation feature on iPhone 4 doesn't work as well as 3GS when used in conjunction with headphone. I am concluding that this is a problem with iPhone 4's either hardware or software. This problem is very annoying. Not sure why it's not well publicized.
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    A visit to the local apple store confirms this is either a software or hardware issue with all iPhone 4s. Both my GF and I went to the store and between the tech, myself, and my GF, we tested about 10 phones with 3 different sets of earbuds... yes it took a while. Each earbud set delivered varying results, but all were positive for this reverb issue.

    Based on our collective troubleshooting, I have come to the conclusion that this is a software issue.

    I've noticed that this issue does not arise when using Skype or Fring to make calls, so my suggestion to everyone having this issue is to use Skype or Fring until a future firmware update, (or phone update) is released.

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    Ok add me to the list of the "affected".

    This is my experience of the 'mic' problem.

    Today was the first day I used my headphones in about 2 weeks. Since I bought my Apple In-Ear Headphones (two and a half months ago) I've had perfect phone conversations with zero background noise (when talking through my headphones), until today.

    *I can literally here my surroundings through the headphones while on a call, though I can't hear it [[my surroundings]] as well as the party that I called/called me.*

    This is totally new to me! It's never happened before, not even with the headphones that came with my iPhone 4. So I broke out my iPhone4 box and took out the headphones that came with the phone and voilà _same problem_.

    I'm assuming that this was caused by the iOS 4.1 update because it didn't happen till after that update. However, I do suspect there is another contributing factor that brings the problem to the surface as I was fine for a time after the 4.1 update.

    I have to say that when i tap the mic on the bottom of the phone or the noise cancelation mic on top of the phone I *do not* hear the taping noise. The mic's on the phone are *not active*.

    One final thing, when you get calls while the headphones are plugged in is it supposed to ring from the phone's speaker and the headphones at the same time?

    Thats all I got.
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    This is an interesting thread because I think it ties in with the problem I have.
    But in addition to the feedback (hearing myself and other sounds) the caller is also complaining about the masses of background noise. In fact it is apparently so bad that most of the time they shout 'I can't hear you, I'll sms instead!'
    I guess if the mic on the iPhone is active at the same time as the headphone mic, and the phone is nowehere near my voice, then they will hear twice as much background noise to my voice sound.
    I'm on 4.1(8B117) version.
    Please apple - fix this. My phone isn't a phone if I can't use either the headphones that came with it nor the in-ear Apple buds that I splashed out on.
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    Has anyone with developer access to iOS 4.2 been able to determine if this issue has been corrected or not?
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    Wow, i thought i was going crazy until i found this thread. I have also been told that the background noise is excruciating to parties on the other end. As a workaround i packed the Apple Bumper with tissue over the MIC port and have been told it's 1000x better for the other party. Hopefully this gets fixed in iOS 4.2!
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    This problem shows up in another way. If you plug your iPhone 4 into your car stereo via the headset jack and a call comes in, you will hear yourself on the car speakers. What's more, the speakers will start to feedback. This never happened with my iPhone 3G. I am curious to determine if this is a hardware problem. Apparently from this website (, the first 2 digits of your iPhone serial number are the factory and machine ID. You can find it on the iTunes "Summary". Can you share it? I have 81.

    Will this be corrected in iOS 4.2 or is this a hardware problem? Hopefully not hardware because I have installed a $25 screen protector on it.
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    Both my GF and I have the same issue.... the back of her phone separated so we went in for a replacement hoping that this issue would be resolved. Apple customer service was great, but it seems that this problem has not been corrected through a hardware or software revision through 4.2.1

    Not sure what to do at this point, but talking on the phone with earbuds in any environment with noise is distracting to the point that I defer to text messages or my work provided bberry.
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    I just got a verizon iphone (4.2.6) and when plugging in any 3.5mm 4-pole plug into the headphone jack (including the apple provided earbuds w/mic), the internal mic(s?) were not being disabled. Subsequently any ambient noise was not only heard in my own headset, but the other end of the call's speaker as well.

    I completely removed skype from the iphone and now when I plug in a non-apple 3.5mm 4-pole plug into the headset socket on the iphone, the internal mics are now disabled. Problem solved for me. Hope this works for others as well.
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    This issue is still persistent in GSM iPhone. With apple provided headphones properly inserted in headphone jack, the internal iPhone mic remains on and the sound it picks up is transmitted to the person you are talking to. This does not happen when on a FaceTime call as the mic mutes itself.

    This is a big problem and should be addressed by Apple.
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    I have the same issue with my iPhone4 whether I use my Apple supplied earbuds or my bluetooth headset. I tested both with my 3GS and it/they work as one would expect them to.

    What's the point of a hands free device if you can't put the phone in your pocket without hearing all the rustling of the fabric against the mic?
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