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I have been using my iPhone for the past week with few complaints until the last 24 hours. Initially, when I attempted to launch the Mail program, it would start to maximize on the screen, then quickly display the black background with apple logo and a little swirl. Then I would be brought to the lock screen. I restored the software and started from a new profile just to make sure my backup wasn't the issue.

The phone worked fine all day today... About two hours, I was about to check my phone to reply to a text and without unlocking or doing anything to the phone, there was the white apple logo with spinning bars. This time it started while the phone was locked and sitting on a desk.

Restoring brings back normal functionality, but does anyone have any advice on how to prevent this from happening. The only thing I can imagine is my text message history. One conversation has about 15000 texts which I would prefer not to delete unless this is the root of the problem

Thanks for any input. Also, have tried restoring from both a Mac and PC to see if there was any different pattern but no...

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Mac OS X 10.6.4 or Windows 7
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    Wow, that sounds like a software issue. Have you tried resetting the iPhone and network settings and powering down and rebooting the iPhone? I know it seems silly, but sometimes trying all this may reset whatever bug you may have.
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    I'm having the same issue. I setup my phone and after about 4 hours, the phone started to freeze up and restart. Then after about 8 hours, all my apps and contact list were deleted from the phone. I tried resetting the phone to factory defaults 3 times and setting the phone up again and got the same result each time.

    Yesterday, I took the phone to Apple and of course, the phone did not freeze up for the 1-2 minutes the tech worked with the phone. However, the tech reset the phone again and by the time I got home to add my contacts to the phone, it was freezing again. Since then, it's been restarting just laying on the my desk. I didn't bother adding anything to the phone at all. There has to be an issue with my phone if it's freezing up before I connected to my PC or before I added any data to it. I'm taking it back to Apple today and hopefully, they will replace it. If not, I'm still within my 30-days to return it. I can always buy another one.
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    I'm having major iPhone 4 problems. It has locked up on me 30 times in a week where I cannot get the screen to power on & normally cannot reset it unless plugged in to a power cord. Then I only have to try pressing the reset buttons 5 times before it even resets. I've done this only to have it lock up again within 5 minutes. If I'm out and I don't have a power cord, I can't reset it. I don't know it's not working until I pick it up and try to use it. I've only missed multiple important phone calls, txts, and had my alarm not go off and overslept! I ♥ being an early adopter. I've powered down, done resets, sync'd. Haven't tried reseting the network settings yet. I figure it's non-iPhone 4 updated apps causing the problem, but that's just a guess. I'm calling Apple today (I don't have a nearby Apple Store).
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    Thanks for you advice, but I have tried that many many many times. I have tried just about every combination of resetting the phone, but something always happens after a few hours of use. Today the issue is opening the App Store which brings up the a white swirl then locks the phone. Everything else, for now is functioning fine. But I suspect his is about to snowball into something worse later. Does anyone have any advice besides getting a new phone?
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    First thing I tried unfortunately, but thanks. Going to genius bar today as the phone has frozen every night, turned off even. It has to be hardware malfunction as I restored my roommates iphone 4 with my same exact backup at the same time and its still working just fine.
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    Spoke with an apple support person. Downloaded new iTunes and checked for new iPhone update. Sync. Waited to see if it locked again. It did. Erased all Data on phone through the phone's settings. Spent the day with the phone (and resetting my settings) and it didn't lock up until the evening. Now doing the mother of all final solutions. Do a restore, completely wipe the memory, reinstall the OS, and then sync. The apple rep said there may have been something corrupt in the original OS on the phone. Basically, I'm setting up the phone like on the day I bought it, but I had to do a restore first.
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    I performed those very steps and had problems each consecutive day. I returned to the Apple Store yesterday and 5 mins later I had a new phone. I'd suggest you try the same if you continue to have problems.
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    Ditto, ditto, ditto. Experienced freezing as described. Tried every fix mentioned. Next step is the Apple store.
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    I'm experiencing the same problem and I'm very frustrated. This is my first iPhone but I'm sure it's not because of anything I did wrong. Here are just some of the incidents:

    * I was watching a podcast and it locked up and showed the apple logo. Forced to do a hard reset
    * I exported a video from iMovie and after that I tried going into the facebook app and I got kicked out to the home page. Tried that a couple of times with the same result. Then I got the black screen with the apple logo and the spinning icon thing. Forced to do a hard reset
    * Today this happened about 3 times. I would be in any app (or even the home scren). It would go to the black logo screen. I click the wake/sleep button and I'm taken to the ulock screen. So, the phone does not get locked up but something strange is happening. I'd eventually get to the home screen but the icons are scattered all over the place and I can't 'touch' anything. I'd click wake/sleep and eventually the phone would appear to have recovered and functioning fine. But after a few clicks it will eventually freeze completely.

    So, in 4 days, I've had to reset it about 2-3 times each day. This is my first iPhone and I'm very disappointed and frustrated at this point. And I thought that the reception/antenna issues were going to be risky enough! I bought the phone from an AT&T store. If I go to the Apple store and they determine that I need a new phone, will they make me go back to the AT&T store or will they be able to handle it there?


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    I have the same problem. I've had to perform a hard reset at least once a day. Still not clear whether this is a hardware or software issue - has anyone who replaced their iPhone 4 had this problem stop???
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    I am having same issues. my 3GS drops off network....searches for network for 10 minutes....and then crashes....forced to hard restore. 5 times ofter OS 4 install. This bites. never seen such disfunction from Apple
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    This is my experience - I got my 1st Iphone 4 about 2 weeks ago - When I activated it from Itunes I backed it up from my ipod touch 1st gen (prob shouldn't have in retrospect) but it let me so I did - Was happy to have all my settings and bookmarks copied over - the phone would freeze up on my 2-4 times per day - many times not waking from sleep after pulling out of my pocket. I made appointment with Genius bar and they incredibly replaced with new phone within 10 minutes. I did the same backup to the new phone and was still getting freezes 2-4 times per day. So this morning I reinstalled ios 4 fresh from itunes and started with the "new phone" setup. This required me to redo all my settings and favorites but seems to have solved the freezing issue. My advise to all with this issue is to reinstall ios 4 and start with new phone settings. It worked for me.
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    Same issues here. Hangs, freezes, spontaneous restarts. So far it's completely unreliable, and annoying when you need to make an important call.

    Restored from backup in iT, no help. Went to the GBar. They advised a restore as "new phone" instead of restoring from backup. Tried that, and seem to still be getting most of the same symptoms. If it continues will head back to the AS for a hardware swap, I guess.
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